Sunday, December 28, 2014

Showers to Flowers!


Hm. That may not be enough exclamation points. Lemme try again.


Do exclamation points make you feel all shiny and happy inside? They do for me!

My name is April! I think Piccolo already introduced me to you, but I figured I ought to do it myself! I'm not really familiar with computers much but she showed me this blog thing that apparently is really cool so I figured I would join in! I'm not one to miss out on cool things. Plus the fact that she asked me to make a post, so it would be silly of me to refuse such a request!

Since this is an introduction post, I figure that I should tell you all a little bit about me. I like the color green and singing! I like smiling and mist and the game Sorry! I like Disney movies! I like Navi and Piccolo too, they're both really nice, coming to help me out just because I sent in an email. Isn't that really kind of them?

We've been hanging out, it's great to have some company. Especially the company of two such pretty young girls. Did you know that Navi can't see Picasso? It leads to some confusing situations. That's why it's so heartwarming that despite all adversity they still are best friends. It's like a Hallmark movie! Star crossed friends! I'm super happy to have gotten to meet such interesting people. We played truth or dare! And watched a movie! And hair braiding! It's basically the best sleepover ever, every day.

Sometimes, people think I'm silly for seeing only the happiest parts of life. I say it's scientifically PROVEN to be awesome. You can trust me, I'm a doctor.

So in that vein I offer to anyone reading this who might be sad, a list of things to be happy about today!

  • It's sunny!
  • You can get pizza at any time of night!
  • It was Christmas recently!
  • It's almost a new year!
  • Gummy bears are delicious!
  • Navi and Picasso are great friends!
  • Picasso got to see her love!
  • Navi sings!
  • Dancing exists!
  • There are an infinite number of people in the world to make friends with!

And you are the most beautiful person I have yet to meet.




Saturday, December 20, 2014

So... April

The shattering went well. Kind of. I don't want to get into it. It was Moth's special little event thing so I'll let him talk about it and throw in a link here when he can finally be fucking bothered to post. Be seeing as hes procrastinating like fucking crazy I'll share this to tie any curious souls over.

Moth's mask was shattered, the ritual was completed, hes allowed to talk now, and I'm gonna kill the fuck out of that snide asshole Maggot for trying to beat Moth to death with his Mask!

Satisfied?! Good.

Lets talk about work.

So we met April. That was weird. Shes really weird.

I sent Navi to the fire escape window for the apartment address April provided when she made her request for help. I stood outside the apartment room's door.

The plan was simple. Navi was gonna get 'April's' attention by knocking on the window and if things went south I was listening in from the door to kick it in and assist if it proved necessary. Navi had instructions to make lots of noise in case of such an emergency. We were ready to kill the shit out of any hostiles that came at us.

What we got instead was a smiling freak. April apparently let Navi in. And after some amount of muffled talking I could barely make, Navi let April know where I was so she could let me in. This pretty little Asian lady with the biggest stupidest fucking grin you could ever imagine in her late 20s.

She offered us sodas, and called us pretty, and started playing twenty questions with us. All huge red flags. April was being painfully too nice and too generous. Especially for a runner. It was suspicious as shit. Especially in light of her fancy fucking. So few runners get away with such grand accommodation and living conditions. It didn't seem like she needed any kind of protecting or even any kind of help. She even still had a job apparently. Shes a brain surgeon.

So I started driving the conversation back at her to try to figure out what her game was.

"So Father, er... the tall and Slender Man is hunting you right? Hes stalking you? You are a runner?"

"Of course silly!" she says smiling bright. "Its why I called. I am a runner."

"But you don't seem to be... in any short of need. Does he not bother you much?" I asked

"Sure he bothers me sometimes, but I don't let it bother me!" she declared. I could feel my face drop in disbelief. I wasn't sure if she was being serious or if her answer was being colored by her inhuman amounts of optimism.

That was when I got a text from Navi. Its been explained in a few places but I don't know if I've explained it here. Navi is very blindish. She sees the world save for whatever Father wants her to see as entirely black. And when she is allowed to see people, they have colors. Colors she knows to be representative of a person's emotions. This is all important to know because I got a text from Navi explaining that April here didn't have any emotions. Her big smile was a big fake. And that such a complete lack of emotional response to anything could be indicative or a deep internalized issue or that April is a psychopath.

Not one to beat around the bush I confronted her with it.

"You don't have emotions?" I asked bluntly.

"Of course I do. Can't you see how big my smile is?"

"You look happy but you aren't," I insisted. With that her smile looked a bit strained but she refused to let it drop.

"You're so silly," she giggled.

It was pretty apparent she wasn't going to accept what I was telling her. Possibly some self denial there. So I decided to push back to our last topic. I noticed she has cuts and busies on her arms.

"You said Father isn't really bothering you right? Where did those come from?" I asked pointing them out.

"Oh! This wasn't your Father. It was one of his other followers," she said smiling bright again... creepy.

"A proxy then?"

"Yes!" she giggled. "We've been spending a lot of quality time, and I thought talking to his family might help!"

"Does he... need help? You just said he was hurting you," I questioned.

 "He's just lying to himself."  April said shaking her head, "No matter what I did I couldn't get him to smile!  I think he's hiding his feelings behind torture.  I didn't know what to do, so I called you!"

My face dropped again. At least this wasn't a complete waste of time. She did actually need some protection. Granted she doesn't seem to actually want it...

"I just want you to try and help your brother figure out what he really wants to do with his life!" she said cheerily and optimistically.

"... Sure. Just as long as that means he stops torturing you... we can do that," I said with a frustrated huff. I have no idea what we're actually gonna do but at this point I get the sense its a waste of time to try to argue about it with.

April smiled, looking actually happy for the first time since I've seen her. "Thanks for caring so much, Picasso.  You're super sweet."

He laughed and sighed a bit. "Yeah. Its whatever. I try to be I guess."

That's about when she let a bunch of other bomb shells drop. Like, this isn't her apartment. In fact I'm not even sure if she even knew the owner anymore. I know she somehow knew he was on a business trip of some sort, which was sketchy.

So we decided it would be best to just move her rather than risk her getting herself arrested staying in a stranger's house. So we looted the place and left. And now the three of us are sharing a single Motel room. So that's been awkward.

But besides that things have been normal. April, though wierd and creepy as shit, is nice and easy to get along with. Its just a matter of catching this proxy guy that's been bugging her now... which shouldn't be too hard I guess.

This job will be done in no time.

Picasso out.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

An Awkward Break in Events

So. We met April. Shes nice. Suffice to say, shes not a psychotic runner looking to ambush Free Market Proxies... I was way fucking off on that... seems silly in hindsight. I guess I may have just been a little bit blood thirsty when I set out... just a little disappointed.

I'll get more into that later I guess.

What important is I met April. I'm probably gonna put up a post about her soon. Shes cool... kind of.

In the meantime, I wanted to put this up to let Moth and the other's know I'm on my way to his shattering. I wanted to put it here so I don't have to explain when I left April alone in Navi's care later in case something happens. I did it now. Like right fucking now. As soon as I finish writing this I'm gone.

So if you see this, see you soon Navi. See you soon too April. I won't be long. I probably explain this before I left. Everyone else attending and reading this for some weird and incredibly fucking rude reason, I'll be there in a minute!

Hold your fucking horses assholes!

PaKaSo out!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Bringing Down the Hammer

Laying down the law. Noise, but with authority! Hehe. God I miss Gavel... he had the best one liners. I don't miss Judge, Jury, or Executioner. Those guys were fucking assholes.

Guess I shouldn't have bothered saving his ass. He died just like them all the same...

Hi! I guess? Maybe less enthusiasm. Hi. So I got a big update for you assholes... who ever you are. Who reads this shit? Navi? Hi Navi. Lots of shit you already know for tonight's post. As I explained last post, I'm black mailing an old friend who refuses to talk to me like a spineless asshole in an effort to get orders so I can resume doing proxy work.

It is the family trade after all. For Navi too! She's apparently a third generation proxy. I had no idea any of us live long enough to have kids. Then again, I suppose there are still proxy bureaucrats hiding behind their fancy desks like Sloth and Devil. Get to work you lazy sacks of shit!

So I've been hard at work trying to get the right assignment. I want to restart proxy work on the right foot with a big fucking bang! And now I have just the job to do it. A lot of what my 'Old Friend' had to offer was observation work, supply runs, quick opportunistic hits against rival fear cult members, abductions, and other weak but necessary shit. And that's when we got the E-Mail.

A request for protection from a runner. The only information they provided as a single sentence asking for help against other proxies, their name (April), and their address.

No phone number, no blog account, no personal information, no description of their dire situation. Nothing! Very few runners turn to the Free Market for help despite our generous offer to help those being threatened by fear related entities that aren't Father. I personally blame the couriers for that. To much hope makes dying men prideful. And prideful souls would probably rather die.

Whatever the cause, requests like these are rare so when we get them in they are rarely so brief. Usually they have quite the sob story attached. Desperation does have a way of making people talkative after all. So this request is an oddities even among oddities.

Now, I bet by now you're asking yourself, 'Why the fuck is she explaining all this? Does any of this even fucking matter?'

The answer to that is 'Shut the fuck up before I rip off and sodomize you with your own fucking hand you stupid piece of shit. Then we'll see what matters won't we?!'

Dumbass. It's simple. The request is so short because its a fake request. Someone wants to lure proxies into a trap using the Free Market's selfless generosity as fucking bait! Shameless runners stabbing the hand that seeks to shield them! Un-Fucking-Forgivable! And prefect... for me. Hunting down some ultra aggressive runner shit stains is exactly the kind of bang I want to restart my proxy work to!

We'll cut down those sick sons of bitches... just like Moriarty's goons cut down Gavel for being sympathetic. Because somethings gonna change if I have to kill each and every last one of you to make it happen!

To Atlanta!

Pa Ka So Out!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Night Breezes Seem

Well, I like being left in a box in the corner alone to die with my pet schizophrenic ginger toy thing as much as the next girl but you can only taunt Navi so long before it starts to loose it's charm and without Moth around to mix things up I feel like I could just die of boredom.

But then it occurred to me just how stupid that was. Why should I die of my boredom? Everyone else should die of my boredom. Its their fault for not entertaining me!

So using Navi as a human battering ram, if you can call her human, I broke out of my box and I broke out of the corner and then I broke the fuck out of my room for glorious freedom! Metaphorically speaking at least... wasn't actually locked up anywhere. Just really fucking bored.

I did actually use Navi as a battering ram to open my door though. That happened.

After that I went to visit an old friend. One of the ones I mentioned in the last post. You know, one of those assholes who refuse to spend any time with me or look me in the eye? Yeah, one of those fuckers. To protect the innocent, I will not use their name here. Although those of you who are clever will probably be able to figure it out. Infact, I'm not even gonna explain their half of the dialogue just to be safe. This will just be my half of the conversation!

Super secret keeper PaKaSo for the win!

So I approached my old friend the way I always do... or did, back in the day. With chloroform!

"Hey [Name]. Does this smell like chloroform to you?" I asked putting a rag to their face. They never got back to me on that one but my guess is no. Chloroform is odorless. So they passed out after a moment and I dragged them into their room. Navi stood their being confused, which is pretty typical of her. She followed the unconscious body as I dragged it into the room all the same. Great survival instincts. Definitely... could not go bad on her. I'd try to explain to her why some of the things she does is incredibly dumb but she can't see or hear me. And if she could, this wouldn't be an issue. Kind of a catch twenty two.


So I tied my old friend to a chair and took a seat of my own and waited for the fucker to wake up. I had also fashioned a brace to their neck and shoulders so they couldn't look away from me. I'm tired of these assholes avoiding eye contact. Your will look at me!

In fact, when they woke up I think I explained that in a monologue... that's a bad habit. I'm gonna have to watch that.

I won't bore you with an explanation of my explaining that to him in diologue quotes. That'd be silly. I already explained it or something... this explanation also seems redundant. God, I'm really ranty and shit. Bad habit. I'm gonna have to watch that.

So like I said, I explained the neck brace thing.

Then I got out of my chair and leaned over their face and started yelling.

"So what the fuck?!"

"Don't you what the fuck my what the fuck to me! You know exactly what I'm talking about."


"Yeah? Then why the fuck have you been avoiding me? Huh. That sound friendly?" I bashed their head against their desk. "Should we make this kind of thing our standard?!"

They got all frantic and shit. Pure panic. I wasn't dealing with a friend anymore. I was dealing with an animal I had backed into a corner. A filthy animal that didn't want to talk to or deal with me. THAT COULDN'T FUCKING STAND TO LOOK AT ME.

"Fuck it." And I cut them free. The asshole toppled over it's desk to get away from me. Classy as shit.

"No! We're not done. I'm tired of sitting in this base doing nothing."

"Fuck that. I don't care what Fracture wants. If he cared, he'd be here. Hes as bad as you and he'll deserve his death when I get around to him."

I buried my sword into their desk. "Would you calm the fuck down?! I'm not here to kill you. But from now on, you're gonna be my handler. And you will give me real assignments. Not baby crap. Or my next visit be to kill you. You hear me?!"

"Good. I assume you already have my number?"

"Glad to see you haven't lost it," I said taking my sword and heading for the door. "Oh and we should get a drink some time and catch up. I've missed our little talks," I said with a bright grin, before slipping out the door pulling Navi out with me.

That fucker. Never called for us to go get a drink... but they did send me an assignment.

So... guess who's back in business? That's right, ME! PaKaSo. And guess what? Its time to mess up some faces. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

PaKaSo out.

Monday, October 27, 2014

More of the Same

Hi. Or something. Do you ever get the feeling you're talking to no one? I get that feeling all the time.

I keep its because I do that so often....

Where did we leave off? Hmm... Right. Just finished explaining how that piece of shit Duckie killed my brother.

I can look back at that now and appreciate that I went a little off the deep end. Lke, I don't know, maybe a in out. A foot tops! I'm not crazy and I'll fucking kill you if you try to prove otherwise, I swear to fucking god I'll snap your lying jaws off and cram them into your brain through your fucking ears.

... So I snapped the tiniest littlest bit. I abandoned my squad, my brother's sword in hand, and I started trying to track Duckie down so I could kill the ugly son of a bitch. That didn't work out so much at first.

Tracking people is hard. I ended up have to go through an information broker. An information broker that,in hindsight, sounded, looked, acted, and had the same eye and hair color as our new glorious leader, the infamous Lord Betrayer, Sloth.

Retrospection tells me that the only reason I was able to get at him was because Fracture was sending Sloth to sell me information to get at Duckie. We'll get more into that later.

I fought Duckie a couple of times after that. At the same time, my old squad was hunting me. Some of them wanted to bring me back. Some of them thought I was a rabid dog that needed to be put down. I could see why they might have thought, hurtful though it was. I they backed off after one of them nearly got their head crushed by one of my fire extinguisher traps.

For all of my efforts at that time, I discovered I had quite a knack for improved traps. It amazes me what I can do with a saw, a hammer, and fish line. I'm like proxy MacGyver sometimes, to reference something fewer and fewer people would understand and that I myself have never seen. One day, a MacGyver will refer to a great improvised craftsman and no one will know where the fuck that name came from anymore.

Rant aside, for all my success against my former life-mates, I found little success against Duckie. I always refused to use traps against him. I didn't just want to kill him. I wanted to be better than him. I wanted to destroy him. So I met him in an honorable way where I announced myself and came at him with my brother's sword, which I still found unwieldy at the time.

Duckie wouldn't just beat me through, he would beat the shit out of me. Later on he'd take a knife to me when I couldn't stand and he'd mark me.

And when he decided I wasn't improving, and those were his words, 'I can see this isn't going anywhere, you're just not improving. You're a disgrace to your brother's memory. At this point I'm doing him a favor,' he ran me through with my own sword, Trent's sword, and then had me slowly slide off of it... off the roof. To fall to my death.

They say your life flashes before your eyes when you're gonna die. Others say you find a moment of clarity to reflect on your life and ask your higher power of choice for forgiveness if you should find yourself worthy of such grace.

Only one thing came to mind as wind rushed faster and faster around me as I plummeted toward the ground. And I spoke it out loud. So overpowering was the sensation that I had to make it audible.


I would have died there if Fracture hadn't teleported in and plucked me from the sky into the compound, or as we apparently call it today, the Free Market. As a quick aside, the Free Market is a terrible name for an organization. Like, the worst name imaginable. Of all time. -938573 out of 10.

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with everyone that they let that travesty happen.


I don't know how long I was out after that. When I woke up Fracture gave me a whole speech about how my brother use to work for him and how he wanted me to work for him and how he'd make sure Duckie got what he had coming to him if I did.

Apparently this kind of recruitment was pretty common at the time. I get the sense I was supposed to be a patsy. If you ask any one from the years 2002 to 2012 that signed up with Fracture in that time frame, they'll tell you Fracture faked their death and stole them from the Bureaucracy. Something they typically agreed. I've certainly not met anyone that claimed to have refused his offer...

So naturally, I agreed. In hindsight, Duckie did get what was coming to him in a big way. Even if I couldn't appreciate it at the time... apparently. I've read I didn't but I was apparently a crazy bitch for the last 3 years or so, so who knows what I was thinking during that time frame.

I spent a lot of time locked in the compound. Fracture and Lord Fire refused to let me leave until I had actually learned to wield a sword. And after a good year of practiced dedicated training, I had. I even made friends like Ivan, Whisper, and Gravel Father rest his troubled soul. Occasionally I even found love, not that I'm willing to name any names here on that topic. And I got my self a pet Mask, useless though Moth usually is hes reliable.

Everything was... good, for a little while. And then Fracture took me out on a trip into the Path... and I whited out under... I remember screaming. It wasn't mine, but there was constant near endless screaming everywhere...

Huh. My bad eye started bleeding. Weird...

Back to the story, as I need to wrap it up before this post gets any longer. Like I said, I whited out. I woke up a few weeks ago with no memory of what happened for the last 3 years. Ivan refuses to see, talk to me, or ever talk over the phone. He seems terrified of me. Fracture and Whispers won't look me in the eye. Pained looks of shame and guilt take them and they make an effort to make our encounters brief. Gravel's long dead, he was apparently shot down by a group of fellow runners working under someone called 'Moriarty' for the grave unforgivable crime of sympathizing with proxies. Glad to see the runner ranks are still flush with filth.

Just me and Moth... and my new pet Navi.

I keep trying to explain to my old friends that that wasn't me... that I'm me again and things are different now but...

It just feels like I'm talking to no one... because they aren't listening.

PaKaSo out.

Friday, October 3, 2014

That's Not My Name

You know that feeling? That one you get when you've been asleep for over three years and wake up with no memory of the time you've lost and learn that you spent those three years acting like a raving, psychotic lunatic, attacking your loved ones, and misspelling your own fucking name wrong?

Yeah, that feeling. We've all been there and that's where I am now.

My name is Patrica Kalso. My code name is Pa-Ka-So. Not Picasso. I'm not the worst fucking well known painter of all time. I'm PaKaSo.

Forgive me if this post has some overlap with Moth's Post.

I don't know that it will and I can't assume you've read his post. I'm just gonna talk about myself this post and we'll see where things go from there.

So like I said, I was born Patrica Kalso. I was raised in Philadelphia for what I can only remember to be a small chunk of my childhood. A part of a region Fracture and other's have often liked to refer to as 'Slender Country'. Apparently that encompasses a thick line from Philadelphia to New York. West Pennsylvania and New York's tail. And who knows, maybe that stretches up into Canada. Hard to say. Never been. Border crossing is such a pain in the ass.

I'm not entirely sure what happened when I was little. But it was something bad. I remember I had parents. I certainly don't now though. My brother looked after me after... whatever happened... happened. He took me everywhere. We lived on the streets for a week or so when a man in a fancy looking business suit invited us to join a special home for kids like us. He was apparently 'A friend of Father's'. Or so Trent (my brother) said. I didn't question it. I was happy to live indoors again.

He took us to a small town south of Philly. There we shared a large studio apparent with 6 other kids. It was a scary time for me. Everyone was masked and armed and to my horror my brother would soon be too. I got a mask but not a knife or a gun like everyone else.

Our roommates liked to call me useless. I blame my brother for that. He insisted on dragging me along for missions. Didn't like to leave me alone. Apparently taking an 5 year old to participate in hunting people to death and vandalizing was better.

So my brother fixed it, like he always fixed everything for me. He gave me a title and a job in our little cult. I got to draw Father's symbols in blood since he wouldn't let me cut or break things.

As the little girl painting abstract geometric symbols in blood, and I was named after the worst painter ever. Picasso. But spelled with letters of my name so I could be unique.

That lasted for a year. I was barely getting settled when my brother turned 8. A much more homeless looking man than the man that brought us here came and took four of us away to 'study'.

Left me and the others to cover the work load ourselves. The remaining four of us got by... but I had never felt more useless. I tried to help hunt but I... I was too weak. I couldn't stomach it.

That's when my job as designated painter started to play second to house chores. Cooking, cleaning, laundry. We were all more or less kids but someone had to do these things and if I couldn't pull my weight they decided it would be me. I still have burns on my hands from the time I spend teaching myself to cook. Laundry wasn't hard though. I don't know why people bitch about laundry. The machines do all the work.

Trent didn't come back to me for two years... I thought he was dead. I really did. He was lucky I was still there... I wanted to run away so many times. I had grown a lot. I was learning to kill. I was breaking shit with the best of them.

When Trench came back he saw to it I was taken care of again. No more chores. Nothing to worry my pretty little head about again but painting symbols. Like he had never left. Excepted he came back a badass, I guess.

Many protested when he declared I wasn't doing everyone's chores anymore. He beat the shit out of the biggest one... I want to say Bret, or Braker as he liked to call himself.

Not much changed for the next four years. Trent tried to teach me to fight and use his new sword but he liked to baby me. Our lesions were such a slow processes... can't say I really leaned much. Even today, most of my ability to use a sword was self taught.

That's when we first met Duckie. Our gang and his gang where being paired together to hunt down a group of runners. At the time it was a big deal. You didn't see runners group up.

The operation went miserably. Duckie held his own. Duckie, Trent, Bret, and I survived. The rest of our gangs did not. Knife and sword wielding children did not hold up to a teenager with an oozie.

As an adult, I guess it makes sense. I don't know how they got the oozie but they were just defending themselves. We were there to kill them. But none of us had seen anything like that before.

I remember asking my brother 'Why did they do that to us?' Like it was their fault. As if they shouldn't be protecting themselves.

He never did give me an answer. Although he did skin the one with the oozie alive with Duckie in the next room...

I remember crushing on Duckie, even after he showed me his fucked up face. He was cool. Confident and relaxed in a way my brother never was. I was sad when he didn't stay with us. We got sorted into a new little gang. We were calling ourselves squads by then. It sounded more legal.

Much against my brothers protests, I started training in earnest after that. There were people out there in the world that meant to do us harm... I didn't want to be burden anymore. I wanted to be strong like Duckie and Trent. Trent's sword was still too heavy for me to learn to wield properly though. Even if it wasn't, we had no way of getting a new sword just for me. So he bought me little wood cutting hatchets. Truly terrible fucking weapons. One good chop and if you didn't cleave right though, and you never do, you had to pull them back out. I guess that's why you get two and have a squad.

That's not to say I can't rip in and out of flesh with a hatchet now. I'm a grown women now. But it was harder then. I had little child arms. It sucked pretty hard.

Two more years passed. I was 14. Trent was 16, like Duckie as it turned out.

We got sent in to break up another group of runners. But this time, there was just the four of us.

Not content with our odds after last time, Trent called in another veteran for this kind of mission. My mute crush, Duckie. I remember being so excited to see him again. I wanted to show him everything I learned. After the mission of course.

That's when everything went fucked on a fucked train in a fucked hand basket.

We cornered the group of runners. Five of them. Duckie and Trent were making short work of them at first. They would stab and throw them to us. We would make sure they were very dead. But the last one was a dodgy motherfucker. Duckie went for the throat but he missed. Trent was behind the runner and was trying to grab him and didn't see what happened next coming. With one good swipe of Duckie's long curved knife, Trent's throat was ripped wide open.

The blood spray was... unreal.

I remember screaming. Apparently the runner got away. I clenched my brother... demanded and begged for him not to leave me... he never got back to me on that. Too busy bleeding out. I could have blamed the runner... maybe I should have.

But the runner wasn't the one with the knife. The runner hadn't so much as thrown a punch. Duckie had did it. And I... sort of freaked. I came at Duckie with my hatchet's but he knocked me out with a good punch to the face.

When I came to, they had disposed of Trent's body... Duckie was gone... all I had left of my dear murdered brother was his sword. Much to the protests of my fellow squadmates, I swore on that sword that I would use it gut Duckie for what he had taken from me.

And just like my brother has promised to look after me, just like he had promised to come back before he disappeared for two years, and just as he had promised I could have his sword when I was old enough and he was done with it, I intended to keep my promise to destroy Duckie.

... And now as an adult... I've woken up to find that I have.

But this stories getting a little long. I think I'm gonna stop here. I'll finish it next post or something.

PaKaSo out.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

So... this is it...

We're really gonna do it... gonna put an end to all this. Maybe... Just maybe if we kill Duckie and Fracture, we'll get Picasso back. And I don't mean flipping her back from being a raving voilent lunitic to a screaming lunatic constantly threatening violence. I think I may very well be getting back the real Picasso...

Just one more fight... one more.

We're heading there right now. It's turned out to be quite a drive. See, Fracture challenged us to settle things where he originally saved Picasso after Duckie threw her ass off a roof. Unfortunately, the only one who knows for 100% sure where that happened is Picasso and... well we still aren't letting her ass out of the trunk. She might very well rip our throats out if we did. I mean, I've been feeding her... but that more or less just entails me throwing food and water in there three times a day... a little scared of what she might look like at this point.

We have, naturally, accepted Fracture's challenge. That probably goes without saying this far into the post but this give me a flimsy pretense to just... link Nat accepting the challenge on her blog... lessens the amount of explaining I have to do

I... I was nervous about this fight before... but after this... After Picasso went toe to toe with a fear and won... after her show of force granting us insight into just how interconnected her and Father have become in their crusade against Fracture and Duckie... I'm not scared that we won't win this. I know we will win this.

... I'm just scared it won't fix her... is it even possible to repair that much damage? ... To separate a god from the vessel it's jammed an entire finger into?

And if they do part afterwards... will there even be anything left inside Picasso? Or will she just be a shell at that point?

Just... another blessed little hollow lost in the world she can no longer understand or appreciate?

I guess its wrong to say that I'm afraid I'm gonna lose her... at this point I'd have to say I'm scared that we already have.

If shes really gone... I think I'm gonna abandon this blog. It always was more of her baby than it was mine. Her little ranting wall to scream into the internet about how much she hates Fracture and Duckie...

If I survive I'll probably throw up one last post letting every one else know what happened... if not I'm sure at least one of the others will make it... I'm sure they'll put up or at least link a final post explaining what happened from this blog to wherever they posted it themselves.

Best case scenario, a fixed Picasso will be alive and  around to detail what went down... assuming she could even remember.

But this is either my last or second to last post here. Survive or not... if I find the urge to write after that I'll just start my own little blog.

What would I even name it...?

Does anyone even care? Probably not. Curse of the mute. Why would you care about one? Hehe, we don't have souls after all.

Until next time, maybe,
Moth Out.

Friday, July 25, 2014

I... We. We Saw it coming.

Me and Fracture...
But I was hoping he was wrong.

Hmmmmpph. This blog doesn't really get enough love.

Where to start?
We've been spending a lot of time with Nat and her troop of goons including an old friend and flame of mine, Vallus, and my favorite brand of traitorous untrustible swine, Mr. Sloth.

Vallus is talking now, which makes her a wordy vow breaking convictionless... thing. Disgusting really. And as I understand it from what Sloth was telling me she didn't take the Rite of Shattering before she decided to start talking again which... whats a nice to put this? Its... truly... despicable? Yeah. We'll go with that.

If I didn't consider her a friend, I'd have broken that mask of hers against her face myself. I fear I'm growing soft.

Maggot, I don't know if you read this but heres fair warning. If I catch you wandering around without your mask or talking I won't just brake your mask against your face, I'll force feed you the broken pieces down your fucking throat. Stand by your oath or take the Rite.

Moving along.

Nat's an angry bitch but shes got a hell of any arm. Shes quick and she hits hard. And she can take a hit. We've sparred for hours. If I'm being perfectly honest... I'm more than a little interested. Expressing that interest, however, earned me a punch in the throat and in... well, other places. We'll leave it at that.

Suffice to say she isn't interested. And I can't say I blame her. I'm sure being masked, mute, or zealously worshiping an entity she has no respect for could be forgiven if I was doing just one of those things. But I do all of those things... Nature of the oath.

She seems real close to Sloth now which I'm convinced is a huge mistake. I've seen the guy set fire to a building with a squad of proxies inside to slow down the Archangel when it retaliated for the group of timberwolves we had just killed.

Not that the fire slowed down the Archangel, mind you. It trapped the rest of the team inside and Archangel went for the easier kill while we, as per Sloth's instructions, left. I would not be relying on him as I have been if he wasn't bank rolling our little coup against Fracture and even with that I still don't like to be around the fucker.

He was taken out of real management and sent on suicide missions for a reason. The man is a Menace. He keeps telling me things are different now but I don't buy that shit for a second and I'm more then a little afraid Nat's gonna find out what he really is the hard way. But hey, shes a big girl. And if nothing else, I'm confident when he does show his true colors she'll be more than capable of surviving it. Assuming he doesn't like... just shoot her in the back of the head or something.

And that brings us to Helrick and Picasso... current events.

So, after Helrick broke Picasso out of Fracture's little prison in the Compound he realized she was more unstable and unruly than he was able to handle. After much effort on both parties sides, he finally made contact with us and we Met Up.

But even with tranquilizers and all five of us taking turns watching and caring for her, she proved to be too much for all of us to handle. Her erratic behavior was driving us all to the point of insanity when Navi came up with a Plan, which she saw fit to put up on Nat's blog instead of ours.

That plan was to give Picasso what she was screaming for, Helrick. So we threw the lamb the slaughter and miraculously he wasn't immediately ripped to shreds. In fact, Picasso finally calmed down and stopped screaming every five fucking minutes.

I was so relieved to finally have some peace I convinced myself that maybe things could work out for them. If nothing else, maybe Helrick could stay just close enough to keep Picasso stable.


I like to think she, the real her, is still in there somewhere but on some cognitive level I know better...

It was my turn to stand watch for Helrick. He didn't feel safe in her arms when we first handed him off to her so we established a watch to keep an eye on the two of them in case something happened and Picasso suddenly went ape shit on him.

I will say it again, he didn't feel comfortable when he was first handed over to her. After about a day, the watch went from being something of a serious concern to mandatory sessions of watching a couple being way to affectionate for company.

Nat straight up refused to do it anymore and I don't know that I can blame her for that. It stopped being Picasso forcing herself on Helrick and slowly turned into constant face sucking and ass grabbing.

We started footing the bill for hotels so we could keep their asses on the roof where the rest of us wouldn't have to see them until our shift came up. Even then, I started sitting inside just on the other side of the roof's door so I'd only have to listen to them which was bad enough on its own.

"I love you" said Picasso in a happy loving tone.

"I... I love you too," said Helrick after taking a moment to decide how he wanted to answer that. It sounded less than convincing.

"We're gonna gut Fuck Face together. We'll rip him, and whisper, and DUCKIE apart!"

"Haha. That's right. Those assholes don't stand a chance."

"And then once they're good and DEAD... you're gonna stay with ME and help me dismantle ALL of Fracture's organization right?"



"Well. I'll stay with you as long as I can but I have my own assholes to hunt once I've helped you take care of Fracture. The Rake... that thing... it killed my sister... her husband... their kids... made me into this... Monster... left me for dead... I need to make it pay Picasso."

"Oh...." she said sounding disappointed. I mean, I'm sure it sounded like she was disappointed to anyone else. But I recognized her tone. The inflection in her voice. The way she said it... I'd heard it before.

"But I'll always come back to see you... help you when y-Grrrah.... Arrrgh!"

I broke through the door to try to get to Helrick as fast as I could but he wasn't curled up to Picasso anymore. By this point Picasso was already standing and she already had Helrick by the throat... and was dangling him over the edge of the building with one arm.

He was desperately struggling to get lose, although I don't know where he was hoping to go if he did get free. He'd just fall. One arm was on Picasso's arm, the one that was choking him out and holding him there. The other clawed hand wiggled back in forth at his side. From the bruising and blood, I'd have to say Picasso managed to crush that shoulder to render that whole arm useless...

He kept making noises and trying to talk but Picasso was crushing his throat.

I ran at her as fast as I could. I was gonna pull her back and try to bring Helrick back over the edge at the same time but I wasn't fast enough. She rolled her shoulder... and then threw him over the edge.

... To late to save him, I pulled out two tranquilizers and resumed running over. I injected Picasso with both of them. She just... turned to face me, started at me, looked at the needles I had stuck her with, looked back over the edge, and then just suddenly flopped over unconscious.

I decided we wouldn't take any more chances after that... I pulled out a bit of rope and I tied her ass down.

For good measure, I gagged her.

I rushed her down stairs over my shoulder and knocked on our door. Everyone seemed confused as to why I had Picasso over my shoulder. They questioned where Helrick was. I waved for them to follow me and rushed them outside.

From there we got a good look at where Helrick had landed... he fell into the tree below... and was impaled through the gut on one of the larger branches.

He was just... hanging there. His cold lifeless eyes looked confused and scared... forever staring out at nothing in particular...

The group broke into a small panic. We had to leave, now.

I threw Picasso in the trunk and we sped off.

She... managed to get the gag off back there. We could hear her back there talking to herself...

"You promised... Swore to stay with me... Now you'll always be mine... Always be with me."

And she repeats this to herself over and over again... between violent fits of giggles...

We just... We don't know what to fucking do with her anymore. We've been keeping her in the trunk. When we do actually sneak her inside to our hotel room, we keep her ass in the closet.

Its... not safe to be around her anymore. Shes just... all fucked up.

Painful as it is to admit, Fracture was right... but then again its his fucking fault shes like this...

... Moth out.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Like Lovers on the Open Shore

So... We're out. Free.

After Fracture's little... experiment... thing didn't help Picasso, I decided she was right. He couldn't help her and he was only making whatever was wrong with her worse.

When I opened the door following Fracture's cries for help at the end of his little experiment, I found Whisper with his throat ripped open. I found Fracture's skull half caved in and Picasso foaming at the mouth. Whatever he had shot her up with killed her but her body was spasming rather violently. I'm not convinced those were tranquilizers.

And when she woke up it became apparent how right she was about his inability to help her.

I thought it was odd and annoying how she would randomly start screaming words in the middle of talking, but now she'll just start screaming at the top of her lungs and assaulting the closest thing to her at random. Sometimes she does just the opposite. Sometimes she'll just stop... and stare at nothing. Then she'll suddenly snap back to reality saying stuff like, "Fine, but only this once," or "I swear to god I didn't," or, and this one was my personal favorite, "Huh, but cats don't like water."

And then she'll go back on with whatever she was doing like it never fucking happened.

I asked her, "Cats don't like water?"

And she looked over at me confused. "I think THAT'S just a STEREOTYPE perpetuated by the CAT CONGLOMERATE to make us think CAT HAVE A WEAKNESS... because they don't. When THEY TAKE OVER, our death's will be SWIFT and PAINFUL."

I have no idea what to make of the insanity she spewed but it doesn't line up with things she herself said about a minute earlier and that's terrifyingly concerning.

In light of all that I probably shouldn't have done what I did next but... when Fracture went on to blame the Fears for his own failure insisting that this didn't work because of their meddling as opposed to his own short comings and the way he was blatantly just scribbling across her memories changing things at seemingly random in hopes they might make her, not better, but more subordinate to him... I broke her out.

I stole the key to her cell and I had... a friend of her's smuggle us out through the path... hate that disgusting place.

She tried to choke me out at first but after I opened the door and told her she was free to go, between gasps for air, she softened up. And when we hit land she... really, really softened up... like inappropriately so. Shes become painfully affectionate. Which I might... maybe could have gotten comfortable with but she still has random outbursts of screaming and ripping shit apart and I'm a little terrified of it being me she has at arms length during one of these episodes.

I mean, shes attractive and all and I did make some advances here and there but I don't want to fucking die. I've resorted to tying her up before bed...

She insists on singing at me from across the room.

"Like lovers on the open shore, what's the mat-ter, mat-ter? When you're sitting there with so much more, what's the mat-ter, mat-ter? While you're wondering what the hell to be, are you wishing you were ugly like me? " 

I... I assume its an attempt to woo me or something but I don't recognize the songs and she never finishes them. She'll sing a verse and then suddenly jump to another song.

"Blue eyes, blue eyes."

I don't recognize that one either. Don't matter though. Shes starting screaming and kicking the shit out of the chair next to her. I'm really worried the people in the room next to us might call the cops or something...


And now shes gagged. Here's hoping we can both get some sleep now. Kind of regretting this course of action...

Guess our next course of action is gonna be to find these assholes. They're her friends... kinda mostly, and I'm hoping they can help me deal with her. And I guess since I'm suddenly on the other side of the fence from Fracture we'll be comrades now too... fun.

- "Helrick"

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Shacking with Nat...

...and Sloth and Vallus of all people.

Hey. Moth here.

Sorry for the long period of silence again. Once I realized LeCroix did't have Picasso I went underground again. She threatened to come back and put me down in that little message she left for me and, while I know I can take her in a fight, the bitch likes to use guns. So if she gets the drop on me its over. Such an incredibly dishonorable weapons. Fire Arms truly are a disgusting cowardly tool. It sicks me to even consider stooping to using them... so I won't.

Can't let anything knock me off my game. Can't afford to psych myself out with something like that.

So I spent a lot of time sleeping out in the woods, under bridges, on roofs, in tunnels. Just in some really low profile... probably less than ideal places. Places I knew she wouldn't be able to track me to. Couldn't do motels anymore. Too obvious. Screams proxy.

Even gone so far as to take my mask off while I travel... felt naked. But I'm certain she'd be able to track reports of a mask individual moving through towns...

I don't know. Maybe I was just being really paranoid.

Somewhere in that time, Sloth decided he wanted to meet up with me. Safety in numbers and he wants me around if he figures out a way to get Picasso back... something I'd want to be around for.

God, by now she could already be complete brainwashed... worrisome.

So I met up with Sloth and his traveling companion, Nat. I was surprised to find they already had a third wheel.

Apparently Vallus isn't dead. I was pretty sure she died in that loop incident pretending to be Navi sometime back. I guess not. I have to be honest. I stopped reading blogs for a good while when we went dark the first time. So this was news to me. Shes dyed her hair white again, instead of Navi's blood red shade. Crimson. That has to be dyed. Kind of makes me wish I had been able to ask. Not talking can be rather bothersome at times...

Anyways, the four of us have just been hanging out, driving around. Trying to keep off Fracture, Writer, or LeCroix's radars. God, there are a lot of people after us. Really becomes apparent when you type them all out... huh.

But yeah, like when you deal with a fear, we've just been constantly moving around to keep safe.

Me and Vallus have been reconnecting. She's one of my old mask buddies. We've been sharing a bed to save space, something we use to do a lot. She's been resisting my advances but I think she might be interested. Sure that has everything to do with the other two people who are always in the room with us. I should probably back of... I guess.

Sloth is... sloth. He reads and plays on his little handheld thing... stares at us with cold eyes... hes what got me this far but I do not trust him...

And then there's Nat. We've been wailing on each other. Shes... a worthy opponent. Shes even beaten me a couple of times, which is impressive. I'm really good in a fight, especially a one on one fight. Been a long time since I've felt challenged in an honorable engagement. I've missed it....

We have no idea what we're gonna do to get Picasso back... but I'm confident we'll figure something out. You readng this Fuck Face? This isn't over yet. I don't care what you do to her. You could turn her against us for all I care, I'm gonna make you pay for this. WE are gonna make you pay for this...

She would have wanted that.

Moth out.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fuck you LeCroix

I'm gonna rip you and Helrick's throats out the next time I fucking see you you sick sons of bitches.

Fucking cunts.

GGGGrrrrrrr... just... fucking grrrr.

I should have checked the blog sooner. I've been so busy trying to track down LeCroix. I thought I fucking had her a few times but apparently she put together a few red herrings to throw me off her fucking scent. Either that or Fuck Face did it for her. I don't know, but apparently he was definitely involved. As if Helrick's participation didn't make that clear.

The only reason I did bother to check was I nearly managed to corner her the other night before she slipped through my finger tips. It was only then that I realized she didn't have Picasso with her. When I didn't find her in the room LeCroix had been hiding out in, it occurred to me she might have escaped on her own.

So I hoped on the blog hoping Picasso had left a message for me there to find LeCroix had used it to report her successful mission to Fracture and fucking taunt me. Looking at Fracture's blog revealed that he fucking has Picasso now and that hes planning to do god know what with her. I wouldn't be terribly surprised if the sick fuck hollowed her and kept her like a fucking dog... like Duckie...

Stupid fucking Picasso. I don't understand her infatuation with Helrick.

That's what fucked us over.

Helrick and LeCroix showed up at our motel out of the blue. LeCroix came in with her hands up.

"Relax. Its me. Your friend... uh... Blondie? You like to call me blondie I believe.," said LeCroix

"Hey BLO-!.... wait... WHAT THE FUCK IS HE DOING HERE," screamed Picasso as she pointed at Helrick.

"He helped me find you guys."

"..." I shifted into a combat stance and rested a hand on my weapon. I knew something was wrong. Picasso proceeded to freak out.

"No! FUCK THAT. He's working for FUCK FACE! He BETRAYED us! This is some sort of trick!"

To which Helrick responded by pulling out some flowers from behind his back.

"No, really," he insisted. "Fracture tried to kill you guys. He ended up killing three of his own guys who went rogue on him as a direct result of dissatisfaction in his ranks over how he was handling things! It was one thing when he had me hunting rakelings and trying to bring you two in alive but hes going to far. I know you. You're a good person. A beautiful wonderful person. You don't deserve to die," he insisted pressing the flowers closer to Picasso.

Picasso responded by hacking the flowers in half with one of her hatchets. "N-No! Y-You abandoned us. And you tried to kill us... and ME. Y-You can't REALLY-" she started but was quickly interrupted as Helrick reached out with his non-rakeclaw hand and pulled Picasso close against him by the wrist.

"I really mean it," he said with a confident tone.

"I-.... You-....," Picasso stammered blushing and looking up at him apparently taken back by this for some reason.

While she was doing that, Helrick grabbed a cloth hanging from the back of his belt and pressed it to her face and she passed right the fuck out. I'm assuming that was chloroform.

"I'm kind of sad that worked" he said letting her down on the ground gently, his eyes fixed on me as LeCroix pulled her gun into stance and made her way behind me.

I shifted my stance to try to keep an eye on both of them as Helrick stood back up and pulled his claw hand out of his arm sling. He pretends its broken so he can walk around in public with it in there.

"Like maybe I'm a bad person or something... although I would feel worse if she didn't respond to everything I said and did exactly like Fracture said she would. He really has you two figured out, you know that?" he said taking a stance.


And what followed was a rather short fight. I disarmed LeCroix of her gun, which took her out of the fight as she scrambled after it. As I recall, its both a keep sake and a weapon to her. Then I proceeded to break Helrick's rake claw arm. Rakeling claws may be good at ripping flesh but if you can pin the arm down, the mutation makes the arm itself rather frail.

I got back to LeCroix as she returned to her feet before she could line up a shot. I went in close where her gun did her a fuck lot of good and tried to wrestle it away from her again. She managed to push me back but I sprang forward again to her surprise and slammed her head against the wall, dazing her so I could disarm her again and check on Helrick.

I didn't deal with LeCroix fast enough that time. I turned around and got a good and sudden right hook from Helrick to the face, knocking me out cold. Naturally, took off with Picasso while I was out cold.

I'm not sure why they didn't take me too. Or kill me even. They just left me there on the floor.

When I got up, I started tracking them down. You know the rest from there.

I think I could have taken them one on one but I couldn't get at both of them fast enough in a two on one situation. I was fucked.

No point in chasing LeCroix anymore now that I know she doesn't have Picasso. And I still can't get at Fracture and his compound, less so now that I'm down my screaming psychopath.

I'm just... all around fucked...

Sloth... any ideas...?

Moth out.

Sunday, April 6, 2014



We went to the library, CLEANED OUT.

The cemetery, CLEANED OUT.

The FUCKING SHED out in the middle of fucking NOWHERE, cleaned OUT

Every single location we've been able to identify as important in Duckie's little journals have already been picked CLEAN. Hours of time reading and ciphering, WASTED. Hours of driving. FOR FUCKING NOTHING. Day upon days upon days or searching, MEANINGLESS.

Fracture beat us too each and every one of them. I should have fucking figured. He HAS Duckie. He could just ASK Duckie where he hid all his sit. It's probably been cleared out for well over a year now. FUCK.

Running out of options.

I just want him to DIE.... is that so wrong?

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Plenty to Not Report

Moth here~

La, la la and such shit. It took me a while to realize Duckie wrote that into ALL of the diaries he collected.

Its two music symbols. A single note followed by two notes connected by one line at both of their heights. I think it reads as something along the lines of 'Ta, Te-Te' in music language.

Apparently its the placement on the music sheet that turns notes from generic ta's and te-te's into la's, mi's, fa's, and du's.

Its all incredibly fucking arbitrary.

I think Duckie used the symbols to denote important information as they shows up several times in every diary. I've noticed on the pages where the musical notes show up, two margin lines on the page have been darkened. I think this was meant to turn the page into a music line.

If I'm right, its the worst fucking cipher ever. The trick to it, is the note placement in relation to the darkened margins has to turn the music notes into La's. I think that is the important info. Pages denoted by the notes but whose margins turn those notes into sounds other than La's are presumably red herrings. Knowing that sadistic fucker, they probably lead to death traps somehow.

Trying to determine if these notes read as La's is a pain in the ass as one note will often be at the top of the page and the other will be at the bottom. Both of which are comparatively way the fuck away from the music bar margins. Apparently, every half line out of the margin denotes a sound too.

It works something like this:


And so on, forever.

So I have to sit here and mark the pages to try to determine if both symbols are denoting la's. And that's assuming all this isn't just me being fucking crazy.

So that's what we're up to. Besides hitting Fracture's operations dressed as feds (Thank you again Picasso for fucking giving that away in the last post. Stupid.), we're hunting down locations from Ducki'e's diary things that we think are being highlighted to us by this ridiculous fucking cipher.

As much as I would hate to let Picasso say much more about what we are up to, that is all that is currently safe to share. We'll let you know if we find anything cool or if I'm just completely off my fucking rocker.

Moth out.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Is it retcon if it actually never happened?


Like a comic book thing right? Pretty sure it means you're not dead. I'm retcon. Very retcon!

Couldn't possibly be more retcon. NOT EVEN IF THERE WERE TWO OF ME.

...I think.

Okay, maybe if there was two of me. But that's like, probably impossible. IMPLAUSIBLE.

You know who isn't retcon?

The lovely, lacy, and muscular LYS.

WHICH, if fucking BULLSHIT.

YOU PROMISED YOU'D NEVER LEAVE ME. If you weren't dead I'd fucking kill you.

When I do die, I'M CRUSHING YOUR GHOST. With like, a ghost tractor or something... have to make sure I take a tractor down with me when I go.

Tractors die right? That's a thing.


So the jig is up! No more dancing. We're retcon.

Me, Moth, and presumably Navi.
Can't fucking see Navi but I'm assured by my mute that Navi is still there! That's... what the fuck is MY LIFE where that's a sentence?



So... apparently Sloth has yet to give up his fucking phone and Fracture used that to figure his involvement in our little disappearing act.

Not that that would have mattered anyways as his bitch girl friend... thing... saw fit to BRAG about it.

Poor planning. POOR PLANNING.

Shes gonna get him killed... then I'm gonna gut her.



Okay, so LIKE, the Finest were closing in on us. Closing in on us real good. We were losing sleep and shit, had to keep moving, and everyone was starting to go a little STIR crazy from how long we had to keep ourselves crammed in the car. It like, SUCKED, and shit.

Guess you could kind of hear it in our tone, because Sloth picked up on it when we called to check in.

And he was all 'God. You sound like shit.'

And I was all 'Fuck you shit breath! At least I don't run around dressed like a homeless person covered in my own fucking VOMIT for authenticity. Go fuck yourself. And what the fuck was your little stunt on the roof! YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DIE ON ME. I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU! Do you fucking hear me?! I WILL FEED YOU YOUR LIVER IF YOU EVER DO THAT SHIT AGAIN. Maybe wear your skin. You have such nice skin. I have no idea how you pass as homeless for how incredibly delicate you are.'

And he was all, '... Glad you're a live too.'

And I was all, 'Whatever.'

And his bitch girl friend was all, 'Don't take that.'


And there was like, 3-5 hours of fighting over the phone while we drove... or... I'm being told it was 15 minutes. But it felt like 3-5 hours. I fucking hate her.

And we hung up on each other in a huff.

I was like, huff.

Or... HUFF, would probably be more accurate.

Sloth called us again the day after that. Asked us where we were.

Which was highly suspicious. Sloth, is not to be trusted...

But I took the leap of faith on that one. Told him where we were and where we were headed.

He was like, 'Okay, I have three of my contacts coming to meet you. They're former masks who have agreed to break their oath to help us.'

'What?' I asked. 'That's like, IMPOSSIBLE or something right? I've practically skinned Moth alive once in loop. He didn't so much as scream.'

'If you can give someone the right cause they'll break any promise,' he assured me.

'...What did you DO?' I questioned.

'Nothing. They're on our side. We can trust them.'

'BULLSHIT. What did you do?!'

'Uh... just trust me okay?'

'Fine, but this still SOUNDS like bullshit.'

So we met them at a gas station where we switched cars.

They were dressed like us, dyed their hair like us, and honestly kind of looked like us.

One of them even had pieces of mask glued to their face to look like me. She was soooo cute. Hehe.

I'm fucking BEAUTIFUL.

So they kept on the path we were taking and we took off in the opposite direction and drove as far away from them as humanly possible.

And we've just been like... laying low. We've been hitting Fracture's men and points of operation but we've been disguised as feds.

He never even thought it was us. Dumb ASS.

We're gonna see if we can stay low profile and keep hitting Fracture. Probably means this blogs gonna be a lot quieter. We can't really talk about what or where we are hitting or he'll close in on us again but we're still on the attack. We're gonna win.


SAD to see our poor doppelgangers. Especially mine. She was so perfect in every way... so pretty.

 I feel like... I owe it to them to explain what really happened to them.

So for the most part what the blog details over the last few posted isn't inaccurate.

They got cornered into a loop and broke the anchor behind them.

FakeMe and FakeMoth did not get along. FakeMoth was being forced to relive the same day over and over again and got tired of fakeME and tried killing her but FAKEnavi would retaliate and kill him and when they found out that FakeMoth was doing this everyday they killed him and tossed him out the loop to make it permanent.

Now, one thing that is different than what was portrayed, is FAKEme and fakeNavi could see and communicate with each other UNLIKE realme and realNavi.

They used the blogs to keep track of what they explored in the loop because they couldn't remember anything every time the loop reset.

But they stopped being able to come back and post for some reason. PRESUMABLY, Fracture was altering the loop the kill them once they had traveled far enough.

We do know for a fact he was CLOSING the loop down slowly until there was NOTHING left but the room they kept waking up in.

Fakeme couldn't handle the pressure... she threw herself into the monsters waiting for them in the Path.

FakeNavi was a boss. She kept to the mission.

They had explosives with them. The plan was for them to blow themselves up and take finest with them.

This, was Fakenavi trying to bait them to go into the loop so she could blow them up and hopefully kill everyone.

Its implied that what she got instead was burned alive.

Not exactly Fracture's style though... fuck face likes to take them in alive.

But I wouldn't put it past him.

So THAT, is the ballad of FakeNavi, Fakeme, and fakemoth.

They were true heroes and one of them was FUCKING fabulous.

They were too GOOD for this world...

Especially the fabulous one.

Picasso entry end.

Friday, January 31, 2014

I'm Pretty Sure...

...we're fucked.

Navi here.

I can see now somethings gone terribly wrong.

As I understand it, looking back at the older posts, there is supposed to be a "north" and "west" path. A full crossroads of paths. On in each cardinal direction.

There are two hallways now. They form an imaginary 'L' I guess. I'm assuming the north path had some sort of indicator we were working off of before that is no longer there as we did not feel the need to explain which path was which before. Or maybe one of the other ones had the indicator. Doesn't Matter.

What ever the indicator was, its seems to have disappeared with one of the hallways.

Worse yet, the 'hallways' are only about 12 feet long now. They end in dead ends. Occasionally, one of those hallways will suddenly turn red with blood splatters and then Picasso will stop responding to me on the computer so I think they're booby trapped somehow.

We've been having personal reflections and chats in drafts that will never see the light of day. That shit was... far to personal.

I occurred to me over the course of our chats to ask, "Is it possible they've been altering the loop from the path or the real world without us noticing?"

I got this response.
"Very possible."

She thought such meddling may also have been why we could't remember our yesterdays when we reset, which was a troubling notion. 

Then we got into an argument about what to do next.

In the simplest possible terms, it seems Picasso decided she wasn't gonna give Fracture the satisfaction and, supposedly, threw herself into the monsters waiting for us in the Path.

Something I, writing this now, find hard to believe but reading my own responses and begging from that moment... I have to assume it happened. I don't think I would lie to myself about seeing the path. That place is so... horrible.

I just don't understand how she could do that. It seemed unlike her. I guess I never truly grasped the depth of her spite for Fracture... never even really got to meet her.

All I've ever known of her has been words on a screen... and that's all she'll ever be now.

I just... I don't want to do this anymore. Fracture, please, I can't take this. Piecing this all together is heartbreaking and I'm sure re-reading this over and over again will be just as horrible.

I surrender. They're both dead... this was never even my fight to began with so I'm done. I just want out.

I'm at your mercy.

Just, free me from this timeless hell.

Monday, January 20, 2014


It posted. We kept dying... or something, before we could reset the schedule. Picasso, south is obviously not working. We should both be going east. We'll see if we can't figure something out there.

Take the first left down the east hall, then take the second most left path when you hit another fork in the road. I'll take the second most right path on the same fork. We'll come back and report what we find. Setting a new schedule for this post just in case.

We'll report on this draft until something goes wrong and the schedule auto-posts for us again.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Tracking the Loop

NOTHING to the north.

I concur... nothing down the north hall. We should take different halls next time. I'll go east, you go west.

Nothing to the west. ANOTHER dead end. Going south next.


Found a room full of beds and lockers to the east. Very military. Trying to go through it all. A lot of knives, but otherwise a lot of personal junk. Gonna keep looking.


Finished the room full of beds. Found a shotgun. Left it by the laptop. I can't really use it. Was never trained for fire arms. You probably shouldn't use it either. Since you can't see me, you're liable to shoot me trying to hit something if you were to try to use it.

... You didn't report last night. Everything okay?


Found a dead end down the east hall on the first right turn but that hall seems to keep doing down a ways on the left turn. It broke into four more directions later on. I tried the left most but all I found was an emptied Kitchen.

Picasso. I assume you're still alive. I assume you keep going south and dying or getting lost before you can come back and report what you've found for yourself. I'm gonna go south too next time. We'll figure out whats going wrong.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Fucking Navi

Haha... looking at the comments... some of this isn't gonna make sense... what with Picasso being alive again and me killing her over and over... Fracture was kind enough to explain it for me though....


It occurred to me after my second failed attempt... hahaha... that I didn't have to kill Navi...

She can't see me killing Picasso. She can't see Picasso! To her it just looks like I'm doing some odd... village people dance move or something... and then suddenly standing up straight for the rest of the day...

Or what would be the rest of the day. Everyday at the same time, regardless of whether or not I've offed Picasso, she asks me to see the laptop. And when she sees my last post, she attacks me and runs offs leaving me maimed and wobbling in a puddle of my own blood.

I've tried denying her access to it but that just makes her mad or suspicious and she takes it from me. If I resist, she takes it by force. If I try to preemptively attack her, she maims me.

I think I could take her if I wasn't so tired... I keep getting reset but I don't feel like I'm getting any sleep... I'm afraid I'm gonna wake up soon and not have it in me to even stand....

Need to break this death loop before its too late...

I recently tried preemptively deleting the last post first thing when we're reset but EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. something happens that distracts me from the laptop (Like Picasso tackling me, or my taking a minute to kill Picasso so she can't tackle me) and when I get back to it Navi is standing over it with her Sword already drawn...

This is actually the first time I've survived her attacking me well enough that I can stop and blog... come to this of it I should go d

Huh. Hes tried to kill me a few times now. We might just have to fix that. I have his corpse...

Picasso, please be alive and see this. I've drawn arrows of blood around the laptop. God I hope that gets your attention. If you should find this, Moth has been killing you. Hes been trying to kill me. His corpse should be right next to this laptop. Open up a tear to the disgusting 'place' you call the path and throw him through it. If he leaves the loop in this state, his death will become permanent.

DONE. That's what you get for KILLING ME you fucker! I trusted you... I...

This hurts... why didn't you just show us that first post explaining what was wrong... you stupid FUCK.

Navi, what about the loop now? He was the only one who could remember what was going on. I can't exactly co-ordinate with you.... I can't fucking SEE you.

Knowing us, we'll totally stop to blog about our concern when we notice Moth didn't make it to the loop with us after the next reset and we forget everything again. Then we'll get on here and see that we killed him.

All we gotta do after that is split up, because we have no choice since we can't see each other, and then come back to the laptop before the day resets to record what we discovered on here. Eventually through trial and error, iterations, and a slow pool of information we should find a way out of here.

Could have covered more ground with Moth... I just... don't understand why he did that...WHY?!

Come on, we have work to do.