Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Correction: Ruined Feline


You can't break cats. I tried. They just die.

So we're Fathomless again! Pitty. Probably.

Speaking of cats, Apparently Lucia isn't dead. SHE MUST HAVE BROKEN ARMS! Or hands.

More Likely Scenario: Subject is still struggling with personal trauma they no longer wish to share.

HAHA.  Personal. Impractical adjective. A person can not be personing so it's best not to question what can not be!


[Edit: You have none.]

Any who... how... ways... words...
We are at a university. I can't mention what we are going to be doing but you should already know! Probably. I'll give you a hint, we aren't here for frogs.

Tried to explain running to a guy the other day which was odd. I've been wrapped into this runner/proxy thing so long I kept skipping over important shit. SUPER IMPORTANT SHIT. Like the need to run as a runner.


So many things I take for granted as common knowledge when there are so many who know NOTHING!
Your not just cockroaches, you're retarded cockroaches and I should have really been taking that into consideration.

I'm sorry. <3

Oh the past... the things what had happened...

I can remember the day I became a proxy like it was yesterday. It was a decision my brother made for me. He was EVERYTHING to me back then.

I can remember him kicking me awake and yelling in my ear, "Wake up bitch, we're proxies now!"

[Edit: Yeah... this story is different every time she tells it. Last time she claimed she use to have a younger sister and she and her brother had to kill the sister to save themselves and become proxies... which is a piece of Duckie's life. I'm pretty sure she never had a sister.]

Such a wonderful day. Also, NOT A BITCH!

But otherwise a beautiful day.

Oh look. Those ones aren't paying attention.

Duty calls.


Picasso Entry End


  1. You are certainly a very...interesting person Firecracker.


  2. I feel so lost...

    I figured everything ended when Swan died...

    Fracture and Firecracker both have their own blogs...

    I guess I'll be spending my last few days trying to figure out what happened.

    Not like anything else is happening so far...

    1. Would you like some cliff notes?

    2. That would be helpful yes...

      Although I've already read back through all your posts and Fracture's so not sure if I'm still missing anything.


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