Sunday, February 1, 2015

Fun Times with Fun Friends!

Sometimes there are times in your life that you stop and just realize that everything in this world is so amazingly beautiful!

Take the past week of my life, for example.  I'm both no longer being tortured and I get to hang out all day with my three best buddies!  Everything works out well if you believe that it will!  There's no point to wallowing in worst-case-scenarios.  Don't see the glass as empty, see it as potentially fillable with water!  Or delicious juice!  Or whatever you please!  There are lots of yummy drinks to enjoy in this world!

So it's been me and my girl Picasso and our color vision sweetheart Navi and my newest pal Slypher!  You remember him, he's that one who was having the issue waaaaaay back in the beginning about not being able to properly enjoy his job of cutting people up and sewing them back together.  Though Picasso says that it was just his own personal touch to sew his cuts back up and wasn't part of his job at all!  

What a creative guy!  No wonder he was such a valued employee by his boss and his friends!

Plus, it helped me totally not bleed out on the floor which would have wrecked an otherwise lovely hotel room and probably would have been quite the annoyance for the cleaning staff.  He's just a big softy, that's what I say.  A total sweetheart.  

But I'm not one to suppose why others do things, so I decided to ask him myself why he has such a flair for stitches!  Pulled him out from under the bed and gave him some water since a lot of times Picasso forgets to give him drinks if we leave her in charge of it.  Such a silly one, that Picasso!  Seems like she'd have a great memory, but every time we ask about Slypher it's like she's completely forgotten he was there!  And she always talks about forgetting about him strangely loud while staring right at where he is under the bed.  What a silly!

Anyway, I asked Slypher what his deal was with the stitches.  And he said (and he got all pouty and red faced when he said it, the cutie) that he wasn't used to making incisions without closing them back up again.  It was second nature to try and keep the blood inside the patient.

Can you believe that?  My new friend Slypher is a doctor just like me!  We have so much in common!  We can talk about doctor stuff like needles and medicine and have a great bonding happy fun time!  I'm excited.  He insists that he 'isn't a doctor anymore, he gave up being a doctor when he stopped saving people', but that just sounds like defeatist talk to me.

I think he REALLY REALLY liked being a doctor!  When he was telling me about how he used to be one he smiled!  And, let us not forget that that was the original motive of everything!  He seems to have given up on it, but I would never let him give up his dreams!  I'm sure that if we talked to them his proxy friends would be happy to let him go back to being a doctor if we explain that torturing people isn't really up his alley.

I'll go talk to Picasso about it, she was out buying food when I talked with him about this, so she doesn't know the plan, but I think she'd be all in favor!  Her and Slypher get along super duper well.  They're always firing off quips at each other like an old married couple!  ^_^ It's completely adorable.

So finally!  A list of things to be happy about today!

  • Slypher is finally opening up to me!  That is the mark of a true friendship being born.
  • We live in a society that has invented and endorses pillows!
  • You are a unique individual with your own unique laugh (why not let someone hear it today?)
  • Cuddles!
  • There was an extra pretty sunset today!
  • Carter is a super sweet guy, and we got to become friends with him through the magic of the internet!
  • There is an endless number of people in the world to become friends with!
And you are the most beautiful person I have yet to meet.



  1. A "super sweet guy"? You don't know my history do you?

    1. Nope! But I've talked to you and that's all I need to know to know that you're a good person.

    2. Well, uh, thanks for the vote of confidence and the smile, but trust me, I'm not what I seem.

    3. April, hes an incredibly aggressive runner and he'll kill the shit out of half of us if given the chance, you being the only exception probably.

    4. So that's the story Fracture tells you all? Wow, I'm actually shocked then that my name wasn't up on the bounty board.

      I'm not really that aggressive you know. Even less so now that I know none of you can permanently kill me. I only kill as a last resort.

    5. See? Total swell guy. Besides, he wouldn't hurt you if he realized how nice you are Picasso!

    6. Fracture doesn't tell us dick! I don't answer to him. I have my own handler to bark orders to have repeated back to me at!

      I don't trust you. Nothing immortal has ever done anything any good and that goes double for runners.

      Runner is as trustworthy as a hitch hiker. If you don't know them, you look away and keep going! Nothing trust worthy finds itself stranded.

    7. I can't say I'm hurt by all that. Those are all great points.

      I wouldn't expect you to just trust me outright, after all, there are countless years of distrust between our two groups. I'd offer to meet in person as a sign of good faith, but something tells me that idea wouldn't fly.

      I would like to point out in my defense though that the last time I killed someone was in November, it was kill him, or let Med die. And as for the immortal bit, well, those like me tend to go off on their own after they find out. Almost like an exile of sorts.


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