Monday, January 28, 2013

Driving Soulless

So we're still doing 'Something'. We're actually on the move again. Apparently Moth has NO FUCKING IDEA where the thing is. I took a look at the map and he had SOOOO many locations circled!

I don't even FUCKING KNOW how the hell hes eliminating possibilities here! He drags me somewhere, looks around and FUCKING LEAVES WITHOUT A SINGLE FUCKING WORD. No gesture to to point out whatever it was we came for so I can try to piece together what we're doing. HE COULDN'T EVEN BE FUCKING BOTHERED TO GIVE ME A FUCKING WRITTEN EXPLANATION!

I wish he would just fucking TALK TO ME ALREADY!

He spoke for David! He even fucking spoke to Nee-Chan and he wrote an entire post about how irritated he was with her. HES is UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE.

Worse yet, he has been making me clean out his fucking stab wound. Note to self, next time I stab someone I intend to keep I shouldn't do it in their FUCKING BACK so they can tend to it THEIR FUCKING SELVES.


Lets recap that, we are traveling around doing 'something' I can't really talk about. Moth still doesn't FUCKING talk EVER unless ANYONE ELSE asks him to. And his stab wound is UNFORTUNATELY healing.

Woo... fuck my life. I fell like I set out do something, KILL DUCKIE, and I've gotten absolutely no where on that.


Oh yeah, guess I promised to talk about Nee-Chan some. I should have just killed Theta and stole her instead of letting her leave so she could still be here with me...


So yeah. As Moth (Being the incredible fucking INGRATE that he is) explained earlier in his post about how we escaped Fractures men, the fabulous Nee-Chan the awesome OF THE GREATNESS and her own stupid looking MUTE THING, Theta, showed up out of the blue and saved us!

Worried about more of Fracture's goons showing up to deal with us, he hopped in our transports and booked. Theta took their car and Nee-Chan rode with us! IT WAS AWESOME.

"Sooo...." said Nee-Chan shifting around uncomfortably in the back seat, "Does he never take that mask off?"

"Nope! He's part of this," and I turned and put my mouth a few inches from his ear for this part, "SUPER STUPID CULT THING!"

I leaned back into my own chair again. "They never take off their masks and they never talk," I explained before leaning back over to Moth's ear again. "BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO SOULS!"

"That's not very nice Twitch Girl," Nee-Chan playfully scolded.

She kept calling me that for like, HER ENTIRE VISIT! I am not TWITCHY!

"If its so bad he can," and I once again turned to Moth's ear for this part, "FUCKING TELL ME TO STOP HIMSELF!" I had to giggle a bit when he let out a little growl. That was really starting to get to him.

And then I turned to the back seat so I could face Siste... Nee-Chan.

"Its nice to have people around I can ACTUALLY FUCKING TALK TO for a change," I beamed at her.

"Is he actually... mute or...?"

"Oh I know he can talk." And I put this one right to his stupid FUCKING EAR again, "HE FUCKING DOES IT FOR RAPISTS!"

After that... things got a little tense... and silent... TOO SILENT! Well TOO SILENTERER! Its never quiet nowadays.

Anyways, I broke it. The silencishness. Not Si... Nee-Chan.

"So how did you finds us... and umm... WHY?"

"Tempest, my senior, told us where to go! She thought Mr. Moth might need help saving you Twitch Girl so we kept an eye on him in case he hit any trouble."

"Why are the Bureaucrats helping us? DO I HAVE TO FILE FORM 982?!"

"I don't know. They didn't give me any forms. I don't deal with that stuff. They don't really tell me why to do things, they just tell me and I do it."


Then things got SILENTERER again. This time she broke it though.

"You're both awesome, I'm glad I got to meet you both."

"You're half right, I'M AWESOME!" I giggled.

 But of course Moth had to ruin my extreme truthfulness with his FUCKING FIST. He always punches the SAME FUCKING SPOT on my arm...

"OW! THE FUCK?!" I glared over at him.

"You two are funny" she giggled. Her cute laugh thing drew my attention back to her and her BEAUTIFUL FUCKING PINK HAIR THAT I FAILED TO REMEMBER OR MENTION UNTIL NOW.

"YOU'RE PINK!" I yelled back at her giggling and teasing.

Which made her giggle even more in return, plus also her text is pink now, "Thank you, do you like it?"

"Yep!" I grinned and we went on giggling for what little was left of our drive as we pulled up to the Motel we were all gonna be staying at, Theta pulling into a parking spot shortly after our arrival.


That's probably good enough for now.

That reminds me, WHY THE FUCK AM I NOT DRIVING STILL?! This is bullshit. I save us SO MUCH TIME cutting through curbs and ramming those SLOWER BITCHES off the street!


Picasso Entry End.

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