Monday, December 24, 2012


Right... so Picasso is missing.

Since the 23rd actually. She said, "OH MY GOD! That, IS FUCKING BRILLIANT!" and then opened a Path portal and took off before I could stop her. Might have chased after her but I could already hear something growling on the other side...

Decided I'd just wait for her to get back. 

I checked the blog today to see if she left a note or something to find she hadn't stopped commenting despite disappearing on me. Still hasn't told me anything though. If anyone knows where she is, could you let me know so I can go pick her crazy ass up.

Oh, and if you're reading this Picasso, where the fuck did you go you crazy ass bitch?

Moth out.


  1. I saw someone run past me in the path.

    Maybe it was her? Probably was considering I heard, "THIS IS WAY FUCKING AWESOME!" withing 5 second after she passed me.

    1. You don't seem to be bitching about being mauled by whatever was in there with her so... I'm gonna say that was someone else's lost lunatic. Most be a seasonal thing.

  2. I should've posted a couple days ago. I know where she is.


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