Friday, January 31, 2014

I'm Pretty Sure...

...we're fucked.

Navi here.

I can see now somethings gone terribly wrong.

As I understand it, looking back at the older posts, there is supposed to be a "north" and "west" path. A full crossroads of paths. On in each cardinal direction.

There are two hallways now. They form an imaginary 'L' I guess. I'm assuming the north path had some sort of indicator we were working off of before that is no longer there as we did not feel the need to explain which path was which before. Or maybe one of the other ones had the indicator. Doesn't Matter.

What ever the indicator was, its seems to have disappeared with one of the hallways.

Worse yet, the 'hallways' are only about 12 feet long now. They end in dead ends. Occasionally, one of those hallways will suddenly turn red with blood splatters and then Picasso will stop responding to me on the computer so I think they're booby trapped somehow.

We've been having personal reflections and chats in drafts that will never see the light of day. That shit was... far to personal.

I occurred to me over the course of our chats to ask, "Is it possible they've been altering the loop from the path or the real world without us noticing?"

I got this response.
"Very possible."

She thought such meddling may also have been why we could't remember our yesterdays when we reset, which was a troubling notion. 

Then we got into an argument about what to do next.

In the simplest possible terms, it seems Picasso decided she wasn't gonna give Fracture the satisfaction and, supposedly, threw herself into the monsters waiting for us in the Path.

Something I, writing this now, find hard to believe but reading my own responses and begging from that moment... I have to assume it happened. I don't think I would lie to myself about seeing the path. That place is so... horrible.

I just don't understand how she could do that. It seemed unlike her. I guess I never truly grasped the depth of her spite for Fracture... never even really got to meet her.

All I've ever known of her has been words on a screen... and that's all she'll ever be now.

I just... I don't want to do this anymore. Fracture, please, I can't take this. Piecing this all together is heartbreaking and I'm sure re-reading this over and over again will be just as horrible.

I surrender. They're both dead... this was never even my fight to began with so I'm done. I just want out.

I'm at your mercy.

Just, free me from this timeless hell.

Monday, January 20, 2014


It posted. We kept dying... or something, before we could reset the schedule. Picasso, south is obviously not working. We should both be going east. We'll see if we can't figure something out there.

Take the first left down the east hall, then take the second most left path when you hit another fork in the road. I'll take the second most right path on the same fork. We'll come back and report what we find. Setting a new schedule for this post just in case.

We'll report on this draft until something goes wrong and the schedule auto-posts for us again.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Tracking the Loop

NOTHING to the north.

I concur... nothing down the north hall. We should take different halls next time. I'll go east, you go west.

Nothing to the west. ANOTHER dead end. Going south next.


Found a room full of beds and lockers to the east. Very military. Trying to go through it all. A lot of knives, but otherwise a lot of personal junk. Gonna keep looking.


Finished the room full of beds. Found a shotgun. Left it by the laptop. I can't really use it. Was never trained for fire arms. You probably shouldn't use it either. Since you can't see me, you're liable to shoot me trying to hit something if you were to try to use it.

... You didn't report last night. Everything okay?


Found a dead end down the east hall on the first right turn but that hall seems to keep doing down a ways on the left turn. It broke into four more directions later on. I tried the left most but all I found was an emptied Kitchen.

Picasso. I assume you're still alive. I assume you keep going south and dying or getting lost before you can come back and report what you've found for yourself. I'm gonna go south too next time. We'll figure out whats going wrong.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Fucking Navi

Haha... looking at the comments... some of this isn't gonna make sense... what with Picasso being alive again and me killing her over and over... Fracture was kind enough to explain it for me though....


It occurred to me after my second failed attempt... hahaha... that I didn't have to kill Navi...

She can't see me killing Picasso. She can't see Picasso! To her it just looks like I'm doing some odd... village people dance move or something... and then suddenly standing up straight for the rest of the day...

Or what would be the rest of the day. Everyday at the same time, regardless of whether or not I've offed Picasso, she asks me to see the laptop. And when she sees my last post, she attacks me and runs offs leaving me maimed and wobbling in a puddle of my own blood.

I've tried denying her access to it but that just makes her mad or suspicious and she takes it from me. If I resist, she takes it by force. If I try to preemptively attack her, she maims me.

I think I could take her if I wasn't so tired... I keep getting reset but I don't feel like I'm getting any sleep... I'm afraid I'm gonna wake up soon and not have it in me to even stand....

Need to break this death loop before its too late...

I recently tried preemptively deleting the last post first thing when we're reset but EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. something happens that distracts me from the laptop (Like Picasso tackling me, or my taking a minute to kill Picasso so she can't tackle me) and when I get back to it Navi is standing over it with her Sword already drawn...

This is actually the first time I've survived her attacking me well enough that I can stop and blog... come to this of it I should go d

Huh. Hes tried to kill me a few times now. We might just have to fix that. I have his corpse...

Picasso, please be alive and see this. I've drawn arrows of blood around the laptop. God I hope that gets your attention. If you should find this, Moth has been killing you. Hes been trying to kill me. His corpse should be right next to this laptop. Open up a tear to the disgusting 'place' you call the path and throw him through it. If he leaves the loop in this state, his death will become permanent.

DONE. That's what you get for KILLING ME you fucker! I trusted you... I...

This hurts... why didn't you just show us that first post explaining what was wrong... you stupid FUCK.

Navi, what about the loop now? He was the only one who could remember what was going on. I can't exactly co-ordinate with you.... I can't fucking SEE you.

Knowing us, we'll totally stop to blog about our concern when we notice Moth didn't make it to the loop with us after the next reset and we forget everything again. Then we'll get on here and see that we killed him.

All we gotta do after that is split up, because we have no choice since we can't see each other, and then come back to the laptop before the day resets to record what we discovered on here. Eventually through trial and error, iterations, and a slow pool of information we should find a way out of here.

Could have covered more ground with Moth... I just... don't understand why he did that...WHY?!

Come on, we have work to do.