Saturday, October 26, 2013

Retort: Nothing but LIES in an endless FUCK YOU

FUCK YOU Fracture, FUCK YOU. Stupid piece of SHIT. I WILL DESTROY YOU. Just you wait Fuck Face, its coming and its long overdue!

Phhhhhheeewwww. Glad to get that off my chest. Glad to be able to get that off my chest.

We haven't be able to post for a while, courtesy of Moth's STUPID fucking ghost girlfriend person thing. Apparently, she smashed our last remaining laptop. Moth insists I watched her do it. He insists, I jumped at the sound.

I remember NEITHER of these things.  I think he accidentally broke it and is blaming his imaginary girlfriend. He clearly has NO imaginary sense of chivalry. Fucktard. Ghosts don't destroy things. They don't have fingers or bodies. There AINT NO HOLDING for the finger less. Just palming. And palms can't lift and smash things. Not enough leverage.

So clearly, Moth did this. Which is NONE surprising. He's shit with electronics. I once watched the dumbass stick the headset plug in the CD port. He then proceeded to BRAKE the CD slider thing when he tried to force it back closed with the headset plug still in there..

And that my friends, is why mutes don't have privileges or souls.

[Moth here. One, I have a soul. Two, what I keep trying to tell Picasso is I had Navi read up on some old blogs to inform her on how the world really is and what she can expect. 

Her response was "Blogging is stupid! They'll find us! They'll kill us all!" Then she cut the laptop monitor in about half with her Asian sword.

She proceeded to smash any computer we stole after that.

She's tied up right now and has not stopped whining about it since. Not that Picasso can hear it or appreciate all the shit I have to put up with. Yay me.]

But, we finally got a new lappitty-toppity box and this one didn't go missing after about five minutes like the LAST couple we stole! So we're back! YAY US, hehehe.


It's finally time to address something.

What is THIS shit about wanting us to come home? Where the fuck do YOU get off CAPTAIN FUCK FACE asking us to come back as if YOU are the victim here trying to talk children out of doing something stupid.

"Oh god. Please come home. I'm super sorry I declared you a traitor, had a sniper gun you down, and spent several months trying to hunt you down like a FUCKING dog. Please give up your COMPLETELY REASONABLE AND RIGHTEOUS quest to kill the STUPID WORTHLESS SHELL OF YOUR BROTHER'S KILLER and rejoin my herd of GULLIBLE EXPENDABLE sheep.

I miss my whipping girl and her soulless mute pet thing and his stupid fake girlfriend thing."


You want to know why we left?

How about THIS:

"Give us Duckie. You promised his corpse."

"Fuck you, get back in your box."

"You PROMISED. This is your last warning! I will make you EAT your words. KEEP your promise."

"Pet soulless mute, kill Picasso"

"Fuck you. Not only are we gonna kill Duckie, now YOU can fucking burn with him."

"I guess I'll just have to kill you both!"

"Cute threat. I'll kill EVERYTHING if that's what it takes to kill Duckie. EV... ER... Y... THING"

"Fuck you. I'm gonna enjoy watching you die."

But whats this?

"Oh no. They destroyed my little plan to make a remote town into a cult town and got almost everyone there killed. Are these... are these CONSEQUENCES for my actions?! Holy shit. Like... I thought those were a myth. Who knew, right? Listen guys. I think... I'm ready to forgive you both. Just come one and we'll call it square. You're not gonna get anything but we'll call it square. I love you... quick breaking my shit... just come home... or else.... but more seriously this time. Like, I put on the BIG BOY pants to type this... honest... please?"


You're sad we destroyed your little townie project? DEAL WITH IT. You know why? Because a town is just the tiniest littlest piece in the grand scope of 'EVERYTHING'.

And I keep MY promises. I will kill Duckie if I have to kill EVERYTHING to do it.

Since you like to pretend to care so much, this whole wide world is my hostage. Only one person had to die. Just Duckie. Now SO MANY MORE ARE GOING TO DIE until YOU hand over Duckie.

All because you broke a promise you made to an angry little girl some three years ago. I hope that hurts, Fuck Face.

I hope it burns.

Fuck you.