Thursday, August 21, 2014

So... this is it...

We're really gonna do it... gonna put an end to all this. Maybe... Just maybe if we kill Duckie and Fracture, we'll get Picasso back. And I don't mean flipping her back from being a raving voilent lunitic to a screaming lunatic constantly threatening violence. I think I may very well be getting back the real Picasso...

Just one more fight... one more.

We're heading there right now. It's turned out to be quite a drive. See, Fracture challenged us to settle things where he originally saved Picasso after Duckie threw her ass off a roof. Unfortunately, the only one who knows for 100% sure where that happened is Picasso and... well we still aren't letting her ass out of the trunk. She might very well rip our throats out if we did. I mean, I've been feeding her... but that more or less just entails me throwing food and water in there three times a day... a little scared of what she might look like at this point.

We have, naturally, accepted Fracture's challenge. That probably goes without saying this far into the post but this give me a flimsy pretense to just... link Nat accepting the challenge on her blog... lessens the amount of explaining I have to do

I... I was nervous about this fight before... but after this... After Picasso went toe to toe with a fear and won... after her show of force granting us insight into just how interconnected her and Father have become in their crusade against Fracture and Duckie... I'm not scared that we won't win this. I know we will win this.

... I'm just scared it won't fix her... is it even possible to repair that much damage? ... To separate a god from the vessel it's jammed an entire finger into?

And if they do part afterwards... will there even be anything left inside Picasso? Or will she just be a shell at that point?

Just... another blessed little hollow lost in the world she can no longer understand or appreciate?

I guess its wrong to say that I'm afraid I'm gonna lose her... at this point I'd have to say I'm scared that we already have.

If shes really gone... I think I'm gonna abandon this blog. It always was more of her baby than it was mine. Her little ranting wall to scream into the internet about how much she hates Fracture and Duckie...

If I survive I'll probably throw up one last post letting every one else know what happened... if not I'm sure at least one of the others will make it... I'm sure they'll put up or at least link a final post explaining what happened from this blog to wherever they posted it themselves.

Best case scenario, a fixed Picasso will be alive and  around to detail what went down... assuming she could even remember.

But this is either my last or second to last post here. Survive or not... if I find the urge to write after that I'll just start my own little blog.

What would I even name it...?

Does anyone even care? Probably not. Curse of the mute. Why would you care about one? Hehe, we don't have souls after all.

Until next time, maybe,
Moth Out.

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