Monday, January 28, 2013

Driving Soulless

So we're still doing 'Something'. We're actually on the move again. Apparently Moth has NO FUCKING IDEA where the thing is. I took a look at the map and he had SOOOO many locations circled!

I don't even FUCKING KNOW how the hell hes eliminating possibilities here! He drags me somewhere, looks around and FUCKING LEAVES WITHOUT A SINGLE FUCKING WORD. No gesture to to point out whatever it was we came for so I can try to piece together what we're doing. HE COULDN'T EVEN BE FUCKING BOTHERED TO GIVE ME A FUCKING WRITTEN EXPLANATION!

I wish he would just fucking TALK TO ME ALREADY!

He spoke for David! He even fucking spoke to Nee-Chan and he wrote an entire post about how irritated he was with her. HES is UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE.

Worse yet, he has been making me clean out his fucking stab wound. Note to self, next time I stab someone I intend to keep I shouldn't do it in their FUCKING BACK so they can tend to it THEIR FUCKING SELVES.


Lets recap that, we are traveling around doing 'something' I can't really talk about. Moth still doesn't FUCKING talk EVER unless ANYONE ELSE asks him to. And his stab wound is UNFORTUNATELY healing.

Woo... fuck my life. I fell like I set out do something, KILL DUCKIE, and I've gotten absolutely no where on that.


Oh yeah, guess I promised to talk about Nee-Chan some. I should have just killed Theta and stole her instead of letting her leave so she could still be here with me...


So yeah. As Moth (Being the incredible fucking INGRATE that he is) explained earlier in his post about how we escaped Fractures men, the fabulous Nee-Chan the awesome OF THE GREATNESS and her own stupid looking MUTE THING, Theta, showed up out of the blue and saved us!

Worried about more of Fracture's goons showing up to deal with us, he hopped in our transports and booked. Theta took their car and Nee-Chan rode with us! IT WAS AWESOME.

"Sooo...." said Nee-Chan shifting around uncomfortably in the back seat, "Does he never take that mask off?"

"Nope! He's part of this," and I turned and put my mouth a few inches from his ear for this part, "SUPER STUPID CULT THING!"

I leaned back into my own chair again. "They never take off their masks and they never talk," I explained before leaning back over to Moth's ear again. "BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO SOULS!"

"That's not very nice Twitch Girl," Nee-Chan playfully scolded.

She kept calling me that for like, HER ENTIRE VISIT! I am not TWITCHY!

"If its so bad he can," and I once again turned to Moth's ear for this part, "FUCKING TELL ME TO STOP HIMSELF!" I had to giggle a bit when he let out a little growl. That was really starting to get to him.

And then I turned to the back seat so I could face Siste... Nee-Chan.

"Its nice to have people around I can ACTUALLY FUCKING TALK TO for a change," I beamed at her.

"Is he actually... mute or...?"

"Oh I know he can talk." And I put this one right to his stupid FUCKING EAR again, "HE FUCKING DOES IT FOR RAPISTS!"

After that... things got a little tense... and silent... TOO SILENT! Well TOO SILENTERER! Its never quiet nowadays.

Anyways, I broke it. The silencishness. Not Si... Nee-Chan.

"So how did you finds us... and umm... WHY?"

"Tempest, my senior, told us where to go! She thought Mr. Moth might need help saving you Twitch Girl so we kept an eye on him in case he hit any trouble."

"Why are the Bureaucrats helping us? DO I HAVE TO FILE FORM 982?!"

"I don't know. They didn't give me any forms. I don't deal with that stuff. They don't really tell me why to do things, they just tell me and I do it."


Then things got SILENTERER again. This time she broke it though.

"You're both awesome, I'm glad I got to meet you both."

"You're half right, I'M AWESOME!" I giggled.

 But of course Moth had to ruin my extreme truthfulness with his FUCKING FIST. He always punches the SAME FUCKING SPOT on my arm...

"OW! THE FUCK?!" I glared over at him.

"You two are funny" she giggled. Her cute laugh thing drew my attention back to her and her BEAUTIFUL FUCKING PINK HAIR THAT I FAILED TO REMEMBER OR MENTION UNTIL NOW.

"YOU'RE PINK!" I yelled back at her giggling and teasing.

Which made her giggle even more in return, plus also her text is pink now, "Thank you, do you like it?"

"Yep!" I grinned and we went on giggling for what little was left of our drive as we pulled up to the Motel we were all gonna be staying at, Theta pulling into a parking spot shortly after our arrival.


That's probably good enough for now.

That reminds me, WHY THE FUCK AM I NOT DRIVING STILL?! This is bullshit. I save us SO MUCH TIME cutting through curbs and ramming those SLOWER BITCHES off the street!


Picasso Entry End.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Doing... THINGS!



Fucking SERIOUSLY! I spent several DOZEN hours ALL WEEK trying to write out a post. EVERY FUCKING TIME that MUTE FUCK came by, looked it over, and then slugged me AND ERASED EVERYTHING.

Hes being SUPER FUCKING PARANOID after the last altercation with Fracture, and I'm not allowed to say ANYTHING about what we're doing except that its a FUCKING THING and WE'RE DOING IT!


My arm hurts.

He's not the only one FREAKING THE FUCK OUT!

I'm pretty sure THIS is a lie.

I think Lils is being SUPER FUCKING SECRETIVE too after she accidentally SOLD ME OUT!

I REFUSE TO TAKE MORE PUNCHES! And I don't think Moth can survive me stabbing him again if he tries so I'M CHANGING COURSE!

Gonna write up stuff about my time spent with new friend Sist.... Nee-p... Nee-Chan!

She saved me... and IS AWESOME!

More to come.

Entry End.

Friday, January 18, 2013

'Sister Girl'

Moth here... we're alive.


Have I mentioned how much I hate typing? Makes me want to take a hammer to my fingers.

Just... want to smash every little bone in my hands one at a time.


Right. We're alive. I got Picasso back. She... is more unstable than usual. Nightmares every night. Some in the middle of the day. Thought I could relate at first but hers are worse than mine. I wake up and I'm fine. She wakes up and just keeps screaming.

Not sure what changed... but apparently Lils is involved... Lils and Nee-Chan.


I should probably explain that too.

We met Nee-Chan and her partner Theta.

I didn't care for them but Picasso seemed to have really hit it off with Nee-Chan which is probably another good reason to stay away from her, and Theta by extension.


Huh, really didn't explain anything.

Lets try that again.

So apparently the master plan to sneak Picasso out of Hope was to hire a driver... and then he drove her out of town. That was it. Not exactly a brain teaser. I found out later she also got a train ticket to take her across the country but it did her a fat lot of good. She barely made it out of the city before Fracture's men took out the wheels of the car she was in. Four crossbow bolts, one for each tire. Then five hollows (Or four hollows and one Mask, apparently) stepped out of  hiding to attack Picasso and her driver.

The driver had a baseball bat. He took out a hollow with it and then run for his life through the opening that he made leaving Picasso to die. She used a can of spay deodorant, something she apparently stole from Hope before she left, and a lighter to make a make shift flame thrower. Not something I would recommend. She's lucky she tossed the can when she was done because the damn thing exploded.

I had followed Picasso from Hope via 'a vehicle'. We'll leave it at that. Don't really want Fracture knowing what we're traveling in now.

The Driver ran right to my vehicle's window begging for help. I took him out with my door. Wuss.
I snuck up on the remaining hollows while they were busy trying to get an opening on Picasso's poor pyrotechnics show. Knocked two of them out while they were distracted. Got the third before he could react. Beat the fourth one down with my spear's butt.

That's when a van came speeding in and nearly ran me down. Out popped ten more hollows. Second ambush. This one nearly whelmed us.

That's when they showed up. I had a knife coming down on me when the poor creature wielding it got lifted off the ground by an large man who proceeded to snap the poor hollow's back over his Fucking knee. He then just let go of the broken shell of a person he had just created and immediately turned and snapped another hollow's neck. He showed no signs of remorse for what he'd down. He was cruel, merciless, and uncaring. Apparently, that was Theta.

I turned to the sound of a death cry in time to see Nee-Chan, dressed in the goofiest fucking costume ever, slitting the throat of one hollow before quickly jabbing her knife into the eye of another one.

I barely had time to protest before Picasso pulled out her hatchets and started cutting down hollows at the necks, knees, and ankles. Heartless bitch. I should have just left her to die.

Their fucking smiles. They were so proud of themselves as they cut down those poor hapless hollows. Nee-Chan even did a little victory dance afterwards. Monsters.

But... I couldn't punish them... couldn't even explain what they had did wrong because I'm forbidden to talk. I'm starting to understand why Duckie abandoned his vow of silence and took up constant fucking whining.

'She wouldn't understand it but I can punish Picasso' I told myself.

I pulled her over and put my forehead to hers.

"M-Moth... wh-what are you..." she got out in a small flustered panic.

'Look, it does feel...'

'...How much does it feel?'

And then I pulled my head back and headbutted her as hard as I fucking could... it was a little disorienting on my end.

She went down rather hard.


I had to bite back a laugh.

That's when Nee-Chan tried to break the tension I had just created.

"Um...are you...are you okay?" she asked.

Picasso forced herself off the ground but was still struggling to stand at this point.
"N-... yes. Er... WHO ARE YOU?!"

Nee-Chan bounced over to us in an incredibly awkward manner.
"Hi, Mask-san!  Hi, Piku-chan!  I'm Nee-chan and this is Theta!  We're here to help you!"

"Who's Piku? WHY DON'T I GET HELP?!" screamed Picasso while looking around. I think... she was looking for Piku.

I could see mild distress in Nee-Chan before she finally came right up to Picasso and clamped onto her with a hug. I think the whole deciding part of the hug made her even more usual and off putting. What was she so scared of?
"You're Piku-chan, silly!  Picasso-chan's too long."

I could see Picasso was as put off as I was with Nee-Chan's awkward mannerisms. At least I think that's what was up.
 "O-Oh. Ummm... thank you... sister girl."

Nee-Chan suddenly went still and her expression changed.
"Nee-chan," she coldly stated. "Or Eri or Eri-chan, I guess.  But don't you DARE call me anything else."

I'm not sure if Eri is one of those things that Picasso just can't quite seem to properly grasp but it definitely went right over her head when she heard it.
"Ero-chan? Too trashy... Eh. Nee-chan it is, I GUESS," she declared.

Kind of glad Theta interrupted when he did. I was not looking forward to Nee-chan's reaction to that.
"Nee-Chan," he plainly stated as if that word was somehow all he need to say to get his point around... someone admirable.

Nee-Chan heaved a frustrated sigh.
 "Fine.  We need to get you guys out of here before more show up.  C'mon!" announced Nee-Chan.

Picasso and I climbed into my car. I took the driver seat. I could see Theta and Nee-Chan were fighting over something but I couldn't hear what the hell they were saying with Picasso screaming in my ear about the fact that I was driving.

I saw them both look over like they were expecting something. This was taking way to fucking long. So I waved for them to hurry the hell up and get in the fucking car. Nee-Chan readopted her awkward wide smile and climbed into the back seat. Theta got into his own car. And then we drove off, Theta close behind us.


I might have over explained that... fuck.

Whatever. That's how we escaped.


I remembered something important while I was writing another post a week or so back. Somewhere important that we need to get to but I can't really say the where, what, or why about it without risking an attack.

So these next few posts will probably be about our time spent with Theta and Nee-chan while we get this thing I can't talk about taken care of.

Woo... hurray for the hollow murdering assholes... and thanks for saving us I guess. I should probably be trying to be more grateful than bitter about our rescue huh?.

Moth Out.

Saturday, January 12, 2013



Very time I see you... YOU FUCKING DIE!

I turn the corner, SAM'S FROG EXPLODES.


Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Little Unique

Something I should have realized a long time ago when you first brought Picasso to the compound. But I was was too stupid and trusting. I was so gullible...


"And this is Moth."


"What's wrong with him?"

She was glaring at me. She was angry and confused. Duckie had thrown her off of a roof and Fracture saved her. Apparently she was here to train with us. To work with us until she was strong enough to kill Duckie herself. At least, that's what Fracture said she was here for.

"He's just... a little unique."

"He's not talking... he wears his mask in his off hours... it's cracked... but he's not hollowed... he's comprehending..."

She drew a knife and pressed me to the wall. 

"He's a Mask."

Fracture put a hand on her shoulder and shook his head.

"So what if he is? You don't burn down the village because one villager robbed you. Let Duckie die for what Duckie did. Moth doesn't deserve it."

Cold eyes. She had cold calculating eyes back then. I could see she didn't trust Fracture but she was so desperate. So very desperate.

"...Moth huh? Duckie's pet runner. He said you died."

She looked at me expecting an answer. She groaned in frustration.

"Oh yeah. Fucking mutes."

"Moth would have died. I saved him too. You'll find you have things in common with Moth. Duckie handed him over to his handlers and left him for dead just like he threw you off a building and left you for dead. You both want Duckie dead."

"I see. I'm Picasso," she said putting out a hand. "Pleased to meet you Moth."

I pulled her into a hug. She wiggled out of it and punched me hard in the gut.

"Muzzle down boy," she warned me as I crumpled down to the floor

She giggled and followed Fracture off to see her new room.

"This is going to be fun," she informed Fracture as they disappeared from sight.

"You have no idea."


I remember I was looking for Picasso the day it happened. Devil had figured out what Duckie had done with Picasso's brother's sword. She was gonna want to know. She was not taking well to the hatchets Fracture had given her.

I found Fracture first. I signed out 'painting' to him so he knew who I was looking for.

"Picasso? She's in the car. We're taking a little trip."

I signed out that it was 'urgent'.

"I'll tell you what, Moth, if it's so important than just SAY so. Then she's all yours. Otherwise, it'll have to wait."

I just stared at him. I had no idea how cruel he was being at the time. I just knew there was more meaning behind his words then he was letting on. His wide knowing grin always told me as such.

Finally I just shrugged. 'It can wait,' I told myself and I left him to do whatever he was gonna do with her.

Wasn't worth breaking my vows...


She was crying when they finally returned. Crying yet laughing hysterically. She playfully slammed her hatchets into each wall as she walked.

"YEAH! Suck on that, WOODEN WALLS!"

I tilted my head. She was so... different. I looked over to Fracture. He could read what my question was just by looking into my eyes.

"What? She's just... a little unique."

"What?" she asked me. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU LOOKING AT!" she screamed and brought both hatchets down on my shoulders. "FUCK YOU TOO!"

"God damn, this place is GOING TO SUCK!" she yelled running into her room and slamming the door behind her.

I moved for the infirmary. I needed help. But he followed me the whole way.

"Aw, whats wrong Moth my boy? You seem upset."

I growled and pushed forward. Devil would patch me up.

"You seem like you want to SAY something? No? Nothing?"

I had so many questions. I didn't understand. What the hell did he do to her? And why did he do it? Why oh why did he decide to make it my fault? What had I done?

All I knew was he had broken her. She wasn't herself anymore... she was hardly a person anymore.

But I bit my tongue. I turned to face him in front of the infirmary and I shook my head 'No' so he could have his answer before I finally went in to get myself patched up.

'It doesn't matter what I think,' I told myself.

'I'm an implement to act on Fathers will, nothing more and Fracture wants what Father wants. He saved me... he saved her... this must be Father' will.'

But Fracture just obeys Father's will. Fracture's will is not Father's. Fracture is a monster all his own. 

And I serve Father, not Fracture.