Saturday, June 14, 2014

Shacking with Nat...

...and Sloth and Vallus of all people.

Hey. Moth here.

Sorry for the long period of silence again. Once I realized LeCroix did't have Picasso I went underground again. She threatened to come back and put me down in that little message she left for me and, while I know I can take her in a fight, the bitch likes to use guns. So if she gets the drop on me its over. Such an incredibly dishonorable weapons. Fire Arms truly are a disgusting cowardly tool. It sicks me to even consider stooping to using them... so I won't.

Can't let anything knock me off my game. Can't afford to psych myself out with something like that.

So I spent a lot of time sleeping out in the woods, under bridges, on roofs, in tunnels. Just in some really low profile... probably less than ideal places. Places I knew she wouldn't be able to track me to. Couldn't do motels anymore. Too obvious. Screams proxy.

Even gone so far as to take my mask off while I travel... felt naked. But I'm certain she'd be able to track reports of a mask individual moving through towns...

I don't know. Maybe I was just being really paranoid.

Somewhere in that time, Sloth decided he wanted to meet up with me. Safety in numbers and he wants me around if he figures out a way to get Picasso back... something I'd want to be around for.

God, by now she could already be complete brainwashed... worrisome.

So I met up with Sloth and his traveling companion, Nat. I was surprised to find they already had a third wheel.

Apparently Vallus isn't dead. I was pretty sure she died in that loop incident pretending to be Navi sometime back. I guess not. I have to be honest. I stopped reading blogs for a good while when we went dark the first time. So this was news to me. Shes dyed her hair white again, instead of Navi's blood red shade. Crimson. That has to be dyed. Kind of makes me wish I had been able to ask. Not talking can be rather bothersome at times...

Anyways, the four of us have just been hanging out, driving around. Trying to keep off Fracture, Writer, or LeCroix's radars. God, there are a lot of people after us. Really becomes apparent when you type them all out... huh.

But yeah, like when you deal with a fear, we've just been constantly moving around to keep safe.

Me and Vallus have been reconnecting. She's one of my old mask buddies. We've been sharing a bed to save space, something we use to do a lot. She's been resisting my advances but I think she might be interested. Sure that has everything to do with the other two people who are always in the room with us. I should probably back of... I guess.

Sloth is... sloth. He reads and plays on his little handheld thing... stares at us with cold eyes... hes what got me this far but I do not trust him...

And then there's Nat. We've been wailing on each other. Shes... a worthy opponent. Shes even beaten me a couple of times, which is impressive. I'm really good in a fight, especially a one on one fight. Been a long time since I've felt challenged in an honorable engagement. I've missed it....

We have no idea what we're gonna do to get Picasso back... but I'm confident we'll figure something out. You readng this Fuck Face? This isn't over yet. I don't care what you do to her. You could turn her against us for all I care, I'm gonna make you pay for this. WE are gonna make you pay for this...

She would have wanted that.

Moth out.

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  1. Vallus is definitely not interested. Just so you know.


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