Sunday, July 21, 2013

Shopping List

I still haven't found Duckie... no sign of Fracture... no sign of Red.

This is starting to feel like a waste of time.

I've been watching the police station. That's where red mentioned seeing someone with what sounded like Duckie's mask... starting to sound like a pretty bad lead about now.

I think I saw a man come out in the mask she was talking about today. The diagonal in the mask's crack was wrong. Think the crack might has been too close to the right eye too. Hard to say. Didn't get a good look through my binoculars. But I'm pretty sure it wasn't Duckies.

We're spent so much time on this town... I don't want to let it all be a waste but if there's nothing here, there's nothing here. The fact that the town is prone to fear attacks isn't really helping. At this point its an irritating side note.

I don't know what to do...

Picasso has started sneaking out again. She's getting sloppy. I've actually been able to catch her on her way out... just not stop her. She keeps disappearing around bends. I think shes pathing. I hope she has more sense than that.

Fracture was using that to track us. She's gonna get us both killed doing that.

When she comes home she's laughing. She gives me a shove when she finds me waiting at the door. Says "Shut it STALKER MUTE," and then collapse on her bed. She throws shit at me when I stare at her expectantly in the morning.

"NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! You're not my REAL mom."

Makes me want to strike her with the chair shes sitting up.

She gave me just about the same line this morning when I gave her expectant looks over her addition to the grocery list. 106 mouse traps. What the fuck is she up to?

I wish she'd talk to me.

The irony is not lost on me.

Moth out.


  1. Buy two or three mouse traps per week, and see what she does with them over time. That way if it's something dangerous, all you have to do is stop buying mouse traps.

    1. ... I already did my shopping before writing this post...

    2. Does that mean you went and got all the mouse traps, or that you will have to wait until next week?

      Or, um, order one off Amazon. On second thoughts Fracture might track you that way. Damn, sorry you guys have to worry about him tracking you, I don't envy you.

    3. Well you don't have to give them to her all at once. Reward her with one or two every time she doesn't sneak out. She gets her mouse traps and you get to keep her in the house. Win-win.


    4. She practically tackled me on the way through the door and took them.


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