Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Dreamers... Dreams? FUCK YOU TOO!

I can rhyme dream with dream if I want to! YOUR NOT MY FUCKING BROTHER.




Right so, I feel better... ish. I'm not completely like, healed but I can do jumping jacks and like AN push-up if I try hard. I don't know if the wound is still there but THE FUCKING MUTE seems to think so. He won't take these stitches out even if I just sit there and yell to do so it must not be time. I guess. NO idea. Fucking mutes.


You know whats funny? Like REALLY funny? I don't think Daddy is after us. JUST Lord Gutless Fracture. I guess that doesn't make us runners... maybe? We ARE running. Are you a runner if its just the proxies after you? I don't... know.  SOMEONE TELL ME.

Maybe its because of Moth? He still thinks of himself as a proxy. I assume so at least. His STUPID always wear a mask thing is like, a sign of Faith or something.

"We are GIANT TOOLS. Show no spirit, bear no soul, bear only Father's will."
 Something RIDICULOUS like that. I forget the sales pitch. Not that its their sales pitch. Fracture has to fucking make up that shit for them. Lazy ASSHOLES.

Mute is not a legitimate handicap, its just LAZY .


You know, I was thinking... WHAT IF THIS IS LIKE a David Banks deal thing.

I see Moth fidget and squirm in his dreams... some nights he even wakes up SCREAMNG. Can Daddy do that to you? Can he give you orders in your dreams?

MAYBE THEY ARE HAVING ENTIRE CONVERSATIONS IN THERE?! Bartering and stuff! Do you think Moth keeps me safe? 

You know, I also wake up to find hes already gone too... hunting in the morning when I sleep? SUPER SECRET DOUBLE LIFE HUNTING without me for Daddy, FOR me?

Moth, if your reading this and you're doing that, FUCKING STOP IT RIGHT THIS FUCKING SECOND.

This is JUST as much FATHERS FAULT as it is Fractures and I will not take his FUCKING HELP FOR A SINGLE FUCKING MOMENT.
This will be MY REVENGE. I AM killing Duckie and so help me god if I found out you are making deals with THAT WORTHLESS FACELESS FREAK I will permanently stick you to the wall via a knife through the BACK OF YOUR FUCKING MOUTH.

I'll let you help because Duckie hurt you too BUT THIS MESS IS DADDY'S DOING. HE DID THIS TO US and he is not to be trusted! EVERYONE must pay...

So stop it.

Picasso Entry End.

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