Saturday, April 13, 2013

Recovery post, AGAIN

Getting REALLY tired of constantly being really injured, sick, or tired.

The last week has been a blur.  I slept through practically ALL OF IT. It sucked.

Wake up, get force fed food, sleep, wake up AGAIN, get FORCE FED water, sleep, WAKE UP, go to car, SLEEP AGAIN, wake up, go new place, MORE FUCKING SLEEP.

I thought I was gonna be fine when I wrote that post after the vomit session but I guess that was the adrenaline. I laid down and everything started getting REALLY cold and I didn't want to move because it FUCKING HURT every time I did. I tried writing a post sooner but that BLUE FUCKING GLOW from the frog's screen gave me a migraine to look directly at. So I slept... CONSTANTLY.

But I feel better and I can finally walk around and do things and it BETTER fucking stay that way this time or I swear to the gods SOMEONE IS GONNA DIE.


On a slightly less homicidal note, Blondie is still with us. I forget her real name and she isn't really blonde but I like calling her that. She has this AWESOME glare.

I think she's lonelier then she lets on. I could hear when I was trying to sleep sometimes. She talks to herself. Like, ALL THE FUCKING TIME. And not just a little bit of it, she has full conversations with herself. Half of which, seem to be entirely IN HER HEAD. I could only ever hear the speaking half, I can't hear the part where she thinks an answer back at herself.

Its adorable. I think. She hasn't done it once since I've regain the ability to be awake for longer than 30 minutes at a time. I figure because she knows I'm watching. Shyness is ADORABLE, regardless of how insane the reason.

I'm gonna see if I can't get her to write a post.

Only RIGHT for someone to introduce themselves.

Picasso Entry End


  1. Oh god. Please be careful. I don't want anything to happen to you.

    1. Hehe, I'll be fine MOM! DAD! ... PARENT!

      Are you feeling any better?

    2. I'm feeling a lot better, yeah. How about you?

    3. Much better. No more black GUNK. Like all my dreams came true or something. Or maybe just that ONE.

  2. Have you tried punching the Sickness in the face.

    Just throwing suggestions out there.

    1. I tried KILLING IT DEAD with a hatchet. I ruined another table....


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