Sunday, November 18, 2012

Occurrence: Self Liberation

Finally breaking free!


If Fracture thinks he can get away with trying to lie to ME then I'm better off without him.

Self analysis, we are unprepared.

Unfortunately, I blew the 45 days Fracture took ignoring me trying to find leads on where Duckie might have been moved to rather then setting up a means to survive without Fracture's protection. At least I have Trent... for whatever the hell that is worth. Mute son of a bitch.

I was talking a big game 8 and a half minutes ago but I have no fucking clue where to even start.

We have no leads and about... hmm... twenty dollars.

I'm thing we'll need...

What was that?


Hold on, I heard something. I sent Trent to check it out.


He's been gone a while.




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