Friday, July 25, 2014

I... We. We Saw it coming.

Me and Fracture...
But I was hoping he was wrong.

Hmmmmpph. This blog doesn't really get enough love.

Where to start?
We've been spending a lot of time with Nat and her troop of goons including an old friend and flame of mine, Vallus, and my favorite brand of traitorous untrustible swine, Mr. Sloth.

Vallus is talking now, which makes her a wordy vow breaking convictionless... thing. Disgusting really. And as I understand it from what Sloth was telling me she didn't take the Rite of Shattering before she decided to start talking again which... whats a nice to put this? Its... truly... despicable? Yeah. We'll go with that.

If I didn't consider her a friend, I'd have broken that mask of hers against her face myself. I fear I'm growing soft.

Maggot, I don't know if you read this but heres fair warning. If I catch you wandering around without your mask or talking I won't just brake your mask against your face, I'll force feed you the broken pieces down your fucking throat. Stand by your oath or take the Rite.

Moving along.

Nat's an angry bitch but shes got a hell of any arm. Shes quick and she hits hard. And she can take a hit. We've sparred for hours. If I'm being perfectly honest... I'm more than a little interested. Expressing that interest, however, earned me a punch in the throat and in... well, other places. We'll leave it at that.

Suffice to say she isn't interested. And I can't say I blame her. I'm sure being masked, mute, or zealously worshiping an entity she has no respect for could be forgiven if I was doing just one of those things. But I do all of those things... Nature of the oath.

She seems real close to Sloth now which I'm convinced is a huge mistake. I've seen the guy set fire to a building with a squad of proxies inside to slow down the Archangel when it retaliated for the group of timberwolves we had just killed.

Not that the fire slowed down the Archangel, mind you. It trapped the rest of the team inside and Archangel went for the easier kill while we, as per Sloth's instructions, left. I would not be relying on him as I have been if he wasn't bank rolling our little coup against Fracture and even with that I still don't like to be around the fucker.

He was taken out of real management and sent on suicide missions for a reason. The man is a Menace. He keeps telling me things are different now but I don't buy that shit for a second and I'm more then a little afraid Nat's gonna find out what he really is the hard way. But hey, shes a big girl. And if nothing else, I'm confident when he does show his true colors she'll be more than capable of surviving it. Assuming he doesn't like... just shoot her in the back of the head or something.

And that brings us to Helrick and Picasso... current events.

So, after Helrick broke Picasso out of Fracture's little prison in the Compound he realized she was more unstable and unruly than he was able to handle. After much effort on both parties sides, he finally made contact with us and we Met Up.

But even with tranquilizers and all five of us taking turns watching and caring for her, she proved to be too much for all of us to handle. Her erratic behavior was driving us all to the point of insanity when Navi came up with a Plan, which she saw fit to put up on Nat's blog instead of ours.

That plan was to give Picasso what she was screaming for, Helrick. So we threw the lamb the slaughter and miraculously he wasn't immediately ripped to shreds. In fact, Picasso finally calmed down and stopped screaming every five fucking minutes.

I was so relieved to finally have some peace I convinced myself that maybe things could work out for them. If nothing else, maybe Helrick could stay just close enough to keep Picasso stable.


I like to think she, the real her, is still in there somewhere but on some cognitive level I know better...

It was my turn to stand watch for Helrick. He didn't feel safe in her arms when we first handed him off to her so we established a watch to keep an eye on the two of them in case something happened and Picasso suddenly went ape shit on him.

I will say it again, he didn't feel comfortable when he was first handed over to her. After about a day, the watch went from being something of a serious concern to mandatory sessions of watching a couple being way to affectionate for company.

Nat straight up refused to do it anymore and I don't know that I can blame her for that. It stopped being Picasso forcing herself on Helrick and slowly turned into constant face sucking and ass grabbing.

We started footing the bill for hotels so we could keep their asses on the roof where the rest of us wouldn't have to see them until our shift came up. Even then, I started sitting inside just on the other side of the roof's door so I'd only have to listen to them which was bad enough on its own.

"I love you" said Picasso in a happy loving tone.

"I... I love you too," said Helrick after taking a moment to decide how he wanted to answer that. It sounded less than convincing.

"We're gonna gut Fuck Face together. We'll rip him, and whisper, and DUCKIE apart!"

"Haha. That's right. Those assholes don't stand a chance."

"And then once they're good and DEAD... you're gonna stay with ME and help me dismantle ALL of Fracture's organization right?"



"Well. I'll stay with you as long as I can but I have my own assholes to hunt once I've helped you take care of Fracture. The Rake... that thing... it killed my sister... her husband... their kids... made me into this... Monster... left me for dead... I need to make it pay Picasso."

"Oh...." she said sounding disappointed. I mean, I'm sure it sounded like she was disappointed to anyone else. But I recognized her tone. The inflection in her voice. The way she said it... I'd heard it before.

"But I'll always come back to see you... help you when y-Grrrah.... Arrrgh!"

I broke through the door to try to get to Helrick as fast as I could but he wasn't curled up to Picasso anymore. By this point Picasso was already standing and she already had Helrick by the throat... and was dangling him over the edge of the building with one arm.

He was desperately struggling to get lose, although I don't know where he was hoping to go if he did get free. He'd just fall. One arm was on Picasso's arm, the one that was choking him out and holding him there. The other clawed hand wiggled back in forth at his side. From the bruising and blood, I'd have to say Picasso managed to crush that shoulder to render that whole arm useless...

He kept making noises and trying to talk but Picasso was crushing his throat.

I ran at her as fast as I could. I was gonna pull her back and try to bring Helrick back over the edge at the same time but I wasn't fast enough. She rolled her shoulder... and then threw him over the edge.

... To late to save him, I pulled out two tranquilizers and resumed running over. I injected Picasso with both of them. She just... turned to face me, started at me, looked at the needles I had stuck her with, looked back over the edge, and then just suddenly flopped over unconscious.

I decided we wouldn't take any more chances after that... I pulled out a bit of rope and I tied her ass down.

For good measure, I gagged her.

I rushed her down stairs over my shoulder and knocked on our door. Everyone seemed confused as to why I had Picasso over my shoulder. They questioned where Helrick was. I waved for them to follow me and rushed them outside.

From there we got a good look at where Helrick had landed... he fell into the tree below... and was impaled through the gut on one of the larger branches.

He was just... hanging there. His cold lifeless eyes looked confused and scared... forever staring out at nothing in particular...

The group broke into a small panic. We had to leave, now.

I threw Picasso in the trunk and we sped off.

She... managed to get the gag off back there. We could hear her back there talking to herself...

"You promised... Swore to stay with me... Now you'll always be mine... Always be with me."

And she repeats this to herself over and over again... between violent fits of giggles...

We just... We don't know what to fucking do with her anymore. We've been keeping her in the trunk. When we do actually sneak her inside to our hotel room, we keep her ass in the closet.

Its... not safe to be around her anymore. Shes just... all fucked up.

Painful as it is to admit, Fracture was right... but then again its his fucking fault shes like this...

... Moth out.


  1. Oh, for fuck's sake. I didn't know you were such a fucking tightass. If I see you trying anything with Vallus, I'll break you myself. And you fucking know I can.

    1. I said I wasn't gonna do anything like... right in post. Literally immediately after expressing that the desire was there.

      Does she deserve it? Yes. But I won't. Because friendship and such shit.


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