Tuesday, December 18, 2012

No Roach Left Behind... Apparently.

Am I the only one bugged by this cockroach thing?

She just doesn't stop with it. I started slugging her every time she refers to a runner as a cockroach but that only seems to encourage her. Last time I did that she started following me around and kept screaming 'COCKROACHES!' in my ear over and over again. I wanted to push her head under water and hold it there until the bubbles stopped. Maybe carve 'Dumb Bitch' down her spine and skin her slowly using those stupid pieces of mask she has glued to her stupid fucking face.

Just... fuck.

I don't think we'd be quite as at each others throats if it hadn't been for that stupid runner we kidnapped.

Get this, he woke up today after days of sleep probably still riding hunger pains and a concussion, and he just immediately busts down the door of the room we left him in in an effort to try to escape. Never mind that we were just going to let him go anyways, the crazy fucker woke up in an empty room carefully tucked into my bed and what is his first reaction? Not test the lock (Because the door was in fact unlocked), not ask if anyone is around, or slip out the window. The fucker just immediately breaks down the door of the room he was in.

We both stared him down. Picasso was unphased by the sudden intrusion but I sprang to my feet in surprise/fright for a fight before I realized it was just him.

What is the runner's choice of action as he realizes he just broke into a room full of proxies? He threw a chair through the window and chased it out. We watched at the window as he disappeared from view. The crazy bitch waved to him as he left.

"Be sure to come back and see us again cockroach!" Picasso yelled to him.

And then I punched her and then I got a hours worth of screaming in my ear over it. I was about ready to take our remaining chair to her skull when I noticed the runner had left his shit in the room when he fucked off. Food, flashlight, camera, five journals (Three of which were completely filled out with details of his life running), a hammer, a knife, and a screw driver.

I was ready to throw his shit out the window. Picasso took his bag full of stuff from me and hugged it close to herself.

"NO!" she screamed.

Apparently she still thinks we can do the whole 'friendly' people thing. Which is odd because I think she's the one who is really pushing people away from us here. Doing stupid shit like called the people we are trying to reach out to 'Cockroaches'.

Whatever. I'm the muscle/assassin between us. She does all the tracking. I pointed out the window and then sat down in my chair to let her take care it. I'm assuming she did. She Pathed away and came back several hours later without the runner's stuff in hand.

She had a new little gash on her hip but since she wasn't bitching about it or screaming profanities about it being someones fault that it happened, I have to assume that she got that from traveling around in the Path.

Those fucking monsters. Honestly, I'd rather just walk. I don't care how much slower it is.

Moth Out.


  1. Picasso is a very strange woman.
    And if you're still on the slenderside, why exactly are you reaching out to runners still?


      Father, or NOT, we're still fight proxies. Who better to help fight murderers than cockroaches!

    2. I'd like to think that runners don't want to help kill.

    3. My aren't you just prissy and snobby!

      You enjoy that luxury, WHILE YOU STILL CAN.

      We are still being hunted by other murderers. So cockroach training, would be lovely.

      Be the cockroach. BE THE COCKROACH!

    4. I will die before I will kill. That is not a luxury, that is a fact.

    5. I don't have that. SOUNDS LUXURIOUS!

    6. If you would prefer it that way, then just do it.

    7. Duckie dies. ANY COST, ANY MEANS.

    8. That is a choice. A luxury, if you will.

    9. That is not a choice. It's a fact. And NOTHING can EVER FUCKING BE OKAY AGAIN. Not until its done.


    10. Because it won't stop! AND I CAN'T MAKE IT STOP, IT'S SO LOUD!

      They have to pay for what they did. ALL OF THEM. Every last ONE.

    11. Just...just roll with it Lils.



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