Monday, December 30, 2013

Made it Stop

I.... I kiled her. Snappped her neck... so easy... like it wsas nothing...

One momet she was scrweamimng in my ear that I wasn'tt moving fast enough, AGAiN... the nexst... gone...

Peeceful. Quieter thaen Ive evver seen her... hold her dimnples up... sshes smilinfg... so happy...

Navio... she cutt me dreep when I trieed too grab her... don'ty think I'm gonmna mke i

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


This is fucked. That fucking idiot. She couldn't just keep her stupid mouth shut. We could have just held out and moved out when the attention was well on and away from us but no. She had to brag. She had to blog and shell out so many fucking details.

The more you say, the less you know. The more you say, the more they know. The longer it goes, the more it tends to show.

Its such a simple part of the creed. You don't fucking tell them Anything. Its about the mystery. Its about the Fucking allure. It doesn't matter if all you have is your specific job. Your one specific order. Your one fucking thing to do with no details or sense of the bigger picture. You don't fucking share anything. A N Y T H I N G.

You reflect Father. We Masks.... us fake hollows. You stay silent like him. You stay masked and faceless like him. You stay Fucking vague and incomprehensible. LIKE HIM. Its so fucking simple.

That's what the Mask oath boils down to. Be like him. A voiceless, violent, faceless vessel to embody and carry out his will. WE are the true hallows. THEY are just hollow shells. WE picked this. THEY have it forced on them. WE choose it out of our dedication and love of him. For Father.

God damn it. Feels like I'm falling into HER mistakes. Fucking blogging. Sharing all this SHIT for the world. I'm even fucking typing like her. I think... uh. That thought made me want to barf. Being like that stupid bitch...

That stupid whiny bitch. She has not lifted a finger since we got trapped in here. Not since she broke her arm breaking the Anchor and trapping us in here. She's been making me carry her. She keeps screaming in my fucking ear when she wants me to do something.

"I'm HUNGRY. Find us food. FIND US FOOD FASTER. My arm hurts. Cut your arm off and GIVE ME YOURS. So thirty... NO fuck you. GIVE ME THE REST OF THE WATER. I NEED it more."

And fucking Navi. I thought the fit she pitched when we dragged her into the path to get to the loop was bad. She has been Freaking out since we arrived. She keeps banging on doors, walls, and windows as if one was magically gonna open into a safe escape route. And she screams at random. Complaining about 'little hands' reaching out at her.

And there is music playing 24/7 in this loop. Children chanting. 'La-lala-lala-lala-la-lala-la-la.' Navi and Picasso. They started fucking singing along. Or Navi did. Picasso has taken to Screaming it in my ear.

And I could take all that. I KNOW I could take all that. But the 'reset' function in the loop is malfunctioning or something. Rather than just waking up as we were when we first arrived at a specific time, every 24 hours we freeze in place and the loop walks us back through the entirety of our day and we're powerless to stop it. All the hunger. All the thirst. All the pain from walking. All the fucking SCREAMING IN MY EAR. All of it. I have to go through it all again. ALL OF IT. EVERYDAY.

I'm losing it. I... I can't take this. I seem to be the only some suffering through it because Picasso and Navi seem to be content to do the exact same thing EVERYDAY. I pray to god, Father, Zeus, and the fucking spaghetti monster that this post is still up in the morning. That I can show it to them and they can catch on.

Because I so tired of this... I just... want it to stop...

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

SAFE. FINALLY! Fuck you Fracture, you fuck face. I FUCKING WIN


You practically handed the answer to us!


These abandoned loops! Crafters are a hot commodity. They were rare back when the order was specifically testing for and training them. You have to have the right Aptitude to be a crafter! I can't began to imagine how hard it must be to find one now.

I bet A LOT of loops were abandoned when the order fell. I BET SO MANY OF THEM COULDN'T BE MAINTAINED PROPERLY. Thems was unsafe livens.

And guess what Fracture? I get around, A LOT!

So I know where a few old loop housed bases were. We're at one now. SURE ENOUGH, its abandoned. NO PROXIES. No anyone.

AND GUESS WHAT?! I destroyed the anchor. There is ZERO connection to the real world and HERE. NO PHYSICAL ENTRANCE. The backlash snapped my arm, BUT NOW YOU CAN'T FIND US. EVER.

HAHAHAHAHA. And once we've regrouped, WE'RE GONNA DESTROY YOU.


Picasso post, at it's triumphant end!

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Hello. Moth here.

So this is probably the more pressing part of this update, I've reunited with Picasso and Navi.

Navi is pretty fucked up. Or was. We let some time ass. We've been moving. Always moving. Have to be. Fracture's been chasing us pretty hard. Or at least his men have. Hes mad. Madder then I've ever seen him. We stopped leaving the car. We loiter off in parking lots. Have to be ready to leave in a moments notice. Gas prices have been hell on our budget lately as a direct result. And now that we don't have Sloth to fund our mission, that budget isn't going to be getting any bigger so we have to be frugal... if money should get tight we may very well end up robbing some poor fucks to make a quick buck at some pawn shop.

My greatest concern there is the possibility of accidentally creating some new runners... I'll have to be careful with how I handle things if it gets to that. Then again, that risk is supposedly present in everything we do. Kind of hell on the nerves if you think about it too much. Just have to... try to ignore it I guess.

... I got so sidetracked there. Damn it. I'm rambling. I need to watch that. Its a terrible trait.

So Navi was pretty fucked up. We're not sure who bandaged her up, as Picasso can't see Navi and Navi was apparently passed out for it but they did a pretty good job. They were in New York though. Everything from New York City to Philadelphia is an uncannily active hub for proxies and fears so it could have been anyone looking to cut a light blow against Fracture. I'd like to think its an old friend or something but, I can't imagine they'd risk it.

 But since they did such a good job, and since I've been pulling more than my own fair share of the work to make sure she can take it easy, (And since shes such a good girls she insists on constantly reminding me) she healed up pretty quick. Her stitches aren't quite out but shes been doing some minor exercises to get back into form. She should be bouncing off the walls and pissing me off in no time flat at this rate.

I'd had sustained some minor injuries myself... but not as troubling as a stab wound. My opponent was careful just to piece my skin. My arms were pretty ripped up. I think they were trying to induce minor blood loss while disabling my ability to fight. We'll get back to that later in the post.

It made moving my arms a pain in the ass. Every little muscle flex would irritate those nerves. I suppose I should just be happy I didn't end up with any snapped ligaments.

Since my range of motion had to be slow and deliberate, Picasso was doing a lot of the driving and buying. Once Fracture's goons really started to come down on us I had to push myself to drive so she could sleep. I've had a lot of cuts rip open on me. Now that I'm better, I have to be honest, my arms look like shit. More scarred flesh then I'd ever hope to have earned. My over all range of motion is... mostly what it was. I can still make my wide breath of motion with my arms but I have to tell myself that I can. I haven't quite gotten over that sensation that they could rip back open if I over do it when but I'm pretty sure they're fine now.

If we ever find more then a days break somewhere, I'll have to spar with Picasso or something. I need see if I'm more fucked up than I think I am and the best way to find out is by doing. So here is hoping that goes well if the opportunity should ever present itself.

So back to the asshole that disabled me. For those that can remember him, apparently Helrick is still alive.

News that absolute made Picasso perk up.

"What?! NO! You're lying! HOW?! Did he actually kill them all himself? OH MY GOD IS HE AWESOME?!"

'No. Hes working for Fracture.' Her smile sank as she read those words. She smashed one of the rear view mirrors with her fist and kicked the non-discript vehicle hard enough to dent it. Furious.

"FUCK HIM. I knew he was weak..."

Yeah... weak.

He fucked me up. Once more, I'm ahead of myself.

So I had been making a point of being track-able. Fracture made a point of announcing that he was sending his finest after us so I made of point of being known. I path traveled a lot. I made transactions with Sloth's account. I used my old cell number to shoot fake plans to Picasso. I'm thinking I over did it and he caught on that something was up because his finest didn't show up to face me.

As Hollow's Eve night fell on me, I made my final stop. A big ass aquarium. A place I'd done a job at before. And from that job, I knew how to rig the room I was waiting in to flash flood with the press of a button. I just had to wait for his finest to show up looking for me and then with the press of that button they were gonna drown to death. Not exactly the kind of victory I like but at this point I'll take any victory.

But as I've said, his finest did not show. Instead I got a single arrival. A muscular man with his arm in a sling. His face concealed by a black hoody. I figured this was just a scout. If he didn't come back, surely the rest of the 'finest' would come out and I should spring the trap then. So I stepped out into view and flicked on the lights.

To my surprise, it was Helrick.

"Ah. Hello Moth. Just you? Where's Picasso... and that one girl. Whats-her-tits. Novi I think? Or maybe Navi. 'Hey listen!', hahaha. I can't believe she made that her name.... where are they?"


"Oh right. You're mute. See, I've been looking for you guys. You were right. That assault on the police station was... it was a shit idea you know? I took a few bullets. I was lucky to get out of there with my life. Had to go hide and lick my wounds... guess I was lucky I left Black lake when I did. You guys really fucked that place up. I mean jeez. Overkill. But hey, that town tried to kill me for helping them... hard to fault you.

... So where is everyone else."

His demeanor was offensive. His guard was high. His unslung hand had was hidden, I suspected on a weapon. I considered he might have been being followed but that was giving him too much befit of the doubt. How could he have possible have tracked me? Pathing around made it easy for Fracture to track me, but for any non-proxy it should be terribly fucking difficult. Hell, I don't even know how Fracture does that shit. And yet as soon as I stop moving for more than a day... there he is. Like he knew exactly where I was.

He was lying. Fracture sent him. No doubt. I drew my spear.

I could see him grin. I guess he already had a pretty good idea that wasn't going to work.

"I never was a good liar," he laughed pulling off his eye-patch to reveal his cat eye and pulling his arm from its sling to reveal his rake claw. "But a fight I can do. I'll make a liar out of you when I leave you lying on the floor!" He snickered at this terrible fucking joke. He dropped down on all fours and started dashing at me.

Hes fucking fast. I thought I had him. A running start is a terrible idea against a spear, but he leapt against wall and kick into my side. Once he was in and on me, my spear was not doing me a lot of good.

I kept trying to spin and swing at him but he kept pace and ripped at my arms. By that last swing, when I finally did hit him, it wasn't very hard. He just grinned his toothy grin and shoved me against the wall. My arms were fucked. Useless. That spear was dead to me. I couldn't much leave with it now. It'd just get in the way. Colors were fading. I was dizzy.

He brought his fist up. I think he thought I was done. He was wrong. He threw my weight hard in on direction. I knew it was gonna be coming at me so I just had to make a good point of moving. Heard him shout. Listened to bones snap with a loud thud as he accidentally brought his fist against the wall in what was likely supposed to be a knock out punch. That rake claw, its real good for slashing and impaling but not punching. Given the shape those hands take when a feral-ling mutates, they break easily under the force of a punch.

I grabbed his shoulders. I needed to secure the advantaged before he could recoup from the pain. I couldn't push or pull real hard but holding him like that made it easy to drive a knee into his gut. He crumpled over, winded.

Time to fuck off. I Pathed out to my car and sped off for as long as I could bear, not long, into the middle of nowhere. Bandaged up. Did my best to drive further way before the adrenaline wore off and I finally had to curl up and sleep to escape the pain.

I spent the next few days trying to meet up with Picasso. Moving around was hellish. I'm lucky I made it.

They kept showing up at the meeting spots before me. Had keep changing it closer until I just had them coming in to pick me up.

That sucked.

... Better now. But fuck that asshole.  Helrick, I'm sure you read this. Fuck you buddy. Traitorous asshole. I'm gonna feed you your own claw. Seriously, fuck you.

Moth out.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

the Path

Navi here... hi.

So uh, apparently I've been called to answer what I was up to over the Halloween week or something? Or 'Hollow's Eve' as Captain Caps-Lock likes to call it.

So lets run through her questions really quick. 'Her'. Presumably a her. Moth likes to refer to it as a her... but Picasso is not a name for a 'her'. I keep picturing I've been traveling around with an old artist who doesn't know how fucking shapes work. Hack.

But lets get back to the questions, no need to dwell on the opinions that got me thrown out of art class.

"What happened girl? Where you at? You still here with me? Where you going? You alive?"
-Picasso in the last post, allegedly 

I have no idea what happened.
I'm here, in a hotel room.
I didn't pay for it, the door was unlocked, and no one has been complaining so I assume I'm still with you or I've actually broken into someones house.
I have no idea where I'm going. Presumably, I'm following you to meet up with the people who probably killed Moth.
I am totally alive. And if I'm not, this is a better hell than I could have ever asked for so yay me.

But to address the more general question of what I've been up to, I'm gonna be honest and say I'm not entirely sure...

I'm not sure about a lot of things anymore. All I know is the Path.

Ever since Master started chasing me, my bright colorful world turned black.
I was hopeful when I was cornered and begging for Master to end my suffering and ordered to 'kneel' by something that felt more like an overwhelming inescapable presence filling my mind and scrapping away at my thoughts than actual words... that the darkness might go away.

But it didn't. The world turned even blacker. Now the only light is the floor in front of me. The only color is what passes for emotions from a mute and a sociopath I can't even see. No offense guys. But you feel funny. Your colors are wrong.

All I've been doing since then is following the Path that lights up before me... killing or talking to people in the areas that light up around me. Desperately trying to figure out why the Path stopped there. Figuring out what I'm supposed to do there. And when its done, it gets dark again and I follow the new Path.

After I met Master and Moth again at the hotel, the Path changed. No longer was it a lit path guiding me around. It became an area around Master, calling me to his side... branching out only when I needed to take him somewhere.

And then when we left the hotel Moth dragged me into that... place. What he calls the Path. Apparently that's what all of his kind and their victims call the path. But its not. They're so wrong. That place was more like Master's Neverland. There were so many of them. They called for us. Screamed for us. G-Grabbed at us.

They wanted to play 'the tree game'. I just wanted to get away from them. I just wanted to escape them and their constant grabbing and whining. So many faces. So many colors... I practically threw myself out of the exit portal thing...

Master didn't follow us out... still in Neverland I guess. Still with 'them'. But the Path, the Path still lit up around Moth beckoning me to follow him. And I did.

Until operation 'Hollow Hunt'. Moth wrote my orders on a single sticky note. The note had an address, a date, and the key phrase 'Stake Out' written on it. Once he handed me the note, he walked off into the blackness. The Path no longer followed him. I turned around to find a new path opening up behind me. It led me to a car and kept me in the passenger seat until I needed to eat or sleep. In this way, it eventually led me to the place on the note and then to a place to stake out the address until Halloween night.

I have to assume this new path I've been following has been forming in Picasso's wake. That its leading me to travel with her since I was told I would be working with her for this but I can't be sure.

Before anyone asks, I have not tried to wonder away from this Path. It... wouldn't be safe.
I occasionally glance off into the darkness as I walk with what was, at one point, curiosity of what might lie in the dark mysterious abyss that surrounds me. I now know the answer to be all manner of horrible things.

Veins of lava, chasms, wide open toothy mouths,  saw blades, outstretched appendages, corpses, grinning children, and worst of all People.

I can see old loved ones and family members roaming around in the darkness. They're screaming, bleeding, battered, and covered in blood. Many of them call out my name begging to know 'Why? Why did you doom us? Why did you kill us?!'

I know from experience that trying to answer just brings louder angrier screaming... best not to bother.

Sometimes, out the corner of my eye, I can catch Master out there standing deep into the darkness and staring at me with that eyeless, featureless face. A stare so intense it often winds me, leaving me to choke on my own fucking breath. I don't know why he does it. I've been good. I've been so good. I never leave the Path. Never! Never ever, it's not Navi. Never Navi.

Please never Navi. Please...


Sorry. I just... don't understand what I'm doing wrong. So good. Good girl. Good girl. Just wish he would tell me what he wants... I wish he had a mouth.


Deep breaths. I'm fine. Everything's fine. Master loves me or I'd surely be dead... surely.


And now they're screaming again. Just.... Just peachy.

Topic topic topic. Back to the topic.

Right. So I've just been following the Path. The lit up road ahead of me taking me everywhere I need to go, apparently, and blinding me to everything else whether I like it or not. And it let me to the address of Fracture's coffee shop where whoever the fuck that is has apparently tethered their loop (Because supposedly that string of completely disassociated words is supposed to mean something.).

And apparently it did mean something because Halloween night the street below lit up for me revealing a bunch of masked freaks wondering out of the coffee shop in numbers far larger than should have been able to fit into the damn place. And to top it all off they were ALL colored red, which lately has been an indicator that what ever I'm seeing is hostile and I need to kill it.

So, coincidentally, I used the same tactic Picasso was using since running into the hoard of them probably would have meant death. That is to say I took to one side and picked off stragglers that wondered from the group. Which was working great until one of the masked freaks from deeper within the hoard seemed to notice me and broke their normal shuffling patter to come approach me.

It was wearing a plain clean mask like the rest of them but its mask was a little different. It was missing its forehead. It looked like that piece had been broken away leaving room for a long lock of hair to rest in that spot just above the eyes leaving me to wonder if that break was intentional or not.

This freak was clearly a women, she had the figure. And she was an adult. Tall... developed. Crows feet on the eyes. She pulled out a thin stabbing needle spike thing. No optional slashing power there unless she caught me on the tip, that spike was for stabbing through and through.

I figured this was gonna be a short fight, whoever this person was had a stupid fucking weapon. While most competent people with a knife will just stab, they usually use flair to trick you into believing otherwise. Flick and wave the blade to make you commit to the wrong kind of evasive maneuver before they run you through. But this freak didn't have that. She didn't have a proper knife with an edge. She just had a stupid spike with little other course of action but to stab.

But then the masked thing spoke before driving it's spike deep into my gut. It spoke in my Mother's voice. But rougher and angrier than I've ever heard her before.

"Suffer Ivy. Suffer for what you did to Black Lake. For what you did to me and your friends," she said before shoving me to the ground with the spike still in my gut. "For running your Father through. For hurting so many people who didn't do anything wrong. Suffer and die."

And with that, she disappeared back into the crowd of masked Freaks leaving me to gawk and wheeze for air.

I grabbed my sword and dragged myself down the alley, gripping the spike. There was no light anymore. Everything was dark. My friends and family where all around me pointing and laughing. And as I passed them, they lit on fire and started screaming. Screaming so loud in my ear I had to seriously consider whether or not it would be better to just curl up on the floor to bleed out or keep going and endure what I was pretty sure was supposed to be my Aunt up next screaming bloody fucking murder and demanding to know 'Why?' as she lit on fire and crumpled to the ground.

As you can probably guess, I pushed forward and let the bitch burn. Fuck her. She wasn't even in Black Lake. Shes probably still alive. These things aren't real. That wasn't my Mother. Master is testing me. Testing my loyalty in the face of guilt. And I failed and as a result failed the mission, all because I saw an older masked women and convinced myself it was my Mother coming to punish me. But I was a good girl. I AM a good girl. Master forgives those. And sure enough, after forcing myself to push forward for what felt like hours he lit up a new Path for me and led me somewhere safe to rest.

Because Master loves me, he lets me live.

When I reached the end of the new Path, I found myself in what I was pretty sure was a hotel room. Certain I was safe now, I promptly collapsed on the floor. When I woke up I found that someone had bandaged me up. I have no idea who. Maybe Master.

I proceeded to limp out of bed and follow the Path out. And I've been slowly following it since then.

After a text from Moth and Picasso's last post, seems I'm heading for Moth now. I have to assume so at least. Can't be sure. Doesn't matter. As always, the Path will take me to where I need to go. I just hope I'm healed up by the time I get there.

Never Not Navi out.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Operation Hallow Hunt

God FUCKING damn it.


Seriously, fuck.

I thought we had it that time. I really really really thought we finally had it. FUCK.

Which, I didn't do. I SO would have if I could, but I didn't! I did, however, have a good hunch that it was gonna happen.

So the plan was for Moth to start heading away from New York for the FAR corners of the United States. I can't say where exactly for safety reasons, but his part of the plan was more or less to lead Fracture's FINEST blood hounds as far away from New York as possible so they would be unavailable to respond to the crisis I suspected was gonna go down in New York.

Meanwhile, I was camping out in New York watching the coffee shop Fracture tethered his loop to. That's right, its at a fucking COFFEE SHOP of ALL fucking places. Not the Baker Street one, but its still kind of fucked up. I can't tell if its silent reverence, a hommage, or if he was blatantly trying to exploit the high profile nature of the original coffee shop to confuse people out of finding his. But the bottom line here, ITS FUCKED UP. Probably.

Its gone now. I think. Everything was packed up and the place is labeled 'For Lease' now. Not that I could hang around to see if anyone was still making regular trips in and out of it. For all I know, the 'For Lease' thing could just be to throw me and anyone else off his trail. He could very well still be tethered there. Again, I COULDN'T HANG AROUND. I was pretty sure I was being followed and that shit HAD to stop. So I slipped in and out of a few clothes store in different outfits without paying until I was sure no one was tracking me anymore. ALSO DITCHED ALL OF MY PRECIOUS STUFF. It was REALLY fucking disheartening.

Holy shit, I am so far ahead of myself. Lets roll back the clock.... to the dawn of time. SING THIS SONG WITH ME~...

Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do... do, do, do... do, do, do... do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do... sing this song with me...


DINOSAURS. Moving on (from happier times~).

Lets go back to the hunch. THE HUNCH IS SO IMPORTANT.

So, like, Duckie is a hollow right? And hollows try to go somewhere on Hollow's Eve, right? And Fracture lives in and keeps all his valuable stuff in a loop right? Fracture considers Duckie valuable and is keeping him, right? Still with me? Is it coming together?

I bet this is all sounding TOTALLY irrelevant right? YOUR WRONG AND A FUCKING IDIOT! As stupid as Fuck Face Fracture.

See, apparently Duckie can dismantle a loop by force of will. He just has to want to. Its not something he did a lot but it is something he did before HE DIDN'T DIE.

But a hollow does not want... except! Except on Hollow's Eve when they all want out of their cages to go to the woods! 

SO BLAMMO. Hollow's Eve night and VIOLENT MASKED LUNATICS start pouring out of Fracture's coffee shop. Apparently, Fracture was storing Duckie with the rest of the psychopaths to keep him hidden or something because they all seemed to be hollows... best I could tell at least.

I started CUTTING THEM DOWN, safely. I would pick wanderers out of the crowd. NONE OF THEM WERE DUCKIE.

I got impatient! I was in the process of running back to my car so I could just try PLOWING through the crowd when MOTH 2.0 SHOWED UP. Maggot.

I can TOTALLY take that little shit in a fight, but the little fucker pulled a gun on me and started unloading. I RIPPED a path portal back to my car to escape the gun fire. Once I had gotten the car started, I could see the fucker coming around the corner for me. I'm still not sure how they're tracking my path use. I couldn't risk Maggot gunning me down if I sped the car forward at it, so I spun the car around and fled across town making SO many turns until I was sure I had lost ANY potential pursuers. Then I had to ditch the car. Maggot had probably got my plates.

Couldn't risk going back that night... and I already explained what I saw when I went back later.

Now, here is an interesting side note. Supposedly, Moth's imaginary girlfriend Navi went with me for this plan. So somewhere in all of this, she was in there doing things... somewhere. But we can't see each other or something so... I don't... know how that could possibly have worked...

HERE IS A MESSAGE FOR NAVI. What happened girl? Where you at? You still here with me? Where you going? You alive?

Either way, I got a text from Moth telling me where he is so we can meet up. So we're doing that. Since I got the laptop, he can share his half of the story when he gets to me.

That is, of course, assuming the Finest didn't FIND AND KILL HIM. In which case, this is a trap and I'm probably gonna die.


Here is hoping that does not happen.

Picasso out and stuff.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Retort: Nothing but LIES in an endless FUCK YOU

FUCK YOU Fracture, FUCK YOU. Stupid piece of SHIT. I WILL DESTROY YOU. Just you wait Fuck Face, its coming and its long overdue!

Phhhhhheeewwww. Glad to get that off my chest. Glad to be able to get that off my chest.

We haven't be able to post for a while, courtesy of Moth's STUPID fucking ghost girlfriend person thing. Apparently, she smashed our last remaining laptop. Moth insists I watched her do it. He insists, I jumped at the sound.

I remember NEITHER of these things.  I think he accidentally broke it and is blaming his imaginary girlfriend. He clearly has NO imaginary sense of chivalry. Fucktard. Ghosts don't destroy things. They don't have fingers or bodies. There AINT NO HOLDING for the finger less. Just palming. And palms can't lift and smash things. Not enough leverage.

So clearly, Moth did this. Which is NONE surprising. He's shit with electronics. I once watched the dumbass stick the headset plug in the CD port. He then proceeded to BRAKE the CD slider thing when he tried to force it back closed with the headset plug still in there..

And that my friends, is why mutes don't have privileges or souls.

[Moth here. One, I have a soul. Two, what I keep trying to tell Picasso is I had Navi read up on some old blogs to inform her on how the world really is and what she can expect. 

Her response was "Blogging is stupid! They'll find us! They'll kill us all!" Then she cut the laptop monitor in about half with her Asian sword.

She proceeded to smash any computer we stole after that.

She's tied up right now and has not stopped whining about it since. Not that Picasso can hear it or appreciate all the shit I have to put up with. Yay me.]

But, we finally got a new lappitty-toppity box and this one didn't go missing after about five minutes like the LAST couple we stole! So we're back! YAY US, hehehe.


It's finally time to address something.

What is THIS shit about wanting us to come home? Where the fuck do YOU get off CAPTAIN FUCK FACE asking us to come back as if YOU are the victim here trying to talk children out of doing something stupid.

"Oh god. Please come home. I'm super sorry I declared you a traitor, had a sniper gun you down, and spent several months trying to hunt you down like a FUCKING dog. Please give up your COMPLETELY REASONABLE AND RIGHTEOUS quest to kill the STUPID WORTHLESS SHELL OF YOUR BROTHER'S KILLER and rejoin my herd of GULLIBLE EXPENDABLE sheep.

I miss my whipping girl and her soulless mute pet thing and his stupid fake girlfriend thing."


You want to know why we left?

How about THIS:

"Give us Duckie. You promised his corpse."

"Fuck you, get back in your box."

"You PROMISED. This is your last warning! I will make you EAT your words. KEEP your promise."

"Pet soulless mute, kill Picasso"

"Fuck you. Not only are we gonna kill Duckie, now YOU can fucking burn with him."

"I guess I'll just have to kill you both!"

"Cute threat. I'll kill EVERYTHING if that's what it takes to kill Duckie. EV... ER... Y... THING"

"Fuck you. I'm gonna enjoy watching you die."

But whats this?

"Oh no. They destroyed my little plan to make a remote town into a cult town and got almost everyone there killed. Are these... are these CONSEQUENCES for my actions?! Holy shit. Like... I thought those were a myth. Who knew, right? Listen guys. I think... I'm ready to forgive you both. Just come one and we'll call it square. You're not gonna get anything but we'll call it square. I love you... quick breaking my shit... just come home... or else.... but more seriously this time. Like, I put on the BIG BOY pants to type this... honest... please?"


You're sad we destroyed your little townie project? DEAL WITH IT. You know why? Because a town is just the tiniest littlest piece in the grand scope of 'EVERYTHING'.

And I keep MY promises. I will kill Duckie if I have to kill EVERYTHING to do it.

Since you like to pretend to care so much, this whole wide world is my hostage. Only one person had to die. Just Duckie. Now SO MANY MORE ARE GOING TO DIE until YOU hand over Duckie.

All because you broke a promise you made to an angry little girl some three years ago. I hope that hurts, Fuck Face.

I hope it burns.

Fuck you.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Analysis: GHOST! ooooooooo~, gonna getcha. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE

ANOTHER GHOST POST. Post Ghost 2: Ghostness Rising, Revengance, the Revengining! The prequel!

So that makes this Ghost Post 3, because this is not the past.


Hahaha. OH MY GOD, that... what the fuck was I even talking about? ... look at that gibberish.

THIS, okay. Got to stay focused. Things. ALL OF THE THINGS.


OKAY! So, I passed out on the keyboard trying to stay focused. TOO MUCH FOCUS, not enough purpose.

So, having a pet ghost is weird. I keep trying to play with her/it but its hard. I can't see it and as best as I can tell, it has no ability to affect the real world. It lives in a FREAKY FAKE Spook world where it does spook stuff that only affects spook space! I think. Moth seems to think I just can't see what its doing and insists that the ghost is even wearing my clothes!

So I put on the outfit he seemed to think the ghost was wearing! Ha! Can't have been wearing it if I have it on! SO THERE. Hes just crazy. No grasp on reality. He lacks MY PERFECT gasp on GHOST PHYSICS.
(Moth Edit: She changed into the wrong set of clothes and insists its the outfit I indicated.)

Which is perfect in every way. FOR EXAMPLE, did you know Ghosts weigh the same as a duck? ALWAYS. And the 'Reflexive Property of Duck' TELLS US that all living ducks weigh the same at all times regardless of how old or sick they are. So if you could measure a room somehow, IF IT HAD A GHOST IN IT, you could tell because the room would have the added weight of a duck! Which, AS ANY 3 YEAR OLD CAN TELL YOU, is 3000 pounds.

Which is why ghost and ducks, can't ride the elevator.

(Moth Edit: I uh... think she's mistaking a Monty Python joke for physics.)
(Navi Edit: And mistaking a duck for an elephant. PPPPffffttt, three thousand pound duck. I'm not that fat... OR fat at all. Say otherwise, and I will cut you in half.)
(Picasso Edit: ALL GHOSTS, are fat elephant nerds... Duh.)


SO, (Moth Edit: God damn, you start a lot of sentences with 'so'.)(Picasso Edit: FUCK YOU) I finally found a way to play with my pet ghost.

Or, I DID, but then I realized it was stupid.

See I can only interact with Navi via computer text, or at least that's as far as I've tried, and I decided I wanted to read her a story. So, I started typing out a story! And then Moth pointed out that Navi wasn't a ghost but a person in the room that I couldn't see so it would be much easier to just give him the book to give to her because all I was doing was copying the book into a text document word for word when she could simply read it herself.


She said-
Navi: 'No! Keep typing it! I like to see all the capitalized words and the constant spelling and grammar mistakes.'

HEHE, she's so awesome apparently.

So I did the only sensible thing.-

I assume she was crushed. But it was for her own good! She needs to learn the same thing I had to teach Moth about mutes, GHOSTS HAVE NO SOULS AND THUS HAVE NO RIGHTS OR PRIVILEGES.

Plus, I can't hear her either. So shes like a mute ghost.



But, the whole little endeavor gave me an idea....


The End? NOPE. Squeal. Already said that!

Picasso Entry End.

Monday, September 2, 2013


So, I guess it was a mistake to mention on the blog that there is a person around that both Navi and Picasso can't see. You know, each other. I got two watch the two of them run around like lunatics trying to catch one another with a net. And because we only have one net, they were both trying to use the same net at the same time. And as they seem to be aware of each other on some unconscious level, neither of them ever managed to catch the other.... well accept for at the end there when they both caught themselves at the same time.

Quite frankly, I'm not entirely convinced they can't see each other. I think, and I can't be sure, but I am pretty sure this is an elaborate gag to fuck with me. Or... and this is far more likely, I've snapped. Maybe Navi isn't real.

I mean, I didn't really want to do what we did to that town. I did it because it was necessary but... it was still pretty fucked up. And Navi appeared out of nowhere, with everything we needed to get the job done and acting like a a terrified child who was doing something wrong. So much so, she almost stayed with the bomb.

What... if I almost killed myself back their. What if I'm na


HAHA. Stole your labtop BITCH. OKAY. SOOOOO, I can't see navi, BUT SHE CAN APPARENTLY DO THINGS RIGHT?! Moth said she was driving and shit.

So like, CAN YOU SEE THIS?! SUPER ninja ghost bitch, I COMMAND YOU TO SEE THIS. See it now!

Do it! I


Holy shit ghost computer! Hello scary ghost box. I am Navi. Who are you?!


HOLY SHIT IT WORKED. Hello Navi ghost. I am Picasso ALIVE. You are GHOST, not me.


Would you two mind getting off of me? Two people can't type at the same fucking time.


Dear soon to be MOTH GHOST, fuck you.

Pagebreak or dots

Hey, be nice to Mr. Secret




I am.


No. NO you are NOT.

Doty Page thing

God, I can't believe you acutally call him Moth. Moth is not a name.... and its like the stupidest code fake alias thing ever. Gasp! Oh no! The fucking Moth is coming! He wants sweaters and bubblegum and your dumb ass is out of quarters!


Hahahahaha. You're SO right. Oh no! Moth attack! Better light a candle and let him DESTROY HIMSELF.




Why do you even bother typing if you aren't going to say anything? WHY AM I TYPING TO YOU? You can hear me.

Pagebreak and apparently the subject headliner?

No! You have to type it. I need to hear things!




Fuck. Why are you screaming in MY ear to make HER hear you?


YOU are the one who thinks shes you, YOU tell ME.


Wait. Have I been typing her half of the conversation?



Please, try not to type at the same time.


HOW?! I can't like, SEE HER doing it and stuff.


This stupid. We're done.


Edit: I uh... decided what the fuck. I'm just gonna post this. I went back and color coordinated the post. Should make trying to read it slightly more bearable.

Moth (EDIT:EDIT: HAHA. Stole your shit, AGAIN! Compare yourself to me, THEN KILL YOURSELF. -P) Out.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Never Red Remention

First off, it's good to see Fracture starting to crack. I'm kind of hoping he does himself in trying to protect those people... feels kind of harsh to say in light of how many people would be going with him but I think it would be worth it to be rid of him.

At least, I thought so. Picasso, oddly enough, seems to disagree.

"NO! He's not allowed to die until I'm done making him watch me kill Duckie. That HAS TO HAPPEN FIRST,  then we can go roll him off a cliff or something."

But I personally think I'd still rather just see Fracture dead and done with. Things would be safer and easier that way.

I don't remember her being so hellbent on making Fracture pay before. Then again,  he has been trying to kill us. Not hard to imagine how she would take that personally.


So... we're just trolling around right now. We have to assume Fracture has people huffing after us after what we did so we're trying to move as constantly as possible.

Traveling with Red has been odd. She's stopped cowering in the back seat and is actually up and relaxing. It's nice to see her calm and smiling. Much like Picasso, she's taken to talking at me. Although, worse than Picasso, she keeps going as if I've been saying things back.

"Morning Quiet Guy. Good. Like a baby," she giggles. "One. I dreamt I was a Walrus soaring through the sky! I know walrus don't do that. It was a dream, ass. Weird things happen in dreams. Don't give me that! I bet your dreams were weird too. Oh yeah, what did you dream about then? Liar, you so totally did, you just don't want to tell me because you know it was weird! Yeah whatever," she says grinning to herself and pulling out a notebook. She then starts sketching... a walrus flying with the clouds.

And that's what about 80% of my day has been since she started traveling with us.

Although, it gets worse than that. Picasso and Red have this weird thing going where they seem to be completely oblivious of each other despite being about five feet from each other for 4/5ths of the day.

I'm not sure entirely sure how unaware of each other they actually are since they never bump into each other or accidentally sit on each other when we stop to eat somewhere but they don't ever acknowledge each other. The most notable issue with this is the way they casually talk over each other.

"So how are Moth I want I'm good and a BAGEL the chips please the cream cheese I WILL thank you SKULL."

I've actually taken to letting Red drive so I can pretend to sleep and avoid this new fresh hell.

I did manage to get Red alone the other night and that brings us to our tittle tie in. I found out what her actual name is.


"Hi paper! Do you have a message for me from Quiet Guy?"

'... My name is Moth.'

"Hahaha. Liar."

'No. It really is.'

"That so? Your mommy called you Moth?"

I stared at her blankly for a minute and shook my head no.

"I knew it. You turn orange when you lie! What's your real name?"

'A secret.'

"Well, Mr. Secret, if that's how you want to play then my name is.... Not Navi! Ha! So, like, call me that and stuff."

I just stared at her, started questioning to myself why every girl I have to travel with acts like a lunatic.

"No! Of course not!" she said deciding to continue the conversation on her own.

I'm really starting to regret all the time I spent looking for her.

I'll see what I can't get out of her later when she quiets up a bit.

Moth out.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Black Lake Falls, Part 2

Fuck. Color coating is hard. Picasso will remain red. We'll make Red blue. The bright green is obnoxious.


So, Red was at the door. I was ready to run. It looked like another trap to me but that never seems to stop Picasso. She went right ahead and let Red in. And unfortunately, it was to our favor. It gets really difficult to scold her about doing stupid things when it occasionally works to our favor. It reinforces this insane notion she has that she can do whatever the fuck she wants and everything will work out for her.

It's going to get me killed one of these days.

So, Red immediately stepped in when Picasso opened the door.

"H-Hello?! I-I found it for you! I've been good! I-I swear!" she declared and stared at Picasso expectantly offering no explanation for what the fuck she was talking about. She was fidgety beyond belief. She looked... terrified. I moved past her and checked the hall behind her. I thought someone might have chased her up here. Not that that would have really explained how she found us but I was grasping for any explanation I could get my hands on for what the fuck was going on. Her appearance seemed so out of place, the most alarming thing about it being that she showed up with a mask around her neck and what appeared to be a sheathed katana around her shoulder. It was pressed hard against her back underneath the backpack she had on. Where the fuck did she get that?!

I don't even think she looked as I passed her by. She just stared up desperately at Picasso. SO confusing was the situation that Picasso was actually speechless for once in her life. She quietly stared back and tilted her head.

"L-L-L-L-L-Look!" she yelled getting more agitated as she took her little backpack off her back and held it up to Picasso. I think she was working herself into a panic.

I pulled it out of her hands and gave a cautious peek into the bag...

'No way!' I thought to myself. I fully unzipped it so I could get a good look. I had to be sure and I was fucking right. C4. The Backpack was FULL of C4.

I looked up to see Red nervously glancing back and forth from me to Picasso. I held it open for Picasso to see before zipping it up and slinging it onto my own shoulder. I wasn't about to give that back.

"S-See! I got it! I-I-I also found the statue! That was everything you told me... I d-did good... I-I'm good... Right?" she asked and pleaded at us desperately.

Picasso walked passed Red and looked both ways in the hall. This made Red squeal and hug herself facing down. She was shaking like crazy. Took her a good half a minute to finally look up. She seemed relieved.

I, however, was getting anxious. This was taking too fucking long. We needed to have left five minutes ago.

"O-Oh. S-Sorrry. How st-stupid! You want to see it," she said sliding against the wall to get around Picasso, for some reason deliberately going out of her way not to touch Picasso. "C-Come on!"

Picasso looked at me, she had been surprisingly quiet this whole time. I guess maybe this was one of those types of things that leave you speechless? I mean, I wouldn't know myself. I'm always speechless.

I motioned at the window. I still very much thought we should be escaping through it. She shook her head no and started following Red who had a little head start on us now. I let out a loud groan as I followed her to let her know how bad an idea I thought this was. She continued to do whatever the fuck she wanted to do, like she always does.

So, Red led us to a room on the third floor and pulled out a key and unlocked it for us going in ahead of us. There were two people tied to chairs in here. When we came in they started fidgeting and struggling against their bindings making muffled noises against their cloth gags. I think one of them might have been crying.

The way Red casually walked into the room and motioned at them was kind of surprising.

"I-I'm sorry about the witnesses! Th-They were a-already in the room... I tr-tried to kill them for you but e-every time I tried to cut them I get s-s-sent flying across the room! I f-figured, if they were a big enough i-issue, y-you could get rid of them! W-Was that b-bad?" she asked in a sheepish scared tone. Her voice slowly got quieter over the course of the sentences like a child explaining something to an angry parent already convinced they were in deep shit.

Picasso didn't acknowledge her... like at all. She moved around the room looking for something. I took the opportunity to move over to Red's hostages. I wanted to see if hurting them would really send you across the room. I gave the crying one a little flick on the nose. Harmless. It didn't send me flying either. They did, however, start crying hysterically, bawling their eyes out. Before I could experiment further with the concept, my attention was drawn back to Red as she started talking again.

"O-Oh! I-I... S-Sorry. I keep doing that. S-So, SOOO, s-sorry! N-Never again! I-I swear it," said Red moving to the closet. She did something to the top left of the closet's back wall and then that whole back wall slid open revealing a set of stairs. "It's down here!" she declared leading the way down. Me and Picasso shared a look and then we followed her.

There were a lot of stairs. Like, a WHOLE lot. My fucking god. We definitely went further down than three floors, the stairs started like a stairwell but at one point they just became one continuous diagonal. They FINALLY ended with a door, which was locked. Not that that mattered. I think Red was in the middle of explaining how she couldn't figure out the lock when Picasso tackled her way through it... old wood I guess. The whole place looked old, the entire room was coated in a layer of Dust. There were a few corpses on the floor, three doors leading somewhere else, and, of course, the thing we had been looking for was there too, a large marble statue of what I am assuming was Hecate fixed to the center of the room.

It didn't have a spot of dust on it. It looked brand new... magnificent. She was beautiful. All three of them were. The statue was three figures of the same women facing in three different directions, each one with a stick in hand.

But my marveling over them was interrupted by Red breaking into another little episode of pleading.

"S-See! There it is. Th-That makes me a good girl r-right?!" she demanded to know desperately. We both stared at her. I wanted to ask so many questions. I wanted to say so many reassuring things... she needed them. She really, really, really needed them.

When she didn't get an answer, she crouched over and hugged herself rocking back and forth. "It's okay. Y-You're a good girl. Or you wouldn't be a-alive. So good.... s-so good," she said making a desperate effort to reassure herself.

...What the fuck had happened to her in the three weeks since I last saw her?

I continued to stare for a moment but I was still very much in rush mode. I didn't quite feel safe in this place, I knew I wasn't going to feel safe until we were the fuck out of Black Lake.

I went to go check the doors to see where they went but Picasso grabbed me by my shoulder and shook her head at me. It didn't occur to me at the time because operating without ever saying a word is kind of more comfortable and normal to me, but my god was she being quiet. Still not a single word out of her.

She tapped my backpack and then pointed at the statue.

'Guess it's time to rip this town out of Fracture's overly self-entitled hands and give it back to the gods,' I told myself as I kneeled down and got to work setting up the C4. I found everything I would need to rig up a timed detonation.

I looked expectantly over at Red. Just where the fuck did she get all this?

"W-What?" she asked, frightened by the sudden turn of attention to her. "I-It's the good st-stuff, I s-swear! St-Stole it from the bikers like I was told to! I-I was g-good! ST-STOP STARING AT ME!" she yelled tearing up in a panic.

'Bikers' huh... probably timberwolves?

I looked away and finished rigging the statue to blow. I wanted to reach out to comfort her but I'm pretty sure she would have started screaming for her life.

The little digital display started counting down. Picasso waved her hand and a Path portal violently ripped open. She spared no time disappearing inside it. I followed her and stopped a few steps in. I looked over my shoulder to find Red still standing there in a panicked uncertain huff.

"I... H-Hello?!" she called at the portal. "Uh... Okay. B-Bye?" she said looking at the bomb then back at the portal. I reached out and pulled her in making her make an odd yelping noise. She screamed once inside in an absolute panic over her surroundings, which was odd. I mean sure, it was the path. It's a spooky, discomforting, and weird place but you'd think you had just poured a bucket of maggots on her the way she was acting. She squealed and broke into a full sprint after Picasso and dove out of the Path when Picasso opened an exit portal.

I can't say where we landed but it was some place safe. Red curled up into the corner shaking violently and pawing at her face with her palms like she was trying to get something off that she didn't want to touch.

I hate landing somewhere new when we travel with the Path. Now we needed a new car and to figure out where we were...

All stuff I was gonna have to figure out. And I did. I pulled around in the new vehicle later that afternoon. We had to keep moving. We pathed here so it wouldn't take them long to find us. I waited as Picasso packed up our stuff and held the door open for Red, who nervously crawled into the car and then curled up on the floor in the back seat.

Finally Picasso hopped into the passenger's seat and stared at me.

I wasn't sure what she was waiting for... I started to pull out a map so she could pick out a random direction for us to head for when she finally spoke for the first time in hours. "We're keeping her. Drive," she said in a grim, serious tone. Then she immediately adopted her usual big goofy grin, let her chair back, and threw her feet up on the dash board.

"HURRAY UP! I want to be somewhere with a Golden Coral. I'm gonna eat ALL THE EGGS. You're gonna be like 'No way' but then I'M GONNA DO IT and it's gonna be great! Hurry up, hurry up, HURRY UP!" she demanded. I immediately regretted the brief joy hearing her talk gave me because it looks like I'm not gonna be able to get her to shut up again.

In fact, I think she might be talking into overtime to make up for all that time she spent quiet because she hasn't stopped since we started driving. She's even been sleep talking, although not quiet as fast.

Can't fucking win with her.

At least the thing with Black Lake is gone. We even managed to save someone.

In a comment, Fracture mentioned that only half the people in Black Lake died. It's hard to imagine everyone didn't die if it was as bad as the Archivist was predicting, all the fears swarming in to claim the place at once.

In fact, he mentioned that they were rioting, which I think implies that the town is still standing... but if they swarmed the place I couldn't imagine anything would still be standing.

Whatever happened, it seems Fracture has lost control of the place. That's really all that matters.

Moth out.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Black Lake Falls, Part 1

Hahaha. Fuck. So we called Fracture out. We killed Black Lake's resident Archivist, destroyed all the information in the library that Fracture was likely waiting for the Archivist to finish collecting so Fracture could steal it all for himself, and then we announced what we did and revealed all the likely classified information about Black Lake that Fracture probably didn't want to see get out. And we got what we wanted. And what we wanted swiftly kicked our asses.

We were snooping around the hotel. We needed to find that statue. There would be no greater leverage to use against Fracture than the Statue that was keeping this town safe from all the angry inpatient fears that wanted to storm in and make it their own by ripping it a new one. That's when I got a call from Fracture. I waved Picasso over and pressed the little green receive button and the speaker phone function.

"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT?!" yelled Picasso at the phone.

It was quiet for a moment, then Fracture spoke. "What the fuck are you waiting for. Say what I told you to say, Mutt."

I felt my heart sink... as Duckie's voice came clear as day though the phone.


"Sound it out."

"On... roof... get me..."

"I... yeah sure. Close enough." And then Fracture hung up.

I sensed an obvious trap, not that it mattered. Picasso was already half way up the stairs living me little option but to follow. If it was a trap, she was gonna need help.

I let her run out onto the roof ahead of me and waited for whatever the trick might be from the door infront of the stairs. Fracture and Duckie... god damn... he really is alive... they were standing out in the middle of the roof waiting for us like bait.

"Here it is, Picasso. This is what you wanted right? To have your little fight with Duckie."

Picasso rushed at them both like a moron. Duckie sidestepped her, caught her by her collar, and then used her own momentum to throw her back sending her tumbling to the floor. If there was gonna be an ambush, I figured they would have dove out when Picasso did that so I decided it was probably safe to come out and help.

I ran over to Picasso when Fracture pulled out his gun and fired several shots at my feet. I instinctively dodged... big fucking mistake. Never dodge Fracture. He never shoots to kill. Always to guide you somewhere.  I dove for cover and from around that cover sprang 7 proxies.... cute.

Five hollows, I think. I can never tell with Fracture, he likes to mix masked mutes in with his hollows. And Sloth and my little Maggot. Seven people he knew I wouldn't kill.

Fracture took a step and was suddenly perched behind me on a statue like a cat taking the high ground... or a bird.

"Now now, Moth. Can't have you interrupting Picasso and Duckie's big reunion. You'll have to wait your turn."

I tried to fight my way out of the seven of the seven of them but its hard to fight your way out of circle.  Swing one way and they'll get you in the back. Swing the other and they'll pull a foot out from under you. Toying with me. They probably could have killed me there but that didn't seem to be the plan. He was gonna have Duckie kill us one at a time... give us what we were asking for... asshole.

I caught glimpses of Picasso fighting but I couldn't really focus on it. It didn't look like she was doing very good on her own. Every time I caught a peek she was being thrown back with a punch or just actually being thrown.

She started yelling at him. She threw a fucking fit.


She was losing. 'Everyone'. Bold statement...

That's when Nat showed up.

"The fuck is going on here?"


"You shouldn't be here..." said Fracture dropping unsteadily from his Statue and drawing his gun. His face... he'd had the biggest fucking grin up to now but it was gone now. Nothing but a serious look of concern. A variable had shown up and it was threatening all those precious little plans of his.

He pointed out three of the hollows that had been on me and pointed to Nat. "You three, with me... Kill her."

The three of them stepped back and moved over to her. "Pincer three maneuver." I was familiar with that one... pin down and execute. He was really gonna do it. Not sure... why...

"... Motherfucker, this is what I get for being nosy. You know, I wasn't going to interfere, but if you want me killing your men... fuckwit..."

Didn't matter I guess. She struggled a bit under his gun fire until she realized he wasn't shooting to kill.

"What, you're too much of a chickenshit to shoot at me but you'll send your goons to kill me?"

 "It's not my cup of tea. Guess this isn't fooling anyone anymore." Then the gun fire stopped. I'm assuming he put his gun away.

Not long after that she made short work of them. Sloth is shit in a fight and I actually taught Maggot how to fight so without their copious backup, I was able to get them both on their asses and leave to go help Picasso while Nat finished dealing with her stooges.


I got a look at Fracture as she finished cutting one of them down... I sympathize with hollows myself... their deaths are a tragedy. It's like shooting a puppy in the face... it may have been doing wrong but it doesn't know any better. It's just a dog...

But that look Fracture gets whenever something dies in front of him would almost make it worth cutting one down. It's as if someone had actually shot a puppy in front of him. He stiffens... goes wide eyed... seems to be in complete disbelief that that was possible before he snaps back from his shock, shaken... if only for a moment.

I have no doubt that if Nat hadn't arrive, he would have left when it came time for Duckie to finish it... he doesn't have the stomach for this shit.


Right... the fight. So while Nat was still dealing with her hollows, I went to help Picasso. The fight had taken a turn from bad to worse. Where previously she was being thrown around, he'd pulled his knife now. Picasso kept swinging with her hatchets but he always dodged and moved around her. And every time he did that he cut her open somewhere. Nothing vital... he was gonna bleed her out.

By the time I had gotten over to her, she was bleeding bad and down to a knee.

"Not... good enough... again..." spat out Duckie in crude broken sentences... I was kind of surprised he could talk on his own, I have to assume Fracture taught him a few lines to fuck with us.

I moved between him and Picasso. I... he grinned.... what passes for a grin on that big ugly sandpapered face.

I came at him. This was the moment I'd been training for. Everything I had been waiting for... it was finally time to prove I was better than Duckie... but... I wasn't. EVERY attack I made got countered with a hard punch in the kidney. I kept trying. I kept swinging until I could hardly stand and what I was doing turned into a desperate flailing.

I made a huge fucking mistake.

In the middle of the fight I heard Fracture giving new orders to Sloth and Maggot.

"Maggot, plan C."

"Plan C?" asked Sloth. Then he cried out in pain.

"Plan C. Excecute the traitor."


I tried to turn to look and make sure he was okay. That got me firm first in the gut... I crumpled to the floor gasping for air.

I stared for a moment, wheezing for air and desperately trying to get off the ground.

I could see Nat... trying to help Sloth. Then extreme discomfort as Duckie lifted me to my feet to face him by my head.

"Don't... deserve... mask...WEAK!" declared Duckie. I tried to get free but he didn't give me much time before he pulled his head back and fucking headbutted me in the face. Then things went black for little while.

I didn't stay down long. I about drowned in the blood that had started pooling in my mask. I popped up for air, apparently still at Duckies feet. Apparently Picasso was beside me now. I could hear her.

 "OH NO! You're not getting me with that-" she yelled and then suddenly got quiet. "...again...?"

I looked up... apparently Picasso had tried to use her brother's sword... and I guess that didn't work. Because Duckie had it... and he had run her through with it.

I pulled my mask to my face... its cracked to shit now... barely holds together... It looked like that was gonna be it... we were gonna die.

That's when I heard Sloth come charging across the roof.
"N-No! Patrica!" he yelled. He jumped on Duckie's back and threw his weight back, pulling the both of them over to the ledge and away from us. Nat ran over.

"Moth, now's the time if you're gonna do this..."

I... fucked up. She was talking about finishing Duckie... but we were so fucked up... I thought she was telling us to get out of there. I grabbed Picasso and ran... I should have finished Duckie...

I lifted Picasso up and opened a path portal.

Stopped... Turned back for a moment..

"This is how it started, huh, Donald...? Let's end it like this too!" declared Sloth... both of them went off the side of the building... I couldn't watch beyond that... I left through the portal and started bandaging Picasso up in our room. I... assumed they had both died. Apparently not...


I wasn't even finished bandaging up Picasso before she started struggling and trying to get to her feet. She pushed me aside. "H-Have... to get back there... KILL... Duckie..."

I grabbed her by her shoulders and forced her to sit back down. "Th-They're still there! W-We have to finish this! Th-They're still there! They have to be!"

I stared her down... shook my head. I think that was when she actually realized how fucked up we both where and stopped trying to stand back up.

She glared angrily at the wall as I finished sewing and bandaging her up... snapped my nose back into place.

We were packing up to leave... we had to get the hell out of there and regroup somewhere where Fracture couldn't wait us out with another ambush... that's when there was a knock at the door.

I cautiously looked through the peep hole... I... couldn't believe my eyes. It was Red... she was standing at our door waiting for us... I... I assumed it was a trap. She had a knife in one hand and a mask around her neck. We were heading for the window when she called out. "Hello?! I-I found it for you! I've been good! I-I swear."


I wasn't about to take anymore chances. I kept moving to climb out the window. I was on the other side of it too... when I realized Picasso had abandoned my plan and opened the door to let Red in.

I climbed back in... as it turned out, Red had come to help us... for some reason. And she came baring Black Lake's doom.

... Stopping point... make this part 1. Need to start moving again.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Not a Gnat

So, I got a tip the other day from a reliable contact. Told me there was a potential ally in the area. They had apparently recently arrived in Black Lake, just by random chance I guess. Gave me an address to visit them. Didn't tell me anything else. One of many draw backs to my vow of silence, I can't request more information. I tend to have to work with what I'm given.

So I hunted down the address. It led me to the outskirts of town to a shitty little motel. Home sweet home.

I went up to the door and I knocked. I was hoping they'd be home. It's one thing when a Masked figure shows up at your door... it's another thing when you come home to one waiting at your door. That tends to freak people right the fuck out. Regardless of if you're a proxy or a runner, it's incredibly fucking disturbing.

Fortunately, she was home. Unfortunately, she was not incredibly receptive to my kind.

The moment the door opened, I got pulled in and shoved against the wall with a knife threateningly held before me. She kicked the door closed with her foot as not to cause a scene as I desperately tried to wrestle the knife away from my throat.

"Another one?" She asked with great disgust. "I'm so fucking sick of hollows showing up to kill me."

Sensing this wasn't about to go well, I shoved her off of me to create some distance. Then a fight began.

Here's a spoiler, I ended my time with her on good enough terms that I'm not about to give away her fighting style or methods by describing the fight. Suffice to say, we fought. It ended like this.


To which I rolled my eyes expecting her to attack again. But she didn't. Shes quite observant. She caught it.

"... Did you just fucking roll your eyes?"

I nodded.

"You're not a hollow."

I nodded again.

"Why the hell didn't you say so?"

I shrugged. Believe you me, she was not about kill me. I hadn't even brought out the spear. Although she thought I was a hollow... she might not have really been trying... but she was angry like she was trying.

Tough call.

"I might have killed you!"

He shakes my head no. Again, from what I saw in that fight. No.

"Bullshit. I would have."

That went on for a little while...

"Whatever. Just, why the fuck are you here exactly?"

I groaned. This was getting beyond what I could explain with simple body language. So I finally busted out the pen and paper. To which I received a look of disbelief and a glare.

'I got a tip a potential ally was in town at this address,' I wrote.

"The fuck makes you think I'm a potential ally?"

'A tip.'

"Ally for what?"

'Fighting Fracture. Killing Duckie.'

"Oh. You're not a proxy?"

'That's... complicated.'

"Yeah. Me too, I guess. What do you want?"

'Keep safe. Figure out how to get a leg up on Fracture.'

"Why don't you talk?"

'In honor of Father and the Man who originally trained me.'

"You still call the skinny fuck 'father'?"

'I do.'

"I don't think I can help you."

'Because of the Father thing?'

"Because I'm pretty sure I hate the skinny fuck."

'I don't care?'

"I don't think I can work with you if you still sort of work for him."

'You should really talk to Picasso.'

"Who's he?"

I honestly might have corrected her then and there but I was pretty sure she was about to throw me out as it was and it was kind of funny to think of the name Picasso as a boys name after hearing it applied to a girl for the last few years.

'Not a proxy. Hates father and fracture... a lot.'

"So why isn't he here?"

'Pieces of mask glued to the face. Makes it hard to move around in public during the day.'

"Can't he just not glue the mask to his face for the day?"

'It's permanent.'

"No glue is really permanent to skin."

'Glued is an expression. They were seared to directly to the face.'

"Holy crap"

'They don't come off.'

"That's insane."

'I agree.'

"Look, I want to talk to someone who actually talks before I make a call. Does Picasso talk?"

I nodded. 'A lot.'

"Good. Take me to meet him?"

I nodded once more and moved to the door. Waited a moment while she secured the room and we both slipped out to walk to the hotel.

It was a quiet walk for the most part. Sure that was mostly my fault.

"You can afford this?" she asked skeptically as we arrived. I just nodded. No need to get into it with someone who wasn't with us yet how we were being funded. Although, I get the sense she wouldn't have approved in hindsight.

I led her up to our room. It was still littered with mousetraps from before.

"... What's with the mouse traps?"

"THEY WERE PART, of my, CUNNING plan!" yelled Picasso as she leaped unnecessarily from the bathroom in front of us almost tripping over the traps on her landing.

This seemed to concern our guest quite a bit. She looked back and forth at the both of us for a moment rather dumbfounded.

"Who the fuck is this?"

"I!" yelled Picasso taking an overly unnecessary bow, "Am Picasso."

"... I thought Picasso was a dude..."

"I am not old, or ITALIAN!"

"Okay. I can see that."

"WHO are YOU?"

"I'm Nat...  I don't work with psychos. Sorry."

The mention of her name made me turn my head. I hadn't realized it was her until that moment. Shit.

"WELL FUCK YOU TOO!" yelled Picasso storming off to her bed to sulk at her sudden rejection.

"Well, she just proved my point. Nice talking to you two."


"Goodbye, you two."

I waved as she left.

Picasso just kind of huffed. "Whatever."

And then Nat was gone. "I DON'T WANT TO KILL HER... she seemed nice... FUCK!" lamented Picasso once she was gone.

I should probably give that some context. Anyone who has refused to help us on our journey so far... has turned on us and eventually came back around to try to kill us... It's hard to expect Nat won't be any different... have to keep an eye out for her...

I'm kind of glad she went though... no offense of course.

Whether she turns on us or not... this might have been for the best.

Moth out.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Oh, Right.

I... am an Idiot. I like to think I'm smart. I'm damn good in a fight, I can take care of myself, and I know how to keep under the radar but its so easy to lose sight of the big picture.

We didn't come here looking for Duckie. We came here because we knew Fracture kept tabs on this location and we were trying to force his hand by coming here.

I got so distracted by the potential Duckie spotting, I forgot that our reason for being here was to piss of Fracture. Apparently, just being here hasn't done it for him. Hes been quiet. No attacks or any such shit.

But I bet you won't take kindly to me spilling this towns little secret will you Fuck Face.

Hmm... maybe I should slow my roll a little. I'm getting a little ahead of myself.

So here is a proper first point for this update. We got our hands on this town's secrets.

While I was out, Picasso set all the mouth traps to sit on the top shelf of the closet and then rigged them to fall at the pull of a string.

I can home with lunch to find her pulling said string. I leaped back out the room. She does the string pull traps a lot and I thought I was about to get hit with something. I was actually rather relieved when I heard someone else start screaming.

Was confused when I came back in to find a man covered in snapped traps squirming in agony and screaming on in front of the closet.

Picasso had some chloroform ready for him. She still hasn't quite mastered using that... always knocks herself out too whenever she uses it on someone. Think its how impatient she is with it. Have to be careful with that shit...

So I went ahead and tied our peeping tom to a chair and set Picasso on the bed and waited for them to get up. Also removed the mousetraps while I waited. It was something to do...

"OH GOD FUCKING DAMN IT. Hate Chloroform headaches..."


"YOU SHUT UP. I'll do it right one of these days... Oh look, I tied him up in my sleep. How COOL am I?"

She wandered over to him and gave him a few light slaps on the cheek. He groaned and rolled his head and shifted his body weight before squinting his eyes and looking up in mild dazed irritation.

"Morning SUNSHINE!"

He recoiled at the sound of her screaming.

"Or should I call you noisy? I can hear your LOUD ASS BREATHING through the closet door."

She wandered over and into the closet and gave the bottom of the back wall a little kick revealing it to be a little doggy door type thing. I checked it out later. It had a latch on his side. Had we kicked it before, it wouldn't have budged. Not sure how Picasso figured out it was there.

"COOL LITTLE DOGGY DOOR! So what's your deal MUTT, who do you work for?! FRACTURE? DADDY? The state of Pennsylvania?.... OR...?!"

She said taking a dramatic overly expressive pause.

"Do you like, just really hate this room and people who stay in it or something? Seriously, whats your deal dog."

During that whole rant he just stared at her in mild irritation and didn't says anything.

"HA! A MUTE! A hideous crime against nature!"

She turned and slugged me. "No offense." She turned her attention back to the guy.

"So you want to play vocally challenged do you?"

She slammed her hands down on the arms of his chair. "Well... we, HAVE WAYS OF MAKING YOU TALK!"

And as she yelled she pushed his chair into the corner. "Namely, boredom," she said plopping onto the bed, grabbing some food and eating and pointedly ignoring him for the rest of the day.

And so from there, we just, kind of kept him tied to the chair. Picasso insisted that we feed him baby food, which, she would feed to him with a spoon while treating him like a baby but for some reason still referring to him as a dog. She just kind of smeared the food to his face, regardless of whether or not he actually resisted eating it....

So, that happened for three days I believe. Towards the end of the third day I came home to Picasso smearing his face with more food when he finally broke.


"Hehe. Hello mister not-so-mute-anymore! WHO ARE YOU?!"

"... I'm Kappa."

"Kappa? [A bunch of words in a language I don't fucking understand] Kappa?"

"... Is that... Greek?"

"... K isn't Greek... its a letter. STOP TRYING TO CONFUSE ME!"

"R-Right, wh-whatever. That's my name. Calm down will yeah?"

"Does doggy need more food?" she says picking up the spoon of baby food and making "Choo, Choo" noises.

"No! B-Baby does not need any more food ever! I gave you my name! What the fuck do you want from me?!"

"Okay then, 'K', why were you spying on us? WHO DO YOU WORK FOR?!"

He cringed a bit at her yelling. "I thought the name might have said enough... I'm an Archivist. I work for the Blind Man, grandfather... Specifically, I'm Collector Kappa. I'm observing PRE cult behavior in Black Lake. This place draws them in like a magnet."

"Well, Collector K, WHY SPY ON US?!"

Once more he cringed.

"Mask behavior in this town is already kind of odd-"

"Wai, wai, wai, wai, wai, wait... WAIT... wait... wait... you call proxies masks too?"

"Well... not usually. I know you refer to them as masks though... been spying on you... remember?"

"Right... okay. Sorry, GO ON."

"So mask proxies in this town are weird. They don't talk, but they aren't hollows and they don't respond to the mention of the slender man at all. But they all operate as one cohesive group. Then entered you two. You two were new, obviously masks, but clearly independent of the others. Plus, you talk.... well, one of you does... It seemed like it merited study... so I did... listen... I obviously don't mean either of you any harm. Can you guys let me go? I'm worried about the Library. I've been away from it for to long... something could have happened to it by now."



"... Y-You can come with me if it would make you feel any better... I'll answer more questions... maybe you can answer some for me..."

"... Fine."

So we went to the Library. He had some trouble walking at first. Being tied down for three days is hell on the body.

The Library was a small one. It had a front desk, and a dozen selves. Six rows. Two shelves to a row with room to walk in between the two shelves. Also had a table and four chairs.

He plots down and Picasso plopped down on the chair across from him. I stood quietly at attention behind her.

"So... I guess you weren't lying... MAYBE..."

He seemed significantly more relaxed. "I wasn't. I am honestly just happy to see the Library standing."

He got up and got some water from a water cooler. Put three cups on the table and sipped at his. "Thirsty?" he asked.

She Picasso made a nauseated noise. "Pfffght. Ewww. Water," she said pushing the cup away with a finger. "No thank you."

"Suit yourself."


"Yeah... I uh, figured."

"Good... because I am.... I'm good at that..." she saids looking away for a moment lost in her own awkwardness. "So... you have any idea what the fuck is WRONG with this RIDICULOUS town?"

"Right... well that's complicated. Do you know what a cult town is?"


"Okay. And a point of power?"

"YE-... er... kind of."

"And how about what the crossroads are?"

"... Demon flee market?"

"... No. The NPE."

"... What the fuck is that?"

"Non-Phobic Entity. A powerful sentient location, like the empty city, but as an Entity it does not inspire or act on peoples fears. It merely tests them. And should they pass those tests, it even grants wishes and the such."


"Yeah. Tests usually involve self control."

"...Oh... so... I've looked at the archive blog from time to time... went silent... never heard of a NPE..." 

"... Not an official category. But it's one I think should exist. Many things labeled as a 'phenomenon' are entities in their own right."

"... What the FUCK, does this have to do with Black Lake?"

"Right, so Black Lake was a cult town. It, like most cult towns, was built on a point of power. Man and PRE are drawn to locations like this. Man instinctively... PREs aggressively and territoriality. A lot of major cities actually fall on points of power. Points of power like this though, ones out in the middle of nowhere, they almost without fail, develop cult towns. Its actually a pretty interesting UXP. Although, its existence is purely speculative or theoretical. Many might contest that the PREs are simply territorial and that the locations themselves have no bearing beyond being owned by the PREs. That its the PREs that make these locations of any interest."


"Unexplained phenomenon."

"Right... I'm only going to ask this one more time. What does any of this, HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING?!"

"Well, it all comes together to make this situation... aren't you thirsty?"

"What part of EWWW, didn't you understand earlier?"

Suddenly things started to click in my head. His posture... actively pushing a drink someone doesn't want... sharing all this information. That's three red flags. Something was very up. I moved around the table and pretended to thumb through the books behind him. I watched him nervously shift as I came around. I could see he was trying to conceal something in his lap.

I could hear his chair squeak as he leaned back to look over at me. Picasso forced his attention back forward.

"I'm not asking that thing I said I wouldn't ask again, GET ON WITH IT."

"R-Right. Right. So Black Lake was a Cult town. But, and this is rather uncommon, Black Lake managed to rebel and win. A splinter cell of proxies decided they didn't want to take orders anymore. They killed all the loyalists and erased their history. They made pretend like they had always been a normal town. One or two generations later... its like they always were. Not sure how that's possible myself. I guess PRE01 decided he didn't care for the location and... just kind of let it happen."

"But, PRE01 or no PRE01, Black Lake still sits at a desirable point of power. So when PRE01 let its influence get pushed out, it attracted the attention of every other PRE. And now that everyone wants the location, PRE01 came back to reclaim it for itself. Or so it seems I guess. Maybe that's the who points. Maybe its a show of dominance."

"Now, the Fears can't go head to head. I mean, they can, but when the do... well... I assume you've heard of Nightscream's Plague Doctor/Slender Man incident? It permanently scarred the land where PRE01 and PRE12 fought. Killed everyone who couldn't get out of there in time. So imagine what hell might break loose if all 22 of the PREs where to go at it after one location. The state of Pennsylvania may very well have become forfeit as it got ripped apart at its very seems. I've heard it speculated that something like that happened at the Bermuda triangle. Supposedly there was a big Island at the center there at one point. Ridiculous speculation."

"So, instead of destroy Pennsylvanian, PRE cults are fighting as proxies for their fears."

"... Does that mean the Archive is gonna invade Black Lake?"

"We have the Library. That's all we really care about. Let them take the rest of the town."

"So that's why YOU'RE here?"

"I... kind of... that and to observe and report any interesting phenomenon."


"I'm getting to that, sheesh.... you should really drink that water. Its getting warm."

"...Just... SHUT UP... and speak."

"R-Right. So, I'm sure you've noticed that the Cultist don't spend any time at the hotel and that whenever you strike your buddy there you get feedback while at the hotel."


"I... huh, Really? W-Well, the hotel is a neutral zone. No PRE cultist can kill any other PRE cultist while in the hotel. To avoid the issue, most Cultists just tend to avoid the location. I believe this neutral zone and the absence of any direct presence of PRE in Black Lake as the result of the Crossroads interfering. I base this on the statue I found hidden in the hotel. If you no where to look, bound to the very foundation of the building, there is a statue of three Identical women facing out in different directions back to back. Each holding two torches. I believe this is a statue of Hecate, the Greek Goddess of the crossroads. I'm not sure how the crossroads presence came to be in Black Lake. Maybe its natural. Or maybe that's how the cultists who set themselves free did it. Maybe someone made a deal to protect the town. Again, its a lot of speculation and theory but its the only theory I have on why the PREs didn't collide on this location and tear it at its seems. You should REALLY have a drink of water."

By now even Picasso was starting to get suspicious of his insistence. He didn't notice me come up behind him and pin his hands. He panicked as Picasso took the cup and pushed it to his lips. "YOU DRINK IT!"

She held his nose and made him open up some and forced the water into his moth.

After that we finally let him pull free. "F-FOOLS! Wh-What have you done to me?!"


"P-Poison you... w-with EAT."


He started wheezing and gasping. "... Such... beautiful... singing..."

We watched as he made his way over to the water cooler and started chugging it right from the nozzle.

Picasso shoot her head disapprovingly... with out me quite catching it, she set the place on fire on her way out.

... Appropriate... I guess.

So... Black Waters secrets from a potentially reliable source. Your move Fracture.

Moth out.