Friday, June 27, 2014

Like Lovers on the Open Shore

So... We're out. Free.

After Fracture's little... experiment... thing didn't help Picasso, I decided she was right. He couldn't help her and he was only making whatever was wrong with her worse.

When I opened the door following Fracture's cries for help at the end of his little experiment, I found Whisper with his throat ripped open. I found Fracture's skull half caved in and Picasso foaming at the mouth. Whatever he had shot her up with killed her but her body was spasming rather violently. I'm not convinced those were tranquilizers.

And when she woke up it became apparent how right she was about his inability to help her.

I thought it was odd and annoying how she would randomly start screaming words in the middle of talking, but now she'll just start screaming at the top of her lungs and assaulting the closest thing to her at random. Sometimes she does just the opposite. Sometimes she'll just stop... and stare at nothing. Then she'll suddenly snap back to reality saying stuff like, "Fine, but only this once," or "I swear to god I didn't," or, and this one was my personal favorite, "Huh, but cats don't like water."

And then she'll go back on with whatever she was doing like it never fucking happened.

I asked her, "Cats don't like water?"

And she looked over at me confused. "I think THAT'S just a STEREOTYPE perpetuated by the CAT CONGLOMERATE to make us think CAT HAVE A WEAKNESS... because they don't. When THEY TAKE OVER, our death's will be SWIFT and PAINFUL."

I have no idea what to make of the insanity she spewed but it doesn't line up with things she herself said about a minute earlier and that's terrifyingly concerning.

In light of all that I probably shouldn't have done what I did next but... when Fracture went on to blame the Fears for his own failure insisting that this didn't work because of their meddling as opposed to his own short comings and the way he was blatantly just scribbling across her memories changing things at seemingly random in hopes they might make her, not better, but more subordinate to him... I broke her out.

I stole the key to her cell and I had... a friend of her's smuggle us out through the path... hate that disgusting place.

She tried to choke me out at first but after I opened the door and told her she was free to go, between gasps for air, she softened up. And when we hit land she... really, really softened up... like inappropriately so. Shes become painfully affectionate. Which I might... maybe could have gotten comfortable with but she still has random outbursts of screaming and ripping shit apart and I'm a little terrified of it being me she has at arms length during one of these episodes.

I mean, shes attractive and all and I did make some advances here and there but I don't want to fucking die. I've resorted to tying her up before bed...

She insists on singing at me from across the room.

"Like lovers on the open shore, what's the mat-ter, mat-ter? When you're sitting there with so much more, what's the mat-ter, mat-ter? While you're wondering what the hell to be, are you wishing you were ugly like me? " 

I... I assume its an attempt to woo me or something but I don't recognize the songs and she never finishes them. She'll sing a verse and then suddenly jump to another song.

"Blue eyes, blue eyes."

I don't recognize that one either. Don't matter though. Shes starting screaming and kicking the shit out of the chair next to her. I'm really worried the people in the room next to us might call the cops or something...


And now shes gagged. Here's hoping we can both get some sleep now. Kind of regretting this course of action...

Guess our next course of action is gonna be to find these assholes. They're her friends... kinda mostly, and I'm hoping they can help me deal with her. And I guess since I'm suddenly on the other side of the fence from Fracture we'll be comrades now too... fun.

- "Helrick"


  1. Another win for us, another lose for fuck face.

    1. Enjoy your rabid badger. A fine prize if I do say so myself.

      Try not to let it disembowel you.

    2. Won't be the first time I've had to deal with an overly violent maniac.


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