Sunday, December 9, 2012

Objective Identity Loss

So APPARENTLY we're suffering an identity crisis. I say apparently, because I'm fine. But Mister Mopey Mute the Masky wannabe doesn't seem to be.

He expressed it a few posts ago and aside from that he's stopped ditching me in the afternoons. Now he just sits in place wherever we are staying at and stares at himself in a mirror and occasionally feels his mask. It's incredibly distracting. Makes it hard to concentrate on finger painting BLOOD ON THE WALLS.

It's REALLY fucking depressing too. Like OH MY GOD I just want to light him on fire and put him out of BOTH of our miseries!

And after that didn't work I figured we should take a detour to go figure out his persona proxy problem.

I'm hoping at the same time, the man we are are trying to track down can give us some insight into BREAKING INTO LOOPS. Rumor is, he's good at it. Two birds, ONE BOLDER!

Unfortunately I do believe I may have already said too much. Fracture's stupid smart. But I'll shed millions of more details about where we went, who we met, and what we did when it's done.


Entry End.

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