Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hel... Rick?

Hi... I guess?

Patr-... Err...Picasso, Rather I guess. She said I needed to get on here and introduce myself. I think she's treating me like a stray dog or something. I think she thinks I'm gonna stay because she helped save me. I think she's gonna be sad when I leave.

My fight is with the rake... and others like me... those warped and twisted by it's touch, whispers, and cuts....

I have to keep hunting... or those fucking whispers won't stop, those god awful whispers. I need their blood... I need their panic. I need to dig my claw deep into their flesh so I can watch their light fade from their eyes slowly... I need a lot disgusting things.

But... I don't don't want to give in. I don't want to be a monster. So I try to keep it down to animals... other 'feral-lings'... servants of other monsters... as I'm slowly becoming aware there are other monsters with their own twisted victims/slaves in more human looking shells.

Picasso tells me I've been helping Proxies. Servants of... the Slim Jim or something? Sorry... getting hungry again.

Slender Man. That was it.

I'm thinking... that makes a lot of sense. They fuckers turned on me after I went through great lengths to help them clean those woods out of 'ferals'. They didn't care about me or the well being of this town. They were just forcing servants of one monster out so they could have the town for themselves...

Only sensible thing to do... kill them all. I've seen the police force here... its practically ruled by those masked fucks. The so called police don't make any moves without their nod of approval. I'm thinking they'll all have to go. The masked fucks and the policemen... need to soak the streets in their blood... truly make this town safe.

Picasso says she can help with that... insists on it. Seems to think it'll hurt an enemy of hers.

I'm not sure what good a screaming psycho bitch is gonna do me on a hunt. She's gonna get me killed if nothing else.

But she saved me... and she won't let me fucking forget that... so I'm gonna give her and her supposedly reformed masked pet a chance, despite they themselves being perfect examples of the kinds of people they are telling me not to trust.

God fucking help them if this is some insanely elaborate ruse. I'll be ready for the double cross this time. I'll fucking gut them both.



  1. "Slim Jim."

    Oh god Rose is gonna have a ball with this.


  2. Hello Helrick. Can I have some of Picasso's hair?

    Sorry, I meant please don't rip out Picasso's hair.

  3. Huh. Lots of fuckers coming out of the woodwork these days.

    1. I find this blog thing stupid personally. I'll be happy to return to the woodwork.

      Hard to type with a misshapen hand.


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