Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fuck you LeCroix

I'm gonna rip you and Helrick's throats out the next time I fucking see you you sick sons of bitches.

Fucking cunts.

GGGGrrrrrrr... just... fucking grrrr.

I should have checked the blog sooner. I've been so busy trying to track down LeCroix. I thought I fucking had her a few times but apparently she put together a few red herrings to throw me off her fucking scent. Either that or Fuck Face did it for her. I don't know, but apparently he was definitely involved. As if Helrick's participation didn't make that clear.

The only reason I did bother to check was I nearly managed to corner her the other night before she slipped through my finger tips. It was only then that I realized she didn't have Picasso with her. When I didn't find her in the room LeCroix had been hiding out in, it occurred to me she might have escaped on her own.

So I hoped on the blog hoping Picasso had left a message for me there to find LeCroix had used it to report her successful mission to Fracture and fucking taunt me. Looking at Fracture's blog revealed that he fucking has Picasso now and that hes planning to do god know what with her. I wouldn't be terribly surprised if the sick fuck hollowed her and kept her like a fucking dog... like Duckie...

Stupid fucking Picasso. I don't understand her infatuation with Helrick.

That's what fucked us over.

Helrick and LeCroix showed up at our motel out of the blue. LeCroix came in with her hands up.

"Relax. Its me. Your friend... uh... Blondie? You like to call me blondie I believe.," said LeCroix

"Hey BLO-!.... wait... WHAT THE FUCK IS HE DOING HERE," screamed Picasso as she pointed at Helrick.

"He helped me find you guys."

"..." I shifted into a combat stance and rested a hand on my weapon. I knew something was wrong. Picasso proceeded to freak out.

"No! FUCK THAT. He's working for FUCK FACE! He BETRAYED us! This is some sort of trick!"

To which Helrick responded by pulling out some flowers from behind his back.

"No, really," he insisted. "Fracture tried to kill you guys. He ended up killing three of his own guys who went rogue on him as a direct result of dissatisfaction in his ranks over how he was handling things! It was one thing when he had me hunting rakelings and trying to bring you two in alive but hes going to far. I know you. You're a good person. A beautiful wonderful person. You don't deserve to die," he insisted pressing the flowers closer to Picasso.

Picasso responded by hacking the flowers in half with one of her hatchets. "N-No! Y-You abandoned us. And you tried to kill us... and ME. Y-You can't REALLY-" she started but was quickly interrupted as Helrick reached out with his non-rakeclaw hand and pulled Picasso close against him by the wrist.

"I really mean it," he said with a confident tone.

"I-.... You-....," Picasso stammered blushing and looking up at him apparently taken back by this for some reason.

While she was doing that, Helrick grabbed a cloth hanging from the back of his belt and pressed it to her face and she passed right the fuck out. I'm assuming that was chloroform.

"I'm kind of sad that worked" he said letting her down on the ground gently, his eyes fixed on me as LeCroix pulled her gun into stance and made her way behind me.

I shifted my stance to try to keep an eye on both of them as Helrick stood back up and pulled his claw hand out of his arm sling. He pretends its broken so he can walk around in public with it in there.

"Like maybe I'm a bad person or something... although I would feel worse if she didn't respond to everything I said and did exactly like Fracture said she would. He really has you two figured out, you know that?" he said taking a stance.


And what followed was a rather short fight. I disarmed LeCroix of her gun, which took her out of the fight as she scrambled after it. As I recall, its both a keep sake and a weapon to her. Then I proceeded to break Helrick's rake claw arm. Rakeling claws may be good at ripping flesh but if you can pin the arm down, the mutation makes the arm itself rather frail.

I got back to LeCroix as she returned to her feet before she could line up a shot. I went in close where her gun did her a fuck lot of good and tried to wrestle it away from her again. She managed to push me back but I sprang forward again to her surprise and slammed her head against the wall, dazing her so I could disarm her again and check on Helrick.

I didn't deal with LeCroix fast enough that time. I turned around and got a good and sudden right hook from Helrick to the face, knocking me out cold. Naturally, took off with Picasso while I was out cold.

I'm not sure why they didn't take me too. Or kill me even. They just left me there on the floor.

When I got up, I started tracking them down. You know the rest from there.

I think I could have taken them one on one but I couldn't get at both of them fast enough in a two on one situation. I was fucked.

No point in chasing LeCroix anymore now that I know she doesn't have Picasso. And I still can't get at Fracture and his compound, less so now that I'm down my screaming psychopath.

I'm just... all around fucked...

Sloth... any ideas...?

Moth out.

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