Sunday, August 25, 2013

Never Red Remention

First off, it's good to see Fracture starting to crack. I'm kind of hoping he does himself in trying to protect those people... feels kind of harsh to say in light of how many people would be going with him but I think it would be worth it to be rid of him.

At least, I thought so. Picasso, oddly enough, seems to disagree.

"NO! He's not allowed to die until I'm done making him watch me kill Duckie. That HAS TO HAPPEN FIRST,  then we can go roll him off a cliff or something."

But I personally think I'd still rather just see Fracture dead and done with. Things would be safer and easier that way.

I don't remember her being so hellbent on making Fracture pay before. Then again,  he has been trying to kill us. Not hard to imagine how she would take that personally.


So... we're just trolling around right now. We have to assume Fracture has people huffing after us after what we did so we're trying to move as constantly as possible.

Traveling with Red has been odd. She's stopped cowering in the back seat and is actually up and relaxing. It's nice to see her calm and smiling. Much like Picasso, she's taken to talking at me. Although, worse than Picasso, she keeps going as if I've been saying things back.

"Morning Quiet Guy. Good. Like a baby," she giggles. "One. I dreamt I was a Walrus soaring through the sky! I know walrus don't do that. It was a dream, ass. Weird things happen in dreams. Don't give me that! I bet your dreams were weird too. Oh yeah, what did you dream about then? Liar, you so totally did, you just don't want to tell me because you know it was weird! Yeah whatever," she says grinning to herself and pulling out a notebook. She then starts sketching... a walrus flying with the clouds.

And that's what about 80% of my day has been since she started traveling with us.

Although, it gets worse than that. Picasso and Red have this weird thing going where they seem to be completely oblivious of each other despite being about five feet from each other for 4/5ths of the day.

I'm not sure entirely sure how unaware of each other they actually are since they never bump into each other or accidentally sit on each other when we stop to eat somewhere but they don't ever acknowledge each other. The most notable issue with this is the way they casually talk over each other.

"So how are Moth I want I'm good and a BAGEL the chips please the cream cheese I WILL thank you SKULL."

I've actually taken to letting Red drive so I can pretend to sleep and avoid this new fresh hell.

I did manage to get Red alone the other night and that brings us to our tittle tie in. I found out what her actual name is.


"Hi paper! Do you have a message for me from Quiet Guy?"

'... My name is Moth.'

"Hahaha. Liar."

'No. It really is.'

"That so? Your mommy called you Moth?"

I stared at her blankly for a minute and shook my head no.

"I knew it. You turn orange when you lie! What's your real name?"

'A secret.'

"Well, Mr. Secret, if that's how you want to play then my name is.... Not Navi! Ha! So, like, call me that and stuff."

I just stared at her, started questioning to myself why every girl I have to travel with acts like a lunatic.

"No! Of course not!" she said deciding to continue the conversation on her own.

I'm really starting to regret all the time I spent looking for her.

I'll see what I can't get out of her later when she quiets up a bit.

Moth out.


  1. FUCK you. Killing me won't bring you any closer to Duckie. I can promise you that.

    1. Hope you don't mind if I don't take your word on that. I'd like to see the theory tested either way.

  2. Personally, I'd rather Fracture live through this. If only so the other people that are with him can stay alive. It's not worth the collateral damage.


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