Sunday, February 3, 2013


So.... this is... AWKWARD...

I crashed the car. Its fixed now. Moth was MAAAAD, I think. I can never quite tell with his STUPID MASK... but he was glaring. Although, he usually is.

Its not like it was my fault! THAT TREE CAME OUT OF NOWHERE. And it TOTALLY FUCKING had it coming too. STUPID FUCKING TREE and its STUPID FUCKING EYES!


So that cost us the rest of the money we got for saving Kenny. BACK TO FAST FOOD AND CANNED GOODS!


I'll be sad when we run out of gas money, because its also FOOD MONEY. I miss my allowance.

I guess if things get bad enough we could always pawn off one of the extra frogs we stole at a pet store. Actually tried that sometime back. BITCH WOULDN'T TAKE MY FROG! Kept trying to send me to a pawn shop.


So... reccap for this post...
Secret thing progress these last few days: ZERO

Spent most of our time sitting around waiting for the car to fix.

Wrote up some more Sister girl Nee-Chan AWESOME in that time. So... here is that... I GUESS...


Days and days ago now, after the car ride TO SAFETY.

We arrived at a motel to hide out at and recover. Moth and Nee-Chan climbed out of the car. I crawled out of the window. CONFORMITY IS BAD.

"So... are uh... you and Theta gonna... HANG OUT for a whole or...?" I asked Nee-Chan as I scrambled off the floor to the feet in ELEGANT STYLE.

"No idea. I'm sorta hoping so though!"

"You don't know? How's that possible? YOU LETTING YOUR STUPID MUTE CALL THE SHOTS!?"

"Lord Theta can talk. He just doesn't do it very often. Hes super gloomy like that."


"Between us, yeah mostly. He can do it better than I can. He's always so focused and serious... I tend to get distracted..."

"Its your AWESOME PINK HAIR. I would get distracted if my hair was THAT awesome."



Nee-Chan started giggling at my hair gushing though. "At least my face doesn't look like a half finished Jigsaw puzzle," she said poking the mask piece on my cheek. I bit at finger playfully..

"I'll have you know ITS A STATUS SYMBOL!... in France... AND AMONG CERTAIN HANDLERS... But mostly just in France..."

That's about when Theta finally pulled up. He stuck his head out of the car and said one thing, "Nee-Chan."

I called back before he could leave with her, "YOU TWO STAYING?!"

I think that kind of caught him off guard.

"Can we pleeeaassee Lord Theta?!" pleading Nee-Chan making adorable pink hair flavored faces.

"COME ON, Lord Egyptian Death God... guy!" I begged flaunting my own hair based cuteness.

 He finally sighed and caved. "I'll call and ask. No promises though..."

I was so happy I hugged Moth. And then shoved him away into the car before Nee-Chan or Theta could catch onto my silly mistake.

Neither of them seemed to notice though. Nee-Chan was to busy hugging her own WORTHLESS MUTE.

Moth ran off to pay for a room real quick and then we headed off to enjoy a soft bed thing.

"God hes a downer," I said commenting on Theta on the way to the room. "MIGHT PREFER A MUTE AFTER ALL."

"Be nice," she giggled.

"NEVER!" I declared.

And into the room we were.

So Moth went to doing... stupid mute thing around the room. I... I'd say I never asked what the hell he was doing before but HE DOESN'T FUCKING TALK so that would be REDUNDANT.

Nee-Chan sat down on the bed. I climbed onto the table. "So is your boss nice? WILL THEY LET YOU STAY?!"

"Well... Senior Tempest is strict... shes also kind of scary... even Lord Theta fears her... but shes fair so she might!" she said taking on a big smile. "So what are you guys gonna do after this?" she asked as she started bouncing up and down on the bed. Still sitting, but BOUNCING. In place.

I stood up so I could maintain PERFECT eye contact with her. I moving up and down with her as she bobbed to keep our eyes PERFECTLY LEVELED. "NO IDEA! Moth pointed at something on the map to indicate our next move but since," I said turning towards him with a pause. "HE DOESN'T FUCKING TALK," I screamed turning back to Nee-Chan to resume our PERFECT EYE CONTACT, "I don't actually FUCKING know."

That seemed to make Nee-Chan giggle again. Adorable little laughing... THING...

"You two are funny," she smiled. "Are you always so mean to each other?"

"Of course, HES A DICK," I declared. Moth wandered over while still doing Moth stuff and slugged me which made her giggle some more.

But then she put on a SERIOUS face. "Even still... deep down, you two only really have each other right?"

"He does! I also have MYSELF!" I declared before FUCK FACE wander by and slugged me again.


He followed that up the same way he always does... glared and went back to doing shit I DON'T CARE ABOUT.

So I turned my attention back to Nee-Chan.

"What about you? Do you have anyone?"

"I... Don't..." she started. I could see light fade from her eyes. He voice lost flavor. No energy or soul in her words anymore. Her fire faded and I could see she was breaking herself trying to deal with it. "I had... Messi Boy and Poe Girl but they're got gone now... Messi never really liked me anyways... and Senior Morningstar was..."

Shallower and shallower. Her words had less and less energy in them until they simply stopped coming out. I got the sense she was still talking... but she was broken and I couldn't hear it anymore.

Sudden fear. Mild panic breathed new life into her. "Ah," she said looking up to realize she still had an audience. "I'm sorry! That was... nothing. It was stupid. Unimportant," she insisted shaking her head. "Stupid, stupid, stupid!"

I had to stomp my foot hard on the ground to finally catch her attention and shut her up. "SHUT UP!"

If she kept going on like that... she might bright for good.

"THERE IS NOTHING... wrong with being upset over losing someone, REGARDLESS of how you lost them! I WOULD NOT BE DOING, if not for all I've lost."

I leaned in real close to make sure this got through to her. "NEVER, EVER, FORGIVE THEM"

I don't know if that got through to her though. We were interrupted with Theta knocking on the door. FUCKER.

Moth opened the door to let him.

He stepped maybe a foot in and started talking without so much as closing the FUCKING door.

"We can stay tonight and tomorrow. We have to leave for home the morning after that," he explained.

The news seemed to have fixed Nee-Chan right up. She sprang up to her feet and ran over and hugged Theta giggling like an adorable giggle farm. I was relieved to see her no longer broken.

"Where do you want her?" asked Theta plainly.

"Can I stay with you guys? Pleeeaaasssee?!"

Moth nodded before I could answer and Nee-Chan let go of Theta and clung onto Moth instead.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you Moth Boy!" she cheer ecstatically.

Not that Moth could be bothered to say or do anything. He just stared down at her coldly and waited for her to lose interest and move on. And eventually she did and moved back to sitting on the bed.

"So. Only two beds... is someone gonna share theirs or..." she asked as she pulled out and passively played with a Butterfly knife.

"You'll can share with ME! If you stay with Moth you might catch his terminal STUPIDITY."

"Yeah... besides... sharing a bed with a guy would be..." she started turning a little red and putting her fingers together to focus on them in a foreign mannerism denoting shyness. "Im-Improper..."


"Y-Yeah... a boy and a girl... sharing a bed... all kinds of dirty things could happen to me..."

"What? I've never had the problem with Moth. We usually can't afford a place with more then one bed so we share a lot," I explained turn towards Moth. "HE HOGS THE FUCKING BLANKET."

"Does that mean... you've caught his Stupid?"

"Nope. I'M TOO SMART AND AWESOME. Makes me immune!"

"So you said I could share a bed with you right?" she asked again.


"Yay!" she smiled and cheered. "Thank you Twitch Girl!"

"NO PROBLEM Sister Gir-... Nee-Chan... sorry..."

Nee-Chan shook the knife she had been playing with at me both playfully and THREATENINGLY.
"Don't you forget it!"

"Don't tempt me!" I declared. "I'LL DESTROY US BOTH."

"I'd like to see you try!" she announced challenging me.


I tackled her and we wrestled over her knife. Eyes DEADLOCKED as the knife waved back and forth, both of us trying to push it into the other ones THROAT.

Took me a minute to remember I didn't want to actually kill her. I started giggling. She did the same. And then we both let up on the knife. She tossed it aside, off the bed.

We curled into each other, exhausted and trying to catch our breaths.

"I almost killed you, moron."

"No! I almost killed you, Pink one!"

That's when she grabbed me and roll us to get above me.

"SNEAK ATTACK?!" I cried and rolled us back over to take back dominance.

She used my momentum to roll us further to the bed edge.

And it went on like that for most of the night. I won. I cheated for the pin. Cheating is how you win!

"Cheater," pouted Nee-Chan.

"Its how you WIN" I declared moving off of her.

She looked over at Moth. At some point he finished whatever it was he was doing and had taken to reading his stupid book.

"Twitch Girl, does he ever take mask of?"

"NOPE! He lifts it to eat, but never takes it off... that I've seen. WHY?!"

"Moth sweety... could you take your make off for me? I wanna see what you look like."

He glared back at her, same as ever.

"For meeeeee?" she begged flexing her cuteness.

He growled and lifted up his mask for a moment, showing off that DISGUSTING FUCKING FACE he hides, before bring it back down and going back to his book.

A face like the one Duckie was using while he was still wearing that loop...

Nee-Chan's words pierced through the growing screams and snapped me back to attention.

"Ohhhhh, someones blushing!" she giggled teasingly, an evil smirk spreading across her lips. "I think hes embaaaaaarrrrreeeessssed."

Moth growled  again and tried to ignore us, focusing on his book.

"I think he is!" I giggled joining in. "SCARED OF GIRLS?!" I teased.

Nee-Chan could barely get her next taunt out, she was laughing so hard. "Hey Moth swwweeetttyyy... is that a switch blade in your pocket or are you just happy to see us?!" she asked and broke out laughing again.

Moth finally huffed and left the room with his book.

She broke out laughing some more. "Wow!" Nee-Chan declared. "Hes cute, but I didn't realize he was so young! He tries to come off as such a tough guy."

"GUESS THE MASK IS MEANT TO HIDE THE TRUTH!" I laughed stopping when I finally fully grasped what she had said.

"Wait... cute?"

She ignored me and kept going. She has SHIT taste in men. "Oh no! Hes so young! Am I gonna go to jail now or something?"

"It'll be our secret," I smiled reassuringly.

He both relaxed a bit took a moment to catch out breaths after all the laughing after that.

"This is so much fun," she eventually said. "Everyone back home is so serious and boring."

"I'll have to visit sometime so I can liven them up for you! May give that Tempest lady a hug for sending you... maybe."

"I'd like that," she smiled pulling me over into a hug. "I'm glad I got to meet you guys... you're a good friend Twitch girl."

"MORE LIKE THE GREATEST!" I declared cuddling up with her. "You're a good friend too."

"Thank you... Twitch Girl" she whispered, starting to pass out.

"Your welcome Pink one," I whispered closing my eyes and waiting til I was sure she was asleep to plant a kiss on her cheek before drifting off to sleep.


And then I wrote about it on my public blog so they could rag on her at work for me! Have fun with that Nee-Chan~! <3

Picasso's Entry End


  1. For some reason, Nee-chan calling people things like "Lord Theta" and "Twitch Girl" seems a bit off. Doesn't she use honorifics or something?

    1. She was, does, and did.

      Its... complicated. Picasso doesn't hear, read, or speak other languages. But she does understand and respond in them.

      Fracture had whisper use his brainwashing... thing... to teach Picasso several of the more common dialects. Best I can tell though, she doesn't even notice it.

      Lord Theta was actually 'Theta-sama', I think, and Twitch Girl was actually Nee-Chan's pet name for Picasso, 'Piku-Chan'.

  2. I'm glad you had fun with her, Picasso. I wish I could help you out. We're eating pretty well here, I'm not used to it.

    1. YOUR LIFE SOUNDS SO HARD. I do not envy you. :p

      Enjoy it, WHILE IT LASTS!

      Nothing does.

  3. If this doesn't sound like slashfic material, I don't know what does.


    1. You should try being in my position right now.

      Six psychopaths and a robot...trapped under multiple feet of snow and ice.

      Yay me.


    2. I drew Boys' Love of you going down on Kenny just to FUCKING SPITE YOU Raggedy.

      I have no idea what either of you look like though...

      So it kind of came out as Ichigo/Kenshin Slash.


    3. Honestly, I'm honored. A wise man once said "You know you've made it in the world when someone makes porn of you."


    4. I... What?!

      FUCK YOU... and thank you I think... getting a headache.

    5. Besides, Kenny would be the one going down on Raggedy.


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