Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rehab on the Run

Hate, this stupid keyboard and its stupid broken keys. I just want to run the damn thing through a grinder and take a sledge hammer to the shredded remains of this horrible source of technological despair.

Hate technology. I hate that its everywhere. That the manufactured newborn doesn't already own this world is absolutely baffling. Laptops, radios, phones, TVs, iPods, streetlights, cars, vending machines. His tools are absolutely fucking everywhere. More and more of the mundane things of our society are literally have computers tacked on into them as an advertised feature that seems to do fuck all on the consumers end. The manufactures use it to track us and study us. The newborn will use it to rule us.

I hear we are even shipping laptops to what few places in the world lack such things. Slow crushing our futures for a better, and brief, life in the present. We're all fucked. Father save us...


Picasso is doing better. Her stitches came out today. She tried to do a hand stand. That turned into a face stand and then a crumpled on the floor yelling profanities stand.

She hasn't been able to do much with that whole arm. I think she's suffering a bit of muscle loss in that arm from inactivity and that's fucking with her muscle memory. Or something. I think that's how that works.

I've been pushing her to do one handed push ups, pull ups, finger work, and to try to use that arm as her primary attack arm in spars. I then try to make her do normal push ups, pull ups, and a shorter spar in her normal stance and style.

Not that she seems to quite grasp what I'm asking of her... burden of the unspoken word.

This post is more for her than anything else, so she can read it and understand what I'm asking of her.

And now I publish, pass this over to her, and hopefully we'll see a more productive rehabilitation session.

She'll need to be strong if she's gonna take down Duckie, hollowed or not.

Moth out.


  1. Be careful, Picasso. I'd hate to see anything happen to you.


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