Tuesday, December 17, 2013

SAFE. FINALLY! Fuck you Fracture, you fuck face. I FUCKING WIN


You practically handed the answer to us!


These abandoned loops! Crafters are a hot commodity. They were rare back when the order was specifically testing for and training them. You have to have the right Aptitude to be a crafter! I can't began to imagine how hard it must be to find one now.

I bet A LOT of loops were abandoned when the order fell. I BET SO MANY OF THEM COULDN'T BE MAINTAINED PROPERLY. Thems was unsafe livens.

And guess what Fracture? I get around, A LOT!

So I know where a few old loop housed bases were. We're at one now. SURE ENOUGH, its abandoned. NO PROXIES. No anyone.

AND GUESS WHAT?! I destroyed the anchor. There is ZERO connection to the real world and HERE. NO PHYSICAL ENTRANCE. The backlash snapped my arm, BUT NOW YOU CAN'T FIND US. EVER.

HAHAHAHAHA. And once we've regrouped, WE'RE GONNA DESTROY YOU.


Picasso post, at it's triumphant end!


  1. Hey, you have a broken arm too! High five!

    Wait. Can't high five. :(

  2. Well, you worked under me for the four years of your proxy career that you didn't spend glued to your brother's side and as I understand it, that time spent with your brother was contained to a single city. So beyond the summers you spent training in France with the Maskless, and you're not in France so that isn't relevant, you got around because I sent you around. And I have records of everywhere I sent you. I was a good bureaucrat at one point after all.

    You couple that with the fact that I had my Finest closing in on you, and we know which town the trail went cold in. So I know where you are and all the old abandoned base loops you should be aware of. On top of that, I now know its gonna be the loop that no longer has a working door because you destroyed the anchor. But that doesn't move the loop. Its still right there. We'll just have to path in now. And I know you didn't go around destroying all the anchors because with your shitty crafting technique that probably have killed you. I'm surprised to managed to survive altering anything.

    You've trapped yourself. And now that loop is gonna be your tomb. We've lured denizens into the area surrounding your loop. If you enter the path, you're gonna die. And if I know anything about loops, destroying that anchor has probably destabilized it to the point of lethal backlashes. That's assuming it wasn't like that before. It could be even worse now. And since I know you don't have the talent necessary to stabilize it and you can't leave, eventually one of those backlashes is gonna kill you all.

    So... have fun that. Thanks for the assist on killing you all, that was nice. I'll have to get you three some nice tombstones as a thank you.

    Fuck you. Please die. Goodbye.

    -- The Lord Guardian Fracture


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