Monday, November 4, 2013

Operation Hallow Hunt

God FUCKING damn it.


Seriously, fuck.

I thought we had it that time. I really really really thought we finally had it. FUCK.

Which, I didn't do. I SO would have if I could, but I didn't! I did, however, have a good hunch that it was gonna happen.

So the plan was for Moth to start heading away from New York for the FAR corners of the United States. I can't say where exactly for safety reasons, but his part of the plan was more or less to lead Fracture's FINEST blood hounds as far away from New York as possible so they would be unavailable to respond to the crisis I suspected was gonna go down in New York.

Meanwhile, I was camping out in New York watching the coffee shop Fracture tethered his loop to. That's right, its at a fucking COFFEE SHOP of ALL fucking places. Not the Baker Street one, but its still kind of fucked up. I can't tell if its silent reverence, a hommage, or if he was blatantly trying to exploit the high profile nature of the original coffee shop to confuse people out of finding his. But the bottom line here, ITS FUCKED UP. Probably.

Its gone now. I think. Everything was packed up and the place is labeled 'For Lease' now. Not that I could hang around to see if anyone was still making regular trips in and out of it. For all I know, the 'For Lease' thing could just be to throw me and anyone else off his trail. He could very well still be tethered there. Again, I COULDN'T HANG AROUND. I was pretty sure I was being followed and that shit HAD to stop. So I slipped in and out of a few clothes store in different outfits without paying until I was sure no one was tracking me anymore. ALSO DITCHED ALL OF MY PRECIOUS STUFF. It was REALLY fucking disheartening.

Holy shit, I am so far ahead of myself. Lets roll back the clock.... to the dawn of time. SING THIS SONG WITH ME~...

Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do... do, do, do... do, do, do... do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do... sing this song with me...


DINOSAURS. Moving on (from happier times~).

Lets go back to the hunch. THE HUNCH IS SO IMPORTANT.

So, like, Duckie is a hollow right? And hollows try to go somewhere on Hollow's Eve, right? And Fracture lives in and keeps all his valuable stuff in a loop right? Fracture considers Duckie valuable and is keeping him, right? Still with me? Is it coming together?

I bet this is all sounding TOTALLY irrelevant right? YOUR WRONG AND A FUCKING IDIOT! As stupid as Fuck Face Fracture.

See, apparently Duckie can dismantle a loop by force of will. He just has to want to. Its not something he did a lot but it is something he did before HE DIDN'T DIE.

But a hollow does not want... except! Except on Hollow's Eve when they all want out of their cages to go to the woods! 

SO BLAMMO. Hollow's Eve night and VIOLENT MASKED LUNATICS start pouring out of Fracture's coffee shop. Apparently, Fracture was storing Duckie with the rest of the psychopaths to keep him hidden or something because they all seemed to be hollows... best I could tell at least.

I started CUTTING THEM DOWN, safely. I would pick wanderers out of the crowd. NONE OF THEM WERE DUCKIE.

I got impatient! I was in the process of running back to my car so I could just try PLOWING through the crowd when MOTH 2.0 SHOWED UP. Maggot.

I can TOTALLY take that little shit in a fight, but the little fucker pulled a gun on me and started unloading. I RIPPED a path portal back to my car to escape the gun fire. Once I had gotten the car started, I could see the fucker coming around the corner for me. I'm still not sure how they're tracking my path use. I couldn't risk Maggot gunning me down if I sped the car forward at it, so I spun the car around and fled across town making SO many turns until I was sure I had lost ANY potential pursuers. Then I had to ditch the car. Maggot had probably got my plates.

Couldn't risk going back that night... and I already explained what I saw when I went back later.

Now, here is an interesting side note. Supposedly, Moth's imaginary girlfriend Navi went with me for this plan. So somewhere in all of this, she was in there doing things... somewhere. But we can't see each other or something so... I don't... know how that could possibly have worked...

HERE IS A MESSAGE FOR NAVI. What happened girl? Where you at? You still here with me? Where you going? You alive?

Either way, I got a text from Moth telling me where he is so we can meet up. So we're doing that. Since I got the laptop, he can share his half of the story when he gets to me.

That is, of course, assuming the Finest didn't FIND AND KILL HIM. In which case, this is a trap and I'm probably gonna die.


Here is hoping that does not happen.

Picasso out and stuff.

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