Tuesday, January 6, 2015

You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile!

Or a dress made out of rainbows! Which is what I'm wearing now. Navi says I have to change clothes eventually, but I'm not sure I can stand to live NOT in this dress anymore!


Anyway, I had just a wonderful day yesterday! I had to share it with you.
I have a very busy lifestyle you know. I have to hold down my very important job, people are depending on me. Plus my surprise visits with Slypher which I don't get to plan and always tend to take forever! I tell you, torture is hell on the schedule! ^_^

Well, I haven't seen Slypher since the girls showed up, but the time I spent with him is spent hanging out with them now. The point is, I don't have much free time to myself, but I always find time to do something for the children. I love kids! I've never had any myself, but they're soooo cute!

So I always find the time to sing on street corners. All the happy classics! Never fully dressed without a smile, Spread a little sunshine, What a wonderful kind of day, that kind of thing! It's worth it to see those kids smile. Some even come back to see me again and again. I'm kinda like a local legend. The girl who sings outside the courthouse!

So I brought Piccolo with me this time, having brought Navi along when Piccolo was off shattering. But when we got there she made some kind of big fuss about it!

(Now guys, don't tell Picasso I said this but I think that she was just jealous of the kids that they got to hear me sing and tried to keep me for herself. Isn't that adorable of her? She's so cute!)

So I humored her. I could tell me singing only for her and Navi would really make her happy and I live to please! She gave some silly made up reason for it like the Motel 6 we were at being safer since Slypher didn't know I was there rather than being out in the open following my regular patterns.

Whatever you say, Picasso. *wink*

So on the way home we went shopping for singing costumes and Piccolo bought me the most beautiful rainbow colored dress! If you are reading this Monsieur Fracture, then I would like you to know that I rate your employees at full stars! Plus they're both lovely singers. We had a wonderful concert!

I even got flowers! It's nice to have fans! It was such a nice evening. Having friends around is the best.

Though in the whirl of it all I never got to explain to Picasso why it is I love my street concerts so much.

When I was a kid, my mom was a stay at home mom. She had a job, but it was on the computer. Something that had to do with being on the phone a lot. She would sing to herself as she worked. She had just an awful awful voice, but my sister and I loved to listen to her. One day, the three of us were home. I don't remember what I was doing, playing or something, but I remember hearing my mom singing in the other room. That was when we heard a strange noise from downstairs, our door bursting open and heavy footsteps. My mom gathered my sister and I together and we all huddled in a corner and she sang to us softly to keep us calm. When the burglar came to the room we saw he had a gun and he and my mother locked eyes and everything stopped for a second. Then my mom just continued singing.

And that burglar he dropped his gun fell to his knees and cried. I stood up, and my sister did too, and we joined in singing and he knew the words and he sang and took off his ski mask and smiled. Really really smiled. It was the most beautiful moment of his life, he said. It was the magic of music! The magic of singing and the magic of smiles.

And now, a list of things to be happy about today!

  • Everyone has a song in their hearts!
  • Our room number is 14 and that's my lucky number!
  • Have you thought recently about sleep? It's magnificent! Continue to enjoy it!
  • Planet of the Apes is an amazing movie!
  • No matter how alone you feel, there is someone who believes you and believes in you!
  • There are so many colors! And they can be made into dresses!
  • There is a countless number of people in the world to make friends with!

And you are the most beautiful person I have yet to meet.




  1. Why did you advertise where we are? And I thought you said you didn't have siblings. You went on for like... 3 hours about how jealous you were that I have my brother Ivan because you're an only child.

    1. Why did you reply in a comment when we're living together? Because it's fun to share!

      And of course I'm an only child!

      Silly Navi!

    2. But we're supposed to be keeping you safe.

      And if you're an only child why are there 2 full paragraphs about you hanging out with your non-existant sister in this post?

      And I talk on here so Picasso can participate easier.


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