Friday, April 5, 2013

Blondie, Ginger, and Sickness Unite! Rise of the Serpentine, FALL OF THE SAPPHIRE.

Hahahaha! Our power grows, WE MADE A NEW FRIEND. One, THAT KILLS PEOPLE! We are gonna kill Fracture. We are gonna kill Fracture. We are gonna kill Fracture!

Hehehe. Blondie came back... Well. Wait. I should start earlier then that.

SO, we were out shopping for medicines and booze. I'm hoping the right combinations of those things will stop the black stuffs from occasionally CLAWING AT MY THROAT AND SPEWING OUT MY MOUTH. I bought all kinds of medicine. Allergy meds, pain meds, cold meds, vitamins, and even birth control and hormones.

One of these thing amplified with the MOST POWERFUL alcohol Moth could find, something called Everclear, is bound to cure me. Moth at no point tried to stop me so I'm assuming this is a good idea. So we got all the different things they would sell us and were heading to home.

Then suddenly, BAM! Some crazy fucking ginger BITCH in a school girl outfit and an open hoodie with an operator symbol on the front of the hood popped out of nowhere and slammed a freaky bamboo sword thing into Moths chest throwing him hard on his STUPID MUTE ASS.

I dropped my bags and pulled my hatchets and charged but the GINGER CUNT sidestepped me fucking ELBOWED me hard on the chest. I reeled back and fell to a knee and started coughing my FUCKING BRAINS OUT. TERRIBLE time to fall into a coughing fit.

"Time to die proxy scum," she said running in to make a swipe for my head.

Moth run one and help up his spear to let her run into it but she dropped to a slide and brought the swipe down hard onto his chest again throwing him right back down on his ass.

"You should have ran," he cackled readying another run at us. "Now, you both die."

"FUCK YOU BI-" is managed to spit out before I started coughing my brains out, AGAIN. Things were looking bad.

"Hey, what's going on here?" said a familiar sounding voice. And into the alley comes Blondie!

"Stay out of this!" the ginger immediately spat out, only taking a moment to glance over. "This h-... you... That Mask...Proxy!" she yelled, raising her weapon to Blondie. Not sure WHAT mask she was talking about. Blondie doesn't wear one.

Blondie moved in between us and her. "I'm not the one acting like a proxy here. You are!"

"Said the monster behind his mask," hissed back the ginger missing a swipe with her sword thing at Blondie.

I was thoroughly confused. The crazy bitch couldn't seem to even get Blondie's FUCKING GENDER right.
"What fucking mask you craz-" was all I got out before I broke out in another coughing fit.

 "What do you want with these idiots?" questioned Blondie.

"I'm GONNA CRUSH THEM!" responded ginger finally landing a a blow, throwing Blondie off her footing.

Blondie was quick to get back to her feet and pulled a GUN aiming it right at the gingers CRAZY FUCKING FACE.

"Not if I obliterate your fucking face first, sweetheart. You're a goddamn proxy that has no other purpose than to lay down and die. Look at you, hunting two non-proxies. It's you who is the proxy, get it straight in your head."

"Nonproxy-... No! You're the proxies... your in masks! ... Right?"

"We are not in masks. Are you blind or something, girl?" asked Blondie suring up her aim, finger TWITCHING to end the crazy bitches life and put an end to this.

"I..." said the ginger at a loss for words. Somehow that REDICULOUS bluff worked... not sure now. Me and Moth kind of... REALLY look like proxies.

The ginger made a run for it and Blondie fired a round or two at her. Not sure if she was shooting to kill. PROBABLY was though. Shes scary.

The three of us made a break for it after that in case of cops showing up. Gunshots tend to draw them in.

"This is where you guys are staying?"

"Yep!" I replied proudly. Another shitty little motel thing.

"This won't do. Its to close to where you were just attacked. Grab your shit. We need to move you," she said looking around. "I'm gonna hotwire a car so hurry."

Shes was so awesome. "You're so AWESOME."

"Yeah... whatever. Hurry up," she said heading to the parking lot.

We grabbed our stuff fast as we could and met her at a car and climbed in and the three of us sped off.

Moth pulled off his shirt and started putting rubbing stuff on his bruise, the BIG MUTE baby. I got to work on my med cocktail.

"So why are you helping us? LAST TIME WE TALKED, you were still planning to kill us."

"I said I wouldn't without a cause and that makes you as good as civilians... I wasn't about to sit back and watch civilians get hurt."

"Is that the ONLY reason?" I prodded. I was hoping she would remember her FUCKING PROMISE.

"Do I need more reasoning?"

"I GUESS NOT!" I screamed at her. I felt like... I could just... crush her STUPID FUCKING SKULL into the steering wheel.

But then I broke into another coughing it.

"You okay?"

"Y-Yeah... got... I think the cockroaches call it Slender Sickness..."

She looked horrified as I started coughing up black gunk. "Is there anyway to treat that?"

"We got a bunch of medicine today... we're gonna find a way. I KNOW IT."

Moth spent most of the trip taking care of his bruise silently, like he does.

We stopped at a new motel some ways away.

"You guys get attacked a lot?" she asked as we got out of the car.

"No... but when we do, ITS BAD. I took a fucking SNIPER ROUND an little while back," I said pulling up my shirt to show the wound.

"And how long does slender sickness last?"

"No idea... if cockroach blogs are any indicator... til you die... and its supposed to CONSTANTLY get worse."

She stared down at the floor for a while. I guess she was taking in everything she had learned about us... calculated our SURVIVAL ODDS. Found them lacking. "I think... it would be best if I came with you guys for a little while."

"Really?" I asked. I couldn't believe my ears. I was pretty sure it was a trap and we needed to take her out now before she could STRIKE, but I'm hopeful that I'm wrong... so... "YAY!" I yelled and hugged her.

She did that awesome thing she does where she makes and annoyed grunt and pulls me off of her.  "Just until you aren't sick anymore, okay? And as long as you two don't get in my way."

"We'll sure try!"

"... Right..., I'm gonna take care of the car. You two get a room for us," she said and took off.

And naturally, WE GOT A ROOM.

Not sure when she got back. I took the bed cocktail while she was out, I passed right out. When I woke up I felt like SHIT and had to make an immediate run for the bathroom. I proceeded to vomit up A NEVER ENDING SUPPLY OF BLACK GUNK for like, AN HOUR.

Apparently Blondie didn't KILL or DITCH us while I was asleep. She came in after about 10 minutes and started rubbing my back.

She's so awesome! NOW IF ONLY SHE COULD REMEMBER PROMISES. I guess we all need a little breaking in though...

So... I'm feeling a little better... haven't coughed since my marathon vomit session... hope things stay like that...



  1. I'm glad you have someone to help you. Please be careful, I'm really worried about you.

    1. YOU TOO! Heal up and stuff. Those were some NASTY cuts and bruises...

    2. I'll be fine. I'm much more worried about you.

    3. I feel a lot better... FOR NOW. Hoping that lasts.

      Just like, take care of yourself, okay?

    4. I will, I promise. You too.

  2. I didn't know that the Slender Sickness was THAT bad. Hope you feel better, however dangerous you are.

    1. I hear it VARIES. It hits people harder then others and stuffs. Different side effects... that sort of thing.

      And THANKS, I guess.


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