Monday, January 13, 2014

Tracking the Loop

NOTHING to the north.

I concur... nothing down the north hall. We should take different halls next time. I'll go east, you go west.

Nothing to the west. ANOTHER dead end. Going south next.


Found a room full of beds and lockers to the east. Very military. Trying to go through it all. A lot of knives, but otherwise a lot of personal junk. Gonna keep looking.


Finished the room full of beds. Found a shotgun. Left it by the laptop. I can't really use it. Was never trained for fire arms. You probably shouldn't use it either. Since you can't see me, you're liable to shoot me trying to hit something if you were to try to use it.

... You didn't report last night. Everything okay?


Found a dead end down the east hall on the first right turn but that hall seems to keep doing down a ways on the left turn. It broke into four more directions later on. I tried the left most but all I found was an emptied Kitchen.

Picasso. I assume you're still alive. I assume you keep going south and dying or getting lost before you can come back and report what you've found for yourself. I'm gonna go south too next time. We'll figure out whats going wrong.

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