Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Turnaround


Picasso has been acting weird. You know, weird for her.

Who here remembers this?

Its not overly important if you don't. Ignore the false accusations of an alleged porn addiction and the alleged proxy moonlighting. Those aren't important.

Key detail, I leave and do things while Picasso is asleep.

She sleeps like a rock. She tends to wear herself out.

But lately, I've been coming home to find shes not there. She leaves while I'm out. I go out looking for her and come back to find shes already in bed sleeping again. Then she doesn't say thing about it in the morning.

I tried watching the door when I got back the night after that to see if I could catch her on her way back in but she slipped in without so much as a noise while I was in the bathroom.

I held it the day after that. I kept a close eye on the door and the window but in passing I checked the bed to find she was already back in it. That's fucking crazy right?

Not a sound. She wasn't there when I got back, and then she suddenly was when I wasn't looking.

I tried just watching her bed to see if I could catch her appearing to try to figure out what the fuck was going on. I fell out of the chair late into the morning when I heard her scream morning at me from behind. Apparently she appeared in my bed that time.

I spent the night after that trying to catch her leaving. She didn't, or so I thought. I check on her around my usual arrival time to find she also disappears without a sound or a sign.

I tried looking for her. If she was disappearing she had to be going somewhere right? Given the strange circumstances, I didn't think this would work. But it did. I found her standing under a lamp post staring at a house across the street. Just silently standing there sporting an impatient glare. I tried running over to her. Mid-dash she turned to look at me. I blinked on the approach and she was suddenly gone again.

I heard the sound of wood snapping... and some running across the street. I tried to chase it but Picasso was already long gone... assuming that was her.

I went home and she was already in bed again. Once more, she said nothing about it when she woke up... just acted impulsive and childish like she always does.

I'm sharing this because I don't know what to make of this. I've never heard of anything like this. I need some advice on... well what the fuck to do. Its all very concerning.

On a completely unrelated note the Empath, I've taken to calling her 'Red', who apparently saw Duckie has gone missing. I've been spending the time I had not chasing Picasso looking for her but shes just gone. Her parents recently filed a missing persons on her. When I peeked in on the house the mother was crying and panicking. I've spotted the father driving up and down the neighborhood. I think hes trying to spot her off the street or something.

I've noticed people reacting to my presence now. After the dust up in the restaurant the town seems to have taken notice that I am not one of their masked police figures. My mask is rather distinct and I believe we've become suspects in Red's missing persons case.

Actually why I was so concerned when Picasso started disappearing. She's grounded and isn't allowed to leave due to all the attention. She sticks out like a sore thumb.

The situation in this town has become too much. I need to find Red so we can question her, find/kill Duckie, and then fuck off before they figure out where we've been staying and come busting down the door.

Moth out.

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