Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Surprises are fun.  I love surprise parties and surprise presents and surprise hugs and such.  It is that moment of not knowing that it is coming that makes it even better than something expected!  

So basically, Picasso has been working really hard, keeping watch over me and helping out and buying movies and pizza and my beautiful rainbow dress and all that, so Navi and I wanted to thank her!  Plus she was seeming kind of sad and mopey because her boyfriend Mr. Moth was having his mask shattered and she must have really liked that mask because even though it was apparently his choice to have it broken she was upset about it.

Also the fact that apparently he's going to die soon or something, but he also chose that for himself so I don't think she should be upset about it!  No reason to lose that beautiful smile!

So to try and cheer up our friend, Navi and I decided to plan a surprise for her while she was out.  Mostly Navi because Navi is Picasso's best friend and even though they fight all the time they have a really deep bond.  I can tell.

Navi said she didn't think that Picasso would like a party or anything but I remembered that she had said she liked painting with blood which she obviously hasn't gotten to do lately so I figured she'd be really pumped for the opportunity.  But Navi said that she wouldn't paint except on full walls, so I figured we couldn't use the hotel.  I found a local warehouse that she could use and offered to drain my blood to fill up some blood packs so that eventually we'd have enough for a mural.  But Navi, the sweet thing she is, refused to let me use my own blood and said that she would take the burden of draining all on to herself.

I have such nice friends! ^_^

Well we were all set up and amassing blood and then we have our big meet up with my buddy Slypher and so we end up leaving the city!  Awkward!  So basically we had to be super spy sneaky sneak the blood packets into our packing.  Luckily I picked up a few tricks from my time in the FBI.  

Have I not told you guys about that?  It was pretty awesome.  I used to crawl through vents and use a grappling hook with the best of them.  But I had to retire from the force when there was a conflict of interest.  I'm sure they were sad to see their best agent go, but that Russian spy had captured my heart which I prize over my head.  We are madly in love.  It's very dramatic.

Anyway, now that we were in this new place I had to find a WHOLE NEW warehouse!  So I scoped out some places when I could but mainly Navi searched cause Picasso's very nervous about letting me out by myself.  Such a sweetheart.

And finally I was able to give it to her!  I took her to the warehouse and showed her the blood and she drew a picture.

Then we left!  And ate dinner.  And that's how to plan a good surprise!  I think Picasso was really happy, and also super not expecting it which just makes it even better!  

So finally, your things to be happy about today!
  • Olive Garden has unlimited breadsticks!
  • I still have all my blood!
  • It was just Valentines!  Think about someone you love and smile!
  • Grappling hooks have been invented.  That's just super sweet!
  • I woke up really early this morning and got to see Navi's adorable sleeping face!
  • There is a numberless number of people in the world to become friends with!
And you are the most beautiful person I have yet to meet.



  1. You were in the FBI? No shit? Wow, the world is a weird place.

    1. Isn't it just? I always wanted to be one and I was! It's amazing what believing in yourself can accomplish!

  2. April sweety, is everything really okay?

    For all the emphasis on how important and magical the surprise was, you didn't actually bother to cover the part where you surprised. You glossed over it. I expected that to get a page all on its own but it got a whole sentence at most.

    And your color pallet is really dark. Especially in contrast to all the colors you used for the word rainbow.

    Are you okay? Did Picasso do something she needs to be punished for? You can tell me. I can be there in minutes. I promise you won't get in trouble or anything.

    1. Everything is fine! Everyone is happy! The painting was beautiful!

      Aren't you so sweet, Devil, being worried about me like that. No need to worry, however, Picasso has been wonderful! Thank you!


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