Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Moth here...

So Picasso ran off while I was off getting supplies and LeCroix was in the bathroom. That's what 'Blondie' actually calls herself, by the way, LeCroix. I have no idea why Picasso calls her Blondie. Her hair isn't Blonde.

Now, if it was up to Picasso there would probably be an eight paragraph explanation of how her little trip went. That's not happening. We don't have time, I'm certain we have someone right on our tail right now. So I had Picasso summarize it in a sentence.

"Lys was a FUZZY and playful little fur ball of PRIMAL ANIMAL RAGE. Cat was saucy and had delicious meatballs! And the spaghetti was cuddly and CU-... err... HANDSOME "

Beyond that likely inaccurate mess of words, this covers about all you really need to know.

So Picasso ran off while we weren't watching her like the two year old she is. Fortunately, she left that delayed post for us and I caught it before it went up and delayed it further. She was even nice enough to tell us where she was going in that little post, to visit Lys. I think if that had gone up without us noticing it, she'd be dead right now. 

So, I called up a friend to find out where where Lys was. I was surprised find my contact was out of station. It took a little while for them to pull up the information while they were out in the field,  but they gave us our lead and from there we were able to track down Picasso. Fortunately, she wasn't more than an hours drive away.

From there, LeCroix and I decided we should use this opportunity to test a theory.

See, LeCroix seems to believe Fracture has figured out a way to track our Path usage. I found that to be highly unlikely but not impossible. But it was something we could finally test here since Picasso Paths everywhere whenever she goes off on her own.

So her idea was that we follow Picasso around for the day and essentially use her and Lys as bait to see if anyone showed up to kill them. After I used a piece of paper to explain the incident we had with Picasso getting sniped, I could she was starting to have second thoughts on her little plan but be we pressed on with it anyways confident that even if her Path usage had given away her location, that Fracture would not have had the kind of time he would need to get a sniper into position on such short notice.

The little experiment was starting to look like a dud until Picasso and Lys left the restaurant they had stopped to eat at. LeCroix and I noticed that someone followed them out and tailed them all the way to the hotel they eventually retired to. Funny thing about stalkers, they don't tend to notice you stalking them.

From there we followed the stalker to a nearby roof but had to stop just short of the roof entrance. There were two masked figures there guarding the door. I saw the stalker on his phone on the way up. He must have been calling in some security detail so no one would disturb him.

LeCroix turned out the lights and I took the blunt side of my spear to their heads. I wasn't against killing them but at this point I was pretty sure that was a sniper on the roof and his head would send a much louder message to Fracture to fuck off.

I was busy tucking away the bodies of those two guards and I guess LeCroix went ahead without me. The next thing I hear is gunshots on the roof.

I ran up to see if she was okay to find she was the only one up there. Apparently I was right, It was a Sniper. LeCroix tried to hold him up at gun point and he fled through a path portal and she fired a few rounds in after  him.

Not exactly the clear message I wanted to send with my plans for a mutilated sniper corpse but I guess it'll have to do.

By this point it was already morning. I went ahead and grabbed Picasso and the three of us hit the road again, much to Lys' concern and dismay.

At this point it would seem that LeCroix was right. Unless we're missing something here, it would certainly seem Fracture is tracking us through our Path usage somehow. I'm not sure how though. That still doesn't seem possible to me.

But at least now we know and Picasso is safe. I'm going to call this a win.

Moth out.


  1. Crap, I'm sorry. Thank you for taking care of the sniper, the last thing Picasso needs is to be shot again. She might not come out so well this time...

    1. Bah! It would take like 10... NO! 20 BULLETS to take ME down!

      Although bullet holes are hell on my complexion... leaves nasty fucking SCARS.

    2. Out of curiosity, is that an exact number or an estimate for bullets?

      And if there's one thing I've learned about scars, it's that you need to strategically locate your injuries so that the resulting scars look extra cool.

    3. Its an unproven FACT!

      And that sounds painful...

  2. What do you mean... you called someone? Someone else keeping track of Lys?


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