Sunday, November 24, 2013


Hello. Moth here.

So this is probably the more pressing part of this update, I've reunited with Picasso and Navi.

Navi is pretty fucked up. Or was. We let some time ass. We've been moving. Always moving. Have to be. Fracture's been chasing us pretty hard. Or at least his men have. Hes mad. Madder then I've ever seen him. We stopped leaving the car. We loiter off in parking lots. Have to be ready to leave in a moments notice. Gas prices have been hell on our budget lately as a direct result. And now that we don't have Sloth to fund our mission, that budget isn't going to be getting any bigger so we have to be frugal... if money should get tight we may very well end up robbing some poor fucks to make a quick buck at some pawn shop.

My greatest concern there is the possibility of accidentally creating some new runners... I'll have to be careful with how I handle things if it gets to that. Then again, that risk is supposedly present in everything we do. Kind of hell on the nerves if you think about it too much. Just have to... try to ignore it I guess.

... I got so sidetracked there. Damn it. I'm rambling. I need to watch that. Its a terrible trait.

So Navi was pretty fucked up. We're not sure who bandaged her up, as Picasso can't see Navi and Navi was apparently passed out for it but they did a pretty good job. They were in New York though. Everything from New York City to Philadelphia is an uncannily active hub for proxies and fears so it could have been anyone looking to cut a light blow against Fracture. I'd like to think its an old friend or something but, I can't imagine they'd risk it.

 But since they did such a good job, and since I've been pulling more than my own fair share of the work to make sure she can take it easy, (And since shes such a good girls she insists on constantly reminding me) she healed up pretty quick. Her stitches aren't quite out but shes been doing some minor exercises to get back into form. She should be bouncing off the walls and pissing me off in no time flat at this rate.

I'd had sustained some minor injuries myself... but not as troubling as a stab wound. My opponent was careful just to piece my skin. My arms were pretty ripped up. I think they were trying to induce minor blood loss while disabling my ability to fight. We'll get back to that later in the post.

It made moving my arms a pain in the ass. Every little muscle flex would irritate those nerves. I suppose I should just be happy I didn't end up with any snapped ligaments.

Since my range of motion had to be slow and deliberate, Picasso was doing a lot of the driving and buying. Once Fracture's goons really started to come down on us I had to push myself to drive so she could sleep. I've had a lot of cuts rip open on me. Now that I'm better, I have to be honest, my arms look like shit. More scarred flesh then I'd ever hope to have earned. My over all range of motion is... mostly what it was. I can still make my wide breath of motion with my arms but I have to tell myself that I can. I haven't quite gotten over that sensation that they could rip back open if I over do it when but I'm pretty sure they're fine now.

If we ever find more then a days break somewhere, I'll have to spar with Picasso or something. I need see if I'm more fucked up than I think I am and the best way to find out is by doing. So here is hoping that goes well if the opportunity should ever present itself.

So back to the asshole that disabled me. For those that can remember him, apparently Helrick is still alive.

News that absolute made Picasso perk up.

"What?! NO! You're lying! HOW?! Did he actually kill them all himself? OH MY GOD IS HE AWESOME?!"

'No. Hes working for Fracture.' Her smile sank as she read those words. She smashed one of the rear view mirrors with her fist and kicked the non-discript vehicle hard enough to dent it. Furious.

"FUCK HIM. I knew he was weak..."

Yeah... weak.

He fucked me up. Once more, I'm ahead of myself.

So I had been making a point of being track-able. Fracture made a point of announcing that he was sending his finest after us so I made of point of being known. I path traveled a lot. I made transactions with Sloth's account. I used my old cell number to shoot fake plans to Picasso. I'm thinking I over did it and he caught on that something was up because his finest didn't show up to face me.

As Hollow's Eve night fell on me, I made my final stop. A big ass aquarium. A place I'd done a job at before. And from that job, I knew how to rig the room I was waiting in to flash flood with the press of a button. I just had to wait for his finest to show up looking for me and then with the press of that button they were gonna drown to death. Not exactly the kind of victory I like but at this point I'll take any victory.

But as I've said, his finest did not show. Instead I got a single arrival. A muscular man with his arm in a sling. His face concealed by a black hoody. I figured this was just a scout. If he didn't come back, surely the rest of the 'finest' would come out and I should spring the trap then. So I stepped out into view and flicked on the lights.

To my surprise, it was Helrick.

"Ah. Hello Moth. Just you? Where's Picasso... and that one girl. Whats-her-tits. Novi I think? Or maybe Navi. 'Hey listen!', hahaha. I can't believe she made that her name.... where are they?"


"Oh right. You're mute. See, I've been looking for you guys. You were right. That assault on the police station was... it was a shit idea you know? I took a few bullets. I was lucky to get out of there with my life. Had to go hide and lick my wounds... guess I was lucky I left Black lake when I did. You guys really fucked that place up. I mean jeez. Overkill. But hey, that town tried to kill me for helping them... hard to fault you.

... So where is everyone else."

His demeanor was offensive. His guard was high. His unslung hand had was hidden, I suspected on a weapon. I considered he might have been being followed but that was giving him too much befit of the doubt. How could he have possible have tracked me? Pathing around made it easy for Fracture to track me, but for any non-proxy it should be terribly fucking difficult. Hell, I don't even know how Fracture does that shit. And yet as soon as I stop moving for more than a day... there he is. Like he knew exactly where I was.

He was lying. Fracture sent him. No doubt. I drew my spear.

I could see him grin. I guess he already had a pretty good idea that wasn't going to work.

"I never was a good liar," he laughed pulling off his eye-patch to reveal his cat eye and pulling his arm from its sling to reveal his rake claw. "But a fight I can do. I'll make a liar out of you when I leave you lying on the floor!" He snickered at this terrible fucking joke. He dropped down on all fours and started dashing at me.

Hes fucking fast. I thought I had him. A running start is a terrible idea against a spear, but he leapt against wall and kick into my side. Once he was in and on me, my spear was not doing me a lot of good.

I kept trying to spin and swing at him but he kept pace and ripped at my arms. By that last swing, when I finally did hit him, it wasn't very hard. He just grinned his toothy grin and shoved me against the wall. My arms were fucked. Useless. That spear was dead to me. I couldn't much leave with it now. It'd just get in the way. Colors were fading. I was dizzy.

He brought his fist up. I think he thought I was done. He was wrong. He threw my weight hard in on direction. I knew it was gonna be coming at me so I just had to make a good point of moving. Heard him shout. Listened to bones snap with a loud thud as he accidentally brought his fist against the wall in what was likely supposed to be a knock out punch. That rake claw, its real good for slashing and impaling but not punching. Given the shape those hands take when a feral-ling mutates, they break easily under the force of a punch.

I grabbed his shoulders. I needed to secure the advantaged before he could recoup from the pain. I couldn't push or pull real hard but holding him like that made it easy to drive a knee into his gut. He crumpled over, winded.

Time to fuck off. I Pathed out to my car and sped off for as long as I could bear, not long, into the middle of nowhere. Bandaged up. Did my best to drive further way before the adrenaline wore off and I finally had to curl up and sleep to escape the pain.

I spent the next few days trying to meet up with Picasso. Moving around was hellish. I'm lucky I made it.

They kept showing up at the meeting spots before me. Had keep changing it closer until I just had them coming in to pick me up.

That sucked.

... Better now. But fuck that asshole.  Helrick, I'm sure you read this. Fuck you buddy. Traitorous asshole. I'm gonna feed you your own claw. Seriously, fuck you.

Moth out.

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